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13.06.03 18:42

for all nice people who already stayed at our hostel : Hi, this is gonna be our 10th season. We hope we see you all again. cau cau The Crew

26.06.03 15:36

written by anonymous writer : k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k

9.07.03 14:17

written by amur : the picture of Mr Yeeshkul carrying the trash cans is the best

10.07.03 12:04

written by Pelicano : Yesterday´s eve was good,for next time more orange vodka!

11.07.03 18:27

written by anonymous writer : Hey, the Traveller\'s Hostel at Uljezd is quite mad and insane and brrrrrritish but anyways I did like the girls though!!

12.07.03 13:18

written by zzzz : B dej sem už koneènì òáký nový fotky vole!

18.07.03 22:11

written by the tex mex... : what=s up honza..... that jack ass was wrong about paris.... remember.... mexico gave away some spare land... becasue it was pretty shity.. so we bought i¨tg

18.07.03 22:14

written by texas : wrong, texas stole the land fair and square.....with a good ole fashioned war To anyone who is thinking about stazing at Ujezd, or as we like to call it, the delinquent tourist hostel, do it, it kics mucho ass Texas number 3

18.07.03 22:22

written by Texas..... : go to slovenia.

18.07.03 22:22

written by COME TO PARIS : really... it is nice here...

30.07.03 10:46

written by Prague cityson : Lot of greetings for every Scottish! Exclusively for all from Edinburgh. Your country is very beautiful and your pubs as well. ( Sorry for mistakes in English :-) Specially ahoj for William Wallace and friends. And for J. K. Rowling. Failte gu Prague. Freedom!

6.08.03 02:01


6.08.03 02:05


11.08.03 18:01

written by Honza : Jasne, tesime! Doufame, ze se mas dobre. Vrat se. Cau, Honza a posadka.


20.06.03 16:30

for all : We were completely full yesterday and the day before as well, i mean do not uderestimate the possibility to make a rezervation. Cya Honza

20.06.03 17:35

for honza+all staff : cau!!!..glad this page working now....sounds like you must be busy with been completely full yesterday.....get ready for silly walk competition on the evening of 30th june.....and please have boris office hospital bed ready just in case milos had to much fernet(no i gonna be carefull this time) see you all soon....MILOS

23.06.03 20:00

for all staff : Hi hi hi!!!! (To be continued...)

7.07.03 13:45

for HoHo "the Boss" : Ciao Honza, Here is A.Ferrai, I'm close to come to visit you all quite soon, exactly from 23 to 27 of this month. Please reserv 4 me a bed for 3nights. But don't tell this to the rest of the staff & Daniel as well. I wanna make tham a surprize ! See you soon my friend! A.

8.07.03 17:40

for Alessandro : Hi Alessandro, i will keep the secret and book the bed. See you in couple of weeks friend. Ciao Honza.

8.07.03 17:43

for Donald : Hello Donald, thanks a lot for the presents you left at our reception. Have a nice time back in Scotland and dont forget to visit us again. All Staff

9.07.03 16:10

for HoHo "the Boss" : Well done mate ! I can't wait to be away from this fu**ing hot city ! Just 2 weeks, 2 weeks ! I'm stuck here in this crazy office...I wanna escape ! Arrgghhhhh Ciao Ciao A.F

12.08.03 16:38

for Claire from Northern Ireland : Hi Claire, yer ma!! cia Jan

13.08.03 18:31

for Svorc : cau pico!

15.08.03 14:59

for Jirka : èau ty hovado!

19.08.03 15:44

for all : Ciao I have to give you all a terribly news: elaborating all the pics of this summer by my CPU I have made a miss and I erased them all, just 5 o 6 saved, really no way to have them back. I m very sorry, I can\'t send you nothing, also because I\'ve already left from the memorycard of my digitCamera. ciao Ale

21.08.03 17:20

for Steven/Steve from Antwerpen : Hi! how are you? we are the two italian girls, we left on wednesday morning and we hadn´t the time to say you good-bye and to take your e-mail address! Giusy Hallo STEVE, c´est Rosanna qui t´écris, comment vas tu? Nous t´attendons en Italie! Rosanna Notres e-mail adresses sont:

22.08.03 17:51

for Milos : We will have lots of pivo on second week in Ujezd!!!!!!

24.08.03 13:19

for Alessandro : Thats ok Ale, thats the absinth .... Honza

24.08.03 15:09

for For Everyone : I just checked out the gallary from this year and im fucking jellous that i missed the summer.Just got the money to fly but too late so i guess im in asia till next year.Take care everyone,and Honza hope to see you here this winter.......GAZ

25.08.03 12:54

for Honzo : Hi Honza, say to the others that I will arrive in Prague the thursday 28th. Hope Runy, Lee, .......will be still here! So see ya! Jeremie.

25.08.03 23:59

for jan (the one and only eminen fan, or was that david hasellhoff......) : u just watch yer'self mate or i'll do yer knees in!!! (and u know I could, tee hee) how are you??am just home today, ended the trip with a rock festival, am knackered. have to say though, we had the best time in prague even though my hangover lasted three days afterwards, already planning to come back next summer, if u will have us?? lots of love Claire

26.08.03 21:34

for all : hi i realy mis the people in and around the hostal, and my best vacation ever. by the way has eneyone seen y bicicle yet ? greetings, joost from a boring part of holland.

28.08.03 18:56

for Claire (i mean the British Claire) : i am doing well in my permanent state of drunkenness or exhaustion, hahaha. the day we will finish here is getting closer, but its ok, next year ... again. come back. cia Jan (by the way who is that ememenem?)

1.09.03 17:08

for Milos+all the staff : On Friday 12th of September we make the biggest party with Milos at Ujezd hostel.Everyone,who has ever worked at Ujezd or other Travellers hostels,is invited!!!!!

1.09.03 17:33

for ALL : Like every year it was wonderful to stay in Prague and pass the nights in Ujezd! It\'s so sad to compare today (work day) with the days in can I forget the delicious dinner at BARBAR with Daniel and Stevens and Joe and Francois?or in Prague 2 at the Terrace? and drinking with Lee and all the staff? Filippo (& Francesca)

21.09.03 22:31

for all : Well, the site is back again. I am sorry if i confused you, but our server has crashed on September 13th and it took me almost a week to put everything back. By the way i am just working on a big update/upgrade of the picture gallery. Cya Honza

22.09.03 08:27

for everybody : Note.

22.09.03 13:18

for All Staff : Although the hostel is closed I'm sure this site will not. John arrived safely in Dublin after his day of drunkenness much to our surprise. He still has Barra's tattoo a week later. We have pretty much decided to return to Ujezd next summer in expectation of more of the same stuff i.e Rune tippexing his genetalia. By the way I think I saw Lee in the crowd of the Man. Utd v Panathinikos game that was on T.V on Tuesday. Tom

24.09.03 15:14

for Everybody : Ahoy! Thanks everybody for such a cool time. I see Tom has beaten me to the message board so I basically say everything he has and more. My tattoo from Bára has disappeared, although I enjoyed it while it lasted. I've started college now and I'm counting down the time 'til we can return to Ujezd. To the beautiful ladies Bára, Katka and Juan Sebastien (private joke). To the sound men Honza, Milos, Honza 2, Lee, Geremie, Nick (The Swindon Rendser)and of course Rune. We're all big fans. And only 9 months 'til the Irish Possy returns. Keep in touch, my address is See you all next year! John.

25.09.03 19:57

for you : just finished adding a load of new pictures, enjoy them. cau cau Honza

26.09.03 00:49

for All : I didn\'t get a chance to see all the lovely grafitti on my back at the time, but it really was impressive! At least the picture of me on the toilet didn\'t go up, thanks Honza, Talk to you soon, Paul

26.09.03 09:44

for honza : good work honza! Filippo

26.09.03 17:15

for honza and John : Great work with the photos honza.a lot of great memories for a lot of people.....john i cant put a face to your name...but i realise you were part of the irish mini invasion of praha....anyway hi to you and all the rest of the irish drinkers even the 3am dorm man utd singer...take care all of you MILOS...

27.09.03 22:23

for Honsa, Katka, Juan-Seb, Bara, Honsa + all those other Ujezd-ians : Greetings from Ireland. Great site, Honsa, your camera skills are top notch! As my friends John and Tom said, we\'ll be back next year, with more money to spend on your delightful Staropramen and noodles, and also for getting the Americans drunk. Don't change the hostel in any way, it was perfect! Hi also to Rune, Nick, Jeremi, Peter etc, hope to see you all next year. Good luck with the band, Honsa. See you next summer, from Eoin, Ireland. PS: I hope the women's showers are still in good condition, you know what I mean

29.09.03 18:36

for for all staff+family of ujezd : ahoj everybody, nice work with the camera honza, dont worry ill be back when pauls working over there next summer, so stock up on the red wine and champagne. dont worry honza, we're working on emailing that photo of paul on the toilet to you. katka and bara, dont forget to let us know when you're coming to ireland, email:, love, abi

29.09.03 20:46

for Milos : Cau Milos,hope you´ll come in winter to Czech with your family.We can find an accommodation at SPUS hostel. Cau Michal

30.09.03 00:34

for unspecified person : Milos, my friend it suprizes me you can't picture my face. After all the hours we spent drinking, shouting in the dorms and drivng some American b$$$h to a nervous breakdown. I finally sobered around six o'clock (a.m.) when Milos wakes up and decides to get drunk again and threw a few Tequillas my way (a few being many).John Roche.

30.09.03 00:37

for For ALL who stayed! : If anyone found an ADVANTIX film in the dorms could you please, please email me ( Honza and Bara didn't find it during clean up. It contains pricelss photos from our journey. This message is aimed at people who stayed between 11th & 13th of September and especially those who were in bunks numbered 40-50. John Roche.

30.09.03 10:41

for Honza : Your photographs are brilliant. However, you do have one photograph entitled 'Irish and Australian'. The names of your subjects are Tom (irish) and Peter (australian). P.S: TICKET FOR THE TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM.

30.09.03 13:44

for Dubliners : Hi you all, thanks for so many nice messages and i am also happy you like the pictures, it took a while to put them all up. I still have some more, but dont have time to get them sorted, being bussy with my college (yes i decided to study English instead of going back to Asia this year - but i have just started so dont make a piss of my spelling and things like that, hahaha). Katka has left to Spain to study there for the next 6 months, the others are doing fine too. Tom, i hope Irish and Australian doesnt sound rude, its was ment to be laconicall, since paticular names doesnt play a role - the mather is to capture the moment. Abi i am sorry for messing up your name all the time and doublethanks for doublemessage. John, look after the T-shirt, i found out, my boss have about 20 more of them uselessly lying in his bloody office. Paul, if you wanna work, dont forget to let me know on time, i guess your back just need some more artwork, hehehehe Eoin, i am nearly decided to swap 1st and 2nd floor for next 10 years. cau cau Honza

30.09.03 20:55

for honza : ajdfioeufheigu

3.10.03 10:39

for anyone and everyone : just to say, if anyone saw my liver lying around the bar anywhere, could they please forward it to me,it seems to be missing and the alcohol is being soaked into my brain, instead of killing my liver. dont worry about the name HIONZEA!!!!! hahahaha, im so sad, love ABI

3.10.03 18:51

for all : ticket for the traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm ! jeremie. rune is a gay girl

5.10.03 20:11

for everyone : Rune actually is a gay girl!!!!!!!!

6.10.03 10:35

for Honza : Thanks for the photo-gallery. Watching them I can still feel the mood around the reception. Rune are you comming to Prague this October ? Sasa

6.10.03 10:54

for Rune, Lee : Visit the site and write something.

7.10.03 15:42

for the drunken lout : The drunken lout who pranced around the hostel on my last day in Praha is a little pr*ck. He sang in the dorms til the wee hours ( chants such as \\\"Man Utd\\\", \\\"Pardubice\\\" and \\\"wake up you yankee bitch\\\". He harrassed some weird Turkish woman/XXX until she almost has a heart attack. If I ever see him again he will regret it. American Psycho Woman

7.10.03 18:13

for american psycho women : well you have quite a few drunken louts to choose from...was he irish,english or something else. Or maybe even for the weird turkish woman(your words not mine) she has been coming to the hostel for years and has seen everything that goes on there,,so iam sure nothing would shock her..anyway she is not weird just a bit different from the norm and a very talented artist,,,it takes all sorts to make a world you know!!!!iam sure she would be a lot more upset by your description of her than anything that happened in the hostel.Just for a while think how she would feel.......but you\'re american so you open your mouth first and leave the thinking to us drunken louts..MILOS

8.10.03 07:15

for that female yankee : Well, i have two comments. Don´t try to be funny abusing harmless people like my old friend Leyla, who are a bit out of this world and so they are such an easy target for frustrated stupids - mind your own appearance (short hairstyle and something wrong with complexion - am i right?). Next time try to join the party at right moment, now is to late i guess. Honza

9.10.03 10:19

for Abey : Er ... was it your liver? Mmmmm ... dammit ....

9.10.03 10:43

for Milosh, Honza : Well! I seem to have come accross as your typical American....which I am. I appologise to the Turkish lady who shared many a nice word with me while we were being woken up in the dorm by that singing guy. Leyla is as Milosh put it a talented artist and a different but gentle lady. American Phsycho Woman.

9.10.03 12:34

for Honza,Milos : Your defending of Leyla brought a tear to my eye and your description of the American(short hairstyle and something wrong with complexion - am i right?)and(frustrated stupids) is by far the funniest thing I have ever read... TOM

9.10.03 19:48

for Honza a Milos : Up the hostelonians in the war against terror (americans). That American nut should pi$$ off back to her Seoirse Sceach (Irish for George Bush) from John. p.s. Where\'s Rune, Geremie & Lee

10.10.03 10:26

for John : Hi John, Rune has left to Norway just after we closed and he is supposed to be back in week or so. You know how lazy bastard he is so dont expect him contributing here (on the oter hand it is really easy to send a top form of his favourite mass message just filling \"for all people\" in here). Lee said he is not fammiliar with computers at all, but he was gonna come back is winter to settle for a while. Jeremie is a gay. Hehe, what does exactly mean this Seoirse Sceach? Does it have something to do with petrol? Cya Honza

11.10.03 12:54

for Honza : Seoirse Sceach is a direct Irish translation of George Bush, Seoirse (George) Sceach (Bush). I must agree with you that Rune is a lazy chap. I wonder if he has AAArrrrriiivved in Norská. Geremie is a Gay, Hairy, Harry Potter, girl, although he did get lucky in Krumlov and shagged Kate in a tent. His description to us of this was quite filthy and can\'t be typed where people could read it. Lee should get himself familiar with computers now and talk to us all. Honza, do you still have the picture of me and Tom & the t-shirts (Milan a Che Guevara). Slán go fóil! (Bye for now)

13.10.03 11:46

for unspecified person : Menu all prices in czk Staropramen beer 10˚ 15,- (+ 5,- bottle deposit) Coca Cola 15,- (+ 5,- bottle deposit) Hot drinks Tea 8,- Coffee 10,- Shots (0.05l) Absinth 50,- Vodka 30,- Whisky 40,- Tquilla 50,- Gin 40,- Becherovka 30,- Fernet 30,- Rum 30,- Red&White wine 20,- Sect 140,- Cigarettes (prices have been uniformed for whole country) USA 50,- / 53,- Sparta 42,- ... and some more quik refreshments

13.10.03 12:08

for Honza/Bara : If I send you 42Kc would you send me some Sparta Lights. I miss them and was too drunk on my last day to think of bringing some home.John.

13.10.03 13:41

for anyone living in Dubbers : Tesco in the Jervis centre are going mad, and doing an offer on the one and only Staropramen beer!!!Buy 5 get 1 free. Mad Bastards!!!Relive Prague the only way Dublin.

13.10.03 16:25

for Honza : Hi, it me Alex. I stayed in your hostel this year. You may not remember me but i have to ask you for something. Daniel, i am sure you ll know him, gave me his e-mail adress. Unfortunately I can t read his hand writing (something like Could you please help me if you know the real adress. I need to contact him. Thanks And greetings to the hostel team ciao Alex

13.10.03 17:28

for Honza and the staff : Hi my friends here is Ferrari from Italy, all is ok for me till the moment, I\'ve descoverd there are cheap flights also from Milan (not olny from Venice!) to Prague so I\'ll try to come there as soon as possible, maybe with Lee and Steo in the end of October. Anyway, Honza could you give me more info about Katka, I would like speak with her to go to visit her in Spain. Is she in Valenzia? And like always your pictures are great. Ciao to everybody, the staff and also Milos, Lee, Rune.....

14.10.03 14:50

for everyone in dublin or whoever would like to come over : theres a big drinking session,prague style,on wednesday 15th october in the student bar in UCD,all welcome to join us. we\'ll be there from 7. and who ate my liver? john, i dont have your number, so i couldnt text you to let you know, declan said he\'d try and get you anyways. hope everyone\'s well, ta ta(bye now)abi

14.10.03 23:36

for all the dublin gays : ok I\'m maybe hairy (you\'re simply jealous), and maybe I look like Harry Potter...but I\'m not gay AT AAAALL, baaaaaaasterd gay dublin girls (I include Honza as well at the same time)!! Ok, I don\'t have my english dictionnary here, so my insults are not very originals wait till next time for more productive sentences...hehe I am stilleu a french, so it iz verrry difficult foreu me to speak to you likeu ze real \'arry potter... Jobby jammer, donnut maker! Cau to everybody, the staff, Rune, Lee, the irish gays, ... Jeremie.

15.10.03 14:37

for jeremie : Great to hear your pathetic insults again. I hope you keep them coming. You cannot however escape your fate as a gay girl so don\'t try to!!!!!!!!!! WAWAWEEWA!!!!!!!

16.10.03 23:20

for honza(boris) : many thanks again for more great photos...milos

17.10.03 15:43

for Hostel Staff : Honza, i noticed today you\'re addition to the Ujezd Bible New Testement (2003 Photos, Old Testement being 2002 photos). Well done, theyre bloody good old chum! Did you get my message about the Sparta Lights? Sada, Im still remembering my final night when we sang early in to the next day that Christy Moore song you played so well. If you\'re coming to Dublin in the near future you should post it up here or send us an e-mail! talk to you all soon, from John

17.10.03 15:49

for Milos : Another reminder of the night you don\'t remember me from \"Hey Mary, show us ya Mary!\" & \" Don\'t take me for a fu*kin\' fool you Hitler lovin\' prick\" These are some of your sayings to people. The Hitler loving prick was the Mexican gobshite who tried to fool you with a coin from Slovakia when trying to buy a beer, needless to say he didn\'t get away with it. from John

17.10.03 17:29

for Dubliners : Making Dublin the new Prague in UCD ehh?? Was it as good?? I had to settle for Red Box \"student\" night. What can I say, it was nasty... But seriously check out the tesco offer, its imported but its just as good. love Claire

18.10.03 00:57

for Honza : Your photos are once again superb. They tell the story of our holiday that would\'ve been forgotten otherwise. Tom

22.10.03 17:11

for ........-.--...- : -.-..-..- ...----.-...

24.10.03 14:07

for anyone who\'s still in prague : Party at my new flat (manesova 68, praha 2) on Saturday. All Ujezd people welcome. Nick

27.10.03 15:21


27.10.03 15:58

for Everybody : I must say that the lack of messages in the last week is apalling......anyway Hello to the Ujezdians. This is a message from Hrlova Zlatovic, I am neighbour and friend of Ujezd. I am known well to the four Irish gangsters (Tom, John, Declan & Eoin) who I bumped into briefly in Cesky Krumlov which Eoin so kindly pointed out is South of Praha. Anyway, must dash as I have cars to sell and people to see.

27.10.03 18:43

for you, me, everybody : that's true, where are the people? Where are the Irish alcoholic (these two words are synonymes, aren't they?), whose the Rugby team will be soon beated by the french (I know all irish people like rugby, so don't ignore and don't forget this sentence...)? So, now, to finish this message, as I'm french, I just have to say.... ...HOHEHOHEHOOOOOOOORRRRR!!! Cau. Jeremie.

27.10.03 18:45

for dubliners : oops, I forgot to say... WAWAWEEEEWA!!! jeremie

29.10.03 21:30

for Jeremie : Good to hear from you Jeremie you hairy old prick.(My dad saw you in my holiday photos and thought you were 40). You should keep working on the english as your attempt at a dig at the Irish rugby team was quite poor. Did you get my recent e-mail coz I might have the wrong address. Anyway talk to you later gaybo, from John.

29.10.03 22:16

for people specifiet below : Generally i am sorry for late answers, I have been really bussy working on ten things at once. Alex: Alex please contact me via mail and I will send you Daniels address, i dont wanna put it up here without his permission. John: Hi John, yes I can send you Spartas, but problem is you might pay a lot for tax so it would become to be quite an expensive pleasure. Milos came with this idea a year ago and the cigarettes were returned back right from English border and another time he had to pay a shit load of money to pick them up from post. Ever since, we call them boomerangs, cos any smugling is nearly impossible. Tom: Thanks Tom for that nice comment on new pictures. By the way we have an american teacher(female) every tuesday, i am just gonna tell ya dude thats worse than the bloody japanese water pump. By the way do you know why there is THE before White House? Claire: Hi Claire, I am sorry for not writing for a while ... Jeremy: stop complaining you Hairy Potter otherwise all your sentences will be moved a la Toillet Mur Echo Journal ... Katka: Tak se mi zda, ze se tady nekdo urazil, ze sem, reknu, okamzite neodepsal a ignoruje nas kvetouci messageboard. Podej zpravu ze Spanelska v anglictine.

29.10.03 22:20

for everyone who doesnt know whome is the message above from : Honza

30.10.03 16:53

for everybody : a.... tak teda jo, no;) Hello to everybody from Spain, whoever wants to come, don't go to north, it is cold!!! Come to Valencia to see me, it is boring, but warm:-)) P.S. ....ale napis mi i normalni dopis me, neeeboo se zaseee urazim

30.10.03 21:32

for everyone who doesnt know who has written the message right above : it was Katka

4.11.03 09:50

for the hostel staff : are you guys coming over to ireland at any stage? i think i remember katka and bara mentioning something about it, well, come over anyway. let us know, we would be more than glad to go drinking constantly with you all. love, abi

4.11.03 13:49

for People : A short absence from hoho has proven costly, I've missed so much. Hrlatva, good to hear from you again, I thought you'd forgotten about us. I'd be interested in hearing more about life in Czesky etc. Jeremi, you're English is bad and you're english insults are pitiful, keep trying though. Honza, Just wondering is what the story is with the opening of the hostel next summer. I would also like to know who will be there at different times so I'd know when would be the best time to go. TOM

7.11.03 10:54

for Anyone : Hello all, Paul here. Sorry I havent been on in a while. Just havent had the time. Anyway, how are you all. How was your party last weekend Nick. Jeremie, I challenge you to a Harry Potter-off. I think I can claim to be the one and only true Harry Potter lookalike. Does Rune use the message board at all, or has he been locked up for the winter? Anyways, just a quick message to see how everyone is keeping Talk to you soon, Paul

7.11.03 15:27

for Peter (Australian) & Hrlova & everyone else : Gidday Peter, it's Eoin ( one of the Irish guys you travelled to krakow with ). In case you ever visit this website, we were just wondering if you had an e-mail address, seeing as you were our travelling companion and room-mate for a few days and we never kept in contact. Hope the teaching jobs going well! Hrlova, is goog to hear from you after long time, e-heheheh, please find me a car as I need to drive to shops to pick up beer for my children. Must go now, Eoin P.S. Has anyone ever heard of a place called Cesky Krumlov, it\'s, like, south of Prague?

8.11.03 15:56

for Anyone who'll listen : Alright everybody, hows things. Good to hear from you Hrlova, how's the car dealership going? I spoke with your brother-in-law, Miguel, last week. He was in Dublin on business. For all Dubliners who were in Praha. On 20/11/03 my own radio show starts on 106.4FM - Raidió na Life. It's all good music show tune in. What's happening with the Kayaking Club, why haven't you rung me? John.

9.11.03 10:37

for irish gays : France 49 - Ireland 24 ...Is Ireland a real rugby country??? This is the question...

9.11.03 10:38

for still the dubliners gays : hehehe. Jeremie.

9.11.03 11:50

for unspecified person : Hi, its too early to say anything exact about next years Ujezd (maybe you have noticed the bug writing backslash right before quotation marks and apostrophes, i hope it is not too enoying, it needs quite a difficult modification, which is er .... beyond my abilities). Katka is in Spain until next spring, Bara doesnt seem to keep in touch a lot (does you?) and i am quite bussy with my school so it is really question if we appear in Dublin by next summer :(((. Anyway enjoy your time there as much as you can. John do you really run your own radio show? Jeremie, do French really play rugby? Do they play with chocolate bonobon or something, hehehe, dont be offended Hairy, only joking ... Honza

10.11.03 10:26

for Honza : Yeah, my own show called \"An Meangadh Mór\" which i\'m not to sure of the translation. It\'s a drive time music show starting on 20/11/03. You can listen on the internet (I think). John.

10.11.03 12:12

for Jeremie : Shut Up you hairy prick! John.

10.11.03 13:05

for John : Thats great John, ill try to get ther through the web. Just try not to play Cold Play all along :)). Honza the 60-70ies-music supporter

10.11.03 16:30

for for jeremie and the rest of the beret heads : if your gonna try and put us irish gays down you could at least not exaggerate the score it was only 43-21 i dont know where you got the other 6 points from.

10.11.03 16:58

for john : your not replacin george hook are ye? good luck i\'ll give it a listen

11.11.03 12:28

for Katka : Sweetie Katka, here is Ale Ferrari, I\'m going to plan my new year eve somewhere in Spain, would be nice meet you over there if you\'ll spend that period in Valencia. Let me know, contact me to my private hotmail address, I think you should still have it. I need info about accommodation and stuff like that. Please do it in time if you can! By the way Honza if you can put me in contact with her, you know how contact me! All the best for all Ujezd friends. Ale

11.11.03 14:47

for the person who wrote the message to me : Who was the person who asked was i replacing George Hook? yuou didn\'t sign your name. Thanks for the message! John.

11.11.03 16:14

for john : it was dave we were over there when you were as far as i can remember my mate gav and i were over he was fat and i was skinny. and u didn\'t answer the question is george on his way out. Are u the future of the airwaves

11.11.03 17:13

for Dave : Alright Dave, I remember you well. No, George is not on his way out. Hes on Newstalk 106 but Im on Radio na Life 106.4FM. Youve probably never heard of it and I wouldnt advise anyone to listen to the person Im replacing cos shes shit. I start on 20/11 & yes I hope to take over the airwaves with a massive coup d\'etat, itll be John FM from here on in on ALL stations. Is Gav still partial to the oul bread and jam? John.

11.11.03 18:04

for Honza : If you want me to play a 60s & 70s request for you I will. What do you wanna hear? I\'ve got the programme written out and theres ONLY 1 coldplay song on it. Theres a few Irish bands, Eric Clapton & others. John. Ps Did you get the photos i sent you by e-mail.

11.11.03 21:57

for DJ John : Thats fine John, it sounds good. As for pictures, i will wait for a while having a special idea what to do with them later. I will put up the new section - sounds and videos first i guess. The snoring tapes shouldnt be wasted ...should they?

12.11.03 01:21

for Honza : Just found out that the show is not available on-line but i\'ll be taping it so Honza i\'ll send you a copy.(

12.11.03 16:23

for honza : nepomlouvej me,ze se neozvu,jsem prestehovana a po ceste se mi podarilo znicit pocitac a stejne jeste nemame pevnou. nezajdem nekdy na pivo? bara

12.11.03 16:30

for Bara : Jo ok, jasne, ja ted porad delam na promotion stafu kolem naseho koncertu 4. prosince. Bude to vetsi nez obvykle ... :) Honza

14.11.03 10:27

for John : Thanks John, i think if you tape it we can have fun at reception next year. And dont forget to play a song for the yankee. A loud one, please. Honza the remote DJ

17.11.03 16:19

for Jeremie : that was a fantastic display of rugby that you guys put up against the english. You guys losin if anythin made us look a lot worse. not impressed.I just have to say.... ...HOHEHOHEHOOOOOOOORRRRR. dave

17.11.03 18:13

for honza : hey you made a mistake in photo no. 124 you said that there were american scottish and english in the photo. I am not scottish I am irish and although it is not an insult i would like it to be rectified.

18.11.03 15:59

for irish not scottish : Yes, sorry, i will rectify it asap. cya Honza

18.11.03 18:58

for honza : thank you

19.11.03 17:47

for Honza : Hi it s me again. Alex.I am writing because of Daniels e-mail adress. Simply send to me on my e mail account ( Thanx alot Alex

19.11.03 21:41

for John : Good luck with the radio show tomorrow. Is it all in Irish, or have Radio na Life broadened their horizons? Paul

20.11.03 12:34

for Alex : Is this the same Alex that couldn\'t handle his Absinth?

20.11.03 13:40


20.11.03 20:04

for the one who wrote \"for Alex\" : Who asks? I can\'t remember having drunk any Absinth.

21.11.03 14:30

for Alex : That was different Alex (pic 123)

21.11.03 14:35

for all : I saw Rune yesterday, he turned up to spend one day on the way to Norway and Thailand. He says hello, ..., well he doesnt, he is to lazy to do something like that hehehe. We obviously got quite pissed and drunk Sasa ended up robbed in a night bus (someone has stolen even his new glasses right from his face). Honza

21.11.03 17:09

for sasa+honza : bad luck about getting robbed on the night bus....thought you would have been more carefull after what happened to honza a few weeks ago....maybe honza will read this message out for sasa cause he wont be able to see it..(wheres me f-----g glasses some Tw-t nicked um) MILOS.

24.11.03 13:41

for Jeremie : 40 - 12 was it? You\'ve disgraced the Irish twice. Once in the defeat to England, and then again in the New Zealand match. You're a big hairy fag.

24.11.03 14:58

for jeremie : yep i\'m not impressed either your loss allowed england to win the world cup i hope that france at the moment is ashamed of itself

24.11.03 15:48

for an Irish drinker : Against New-Zealand it was the team B who played, so the score was not a surprise... Actually, I am now quite happy that England won the world cup...hohehorrr...they were the best, that's true! harry.

24.11.03 15:53

for Irish coca-cola drinkers : By the way, did you try the "beaujolais nouveau" last thursday? I'm sure not. You should have, cause it's not so bad, and it's still better than pissing beer... HP.

24.11.03 18:17

for the guy who pretends he is Hairy Potter : Hey, you doesn't seem to be our good old Hairy! By the way, you doest seem to be French at all - show's yer real identity! Honza

25.11.03 14:24

for Hey! Hairy Potter : You disgrace me. I think I truly am more French than you. And now your pleased for England. It doesn\'t suprise me at all, seeing as they knocked you out so it was better for your pride to say they were best. John.

25.11.03 21:14

for dubliners or those that can fly!! : hello there\'s a play on in the samuel beckett theatre trinity college dublin, called \'the strikker\', all this week at 6pm. please come and bring loads of people, i am doing the lighting for it and am very proud. (sorry to hostel for blatant advertising) love claire

26.11.03 00:36

for people who doesn\'t believe in Harry Potter : you should.

26.11.03 00:37

for people Honza : it wasn\'t me

26.11.03 00:41

for john : Harry Potter is english isn\'t he? So am I... Jeremie.

26.11.03 12:54

for Harry Poter : Are you even hairy? Honza

26.11.03 23:45

for little honza : czesc i have this polish-czech phrase book for you. where could i send it? dorota morawska

26.11.03 23:47

for honza : hi, if little honza isn\'t reading these messages please pass him the one about the book i have for him. my email address is thanks dorota morawska

27.11.03 07:24

for Dorota : Yeah, i will. H

27.11.03 10:23

for Jeremie : No, you\'re not THE Harry Potter, you\'re Harry Jeremie Potter (The French Version). You have to pronounce it Arry Potteurr!John.

27.11.03 11:00

for all : I also saw Rune last week. He was a fucking lightweight: only drank 4 bottles of wine, 5 pints of beer and a couple of fernets. Can\'t believe he ended up falling over after so little alcohol. You\'ll be glad to hear that Alex (James Dean/Fonzie) is coming back next year. Maybe him and Rune can have a drinking contest. Nick

27.11.03 13:58

for all : Milos sent me this priceless link You can get the little funny game called Fuckaroo from there. It is the game where the famous sound of horny French (\"hor-hee-hor-hee-horrr\") originally comes from, just wait a little while until Frenchman comes to do the job. And they also provide hilarious animation of Dr.Poo (Dr.Who) looking for convenient planet to have a really big shit. Both are highly recommended. cya Honza

28.11.03 13:00

for Dubliners : Did anyone listen to my show yesterday? John.

28.11.03 17:29

for honza : Nice the Fuckaroo! More than only the famous sound of horny french, we can see there also the real french sexual behaviour, hohehohehooooooooor! Arry Potteurr.

1.12.03 12:02

for John : Yeah, I listened. The show was class, you\'re a true professional. from John

1.12.03 22:30

for john : Harry Potter says the show wasn\'t good. You\'re a gaylord. Yes.

2.12.03 00:26

for Harry Potters of all kinds : er ... I am pretty sure that the last message from our genuine French horhehorhehor Jeremy, thickly hairy all over apart from his palms, comes from 14.10.(see old messages) - that\'s his language. The rest sounds too English to be real - that is not our old complain-o-matic. Let me bid all other participants of out little Harry Potter boom which seem to be in progress to keep a bit more of their real identity in their nicks and messages. Thank you Honza, 221b Baker street

2.12.03 14:54

for Alex : Hi, unfortunately, I won\'t be in Spain for Christmas!Comming back to Prague....But then I will be back there, will write you on your e-mail when exactly. Bye Katka

2.12.03 14:55

for Honza : Cagos, za chvili jedu do Prahy, zajdem na pivko? Treba toho 25.jako dycky?Katka

2.12.03 22:35

for silenou katerinu : kacenko, precti si obcas mejla, s laskou bara

3.12.03 11:41

for Katka : Good to hear from you again Katka. You should contact the site way more often. Jeremeie is still as hairy, gay and woman-like as he could. Unfortunately the Frenchness is leaving him and the Britishness is taking over (not that there\'s anything wrong with being British Milos and Nick). HONZA, i found a picture of Jeremie on the web so i\'ll send it to you at your e-mail. from John a.k.a. Sean.

3.12.03 17:28

for Katka : Hola segnorita, ciudado con el perro, posada conforme (tengo un habre que me muero), podriais cambiarme vosotros coronas checas. Adiós, mi nombre es Juan

3.12.03 17:34

for for John : Hi John, please send me the hairy picture. There are two Nicks here, one is always Milos and the other one is another english Nick (pict. 124) i am sure you remember him stuffing those horrible James Dean coctails to the incredible Jamesdeanman from America. Cya Honza

4.12.03 16:05

for jeremie : Alors, vieillre charogne, toujours en vie après tout ce temps? Que deviens tu, ou vis tu ? Si tu me lis, donne de tes news au: Salut mec et à la prochaine...

4.12.03 16:14

for katka : Alors, ma poule, tu rentrerais à Prague sans passer me voir, encore une fois? J\'ose espérer que tu as progressé en français, comme ça au moins, tu pigeras mes propos!!! Cest praci...Daniel.

4.12.03 18:56

for all : Cau smazky,kalime a fetujem!

5.12.03 11:54

for Honza : I know know the two Nicks, hence the referral to Nick & Milos. I was thinking of heading to Prague for a few days before Christmas. Is T.H. in Dlouha still open? (Same Price? etc.)

5.12.03 13:51

for Honza. : Ahoj, soudruhu, so I have just discovered this mail box, and I TAKE THE ADVANTAGE FOR WRITING YOU THIS MAIL. So, mate co noveho vpraze? Give me news so I CAN THINK AND PREPARE MY FUTURE HOLIDAYS! Cest praci amigo !

6.12.03 11:26

for John : John, if you wanna come to Prague before Christmas and stay in Dlouha, you should make a reservation asap as they are really bussy this time a year. Use the yellow icone in top-righthand corner of the main-page here to get to the Travellers\'. Prices usually vary around Christmas but everything should be stated there. In case of any troubles just let me know. Paaaaarrrdubice. Honza

6.12.03 11:38

for French comrade : Cest praci soudruhu Danieli. V Praze je vsechno ok, no catastrophes tento rok. Jak se mas v Parizi? Revolution is to bring a change. And now few messages for a local resistance: The lark is gonna be singing tomorrow from 7am. A new bycicle has just two wheels. A leaf will never touch the ground. Owls are just fucking owls and nothing else. End of news. c. H

8.12.03 08:54

for Honza : Don\'t fuck too many owls, this may cause you indigestion ! So, is there really anything new in Prague ? Here, it\'s the same old story as usual!!!!!!

11.12.03 09:54

for bara : Salut,remember me ? Give me news from you, I will be delighted!!! A bientôt de te lire et ne mange pas trop, you know why !!!

11.12.03 10:01

for Jeremie : Alors vieille charogne purrulente, t\'es toujours à Prague? Remarque, ça m\'étonnerait because vu comme t\'étais barré l\'an dernier question absinthe et compagnie, je pense qu\'un rappatriement sanitaire a du être organisé dans ton cas !!! A part ça, que deviens-tu? Tu peux aussi me mêler sur mon propre numéro: ! A bientôt...

11.12.03 10:05

for gaz : So mate, how are you now? Heard you got drowned into a sea of beer near Bangkok. Do you feel any better now?

11.12.03 10:15

for bara : Salut,remember me ? Give me news from you, I will be delighted!!! A bientôt de te lire et ne mange pas trop, you know why !!!

11.12.03 10:46

for Honza : I now speak fluent Czech - V Praze je vsechno ok, no catastrophes tento rok. Jak se mas v Parizi? John.

11.12.03 14:51

for John : Fine! Yeah! Youre nearly ready for job interview in Staropramen. Honza (but mind your french accent)

11.12.03 15:01

for Daniel : Bon jour mon amis, tady je vsechno stejny jen zima, zima, zima vsude je velika a kazdy nekam specha a vsichni neco kupuji a maji cervene usi a nosy. Au revoir Honza the je-ne-pas-travaill man

11.12.03 15:26

for Honza : I think it should be \"Honza the je-ne-travaill-pas man \" Sasa, the common drunkard.

11.12.03 15:31

for Honza : testing a new script sc'r "hi" mr'dat

11.12.03 15:40

for All : This is gonna be my little Christmas present for you. I applied a new script for this messageboard, so there will be no more these annoying symbols (\) beside apostrophes and quotation marks you use. Feel free using as many quotes and tight forms as you can. I say: "My dear! What a nice present isn't it?"

11.12.03 15:52

for Sasa : shove your ..-./..-/-.-./-.-/../-./--./ corrections up your .-/.-./...//. The very last Boyscout

11.12.03 18:06

for Katka : Hei girl, tomorrow I'll be in Valencia for the weekend!!! Yes so fu*king hell give me a way to reach you, send me this damn email !! Ciao Ale

11.12.03 19:31

for slecna Morawska : Ahoj My adress: Jan Sadovsky, Travellers Hostel, Dlouhá 33, Praha 1, 110 00, Czech republic - Dzenkujeme bardzo panstvu za slovnik!!!!!

12.12.03 14:01

for Ale : Ahoj, Ale aqui es mi direccion en Valencia: 18 via del rio bravo. 28260; Valencia. Katka.

12.12.03 16:41

for katka and ale : ale i know how you feel about lack of mail from the incredible forgetting kaktka...i got text from her that said (e mail you tommorrow milos) and that was 6 weeks ago,,,,,,So come on then lets have it!!!!! PS love you really katka....MILOS

14.12.03 11:39

for all from Ujezd hostel-STAFF : Happy new year 2004 and merry x-mas!Give me please some presents!Thanx

14.12.03 11:41

for Bara : Drink with you on Thursday 4th December was really good!Let´shave another one!?

15.12.03 08:09

for Honza : Si tu es le" je ne travaille pas' man, you are very lucky, because here, the last days are the hardest! Buuuuuuut in less than a week now, it should be alright for here, in sunny and beautiful France,we have 2 weeks off! Cest praci quand même a brzo na shle !

15.12.03 08:52

for everybody : Merry Christmas and a happy New Year !

15.12.03 13:44

for katka : Sin rispuesta de ti, pienso que voy a matarme porque he visto que tu habia mandado mails a otros ( este maricon de Ale, por ejemplo) !Io sé que esto va hacerte reir, pero eso es (or: s o s !). Alessandro Ferrari es un cabron muy famoso por toda Europa y tu contestas a él y a me : no!!!!! Io no entiendo nada, voy a buscar una pistola para matarme! Es la ùnica solucion que conozco y me voy a probarla!ADIOS AMOR ! ps: No me das tu direccion en Valencia?

15.12.03 13:44

for katka : Sin rispuesta de ti, pienso que voy a matarme porque he visto que tu habia mandado mails a otros ( este maricon de Ale, por ejemplo) !Io sé que esto va hacerte reir, pero eso es (or: s o s !). Alessandro Ferrari es un cabron muy famoso por toda Europa y tu contestas a él y a me : no!!!!! Io no entiendo nada, voy a buscar una pistola para matarme! Es la ùnica solucion que conozco y me voy a probarla!ADIOS AMOR ! ps: No me das tu direccion en Valencia?

15.12.03 16:25

for Honza : Seeing as i am now fluent in Czech, i have decided to write a poem: Jako nejvìtší pražská realitní kanceláø zamìøená na bydlení máme dostatek znalostí a zkušeností, abychom vám mohli splnit i nároèná pøání. Vìøíme, že se vám naše webové stránky budou líbit a že se na nás brzy obrátíte s konkrétními požadavky!

16.12.03 10:33

for John : What a fresh wind was brought to writing poems, one can still feel an immortal tradition of Beowolf and Sir Gawain and Green Knight even from such a short piece though. The sensitive usage of the beating alliteration simply substitues too boring making of common rhymes. Bravo. H

16.12.03 17:13

for Juan : Com va tot?Lo siento mucho, no era segura de quien eres y - todavia no lo soy.No te mates colega antes dime de donde nos conocemos.Nos veurem pront, adeu Katka

16.12.03 17:15

for Alex : sorry to not meet you on sunday, anyway it was great time in the city, hope to see you here again!!!Katka

16.12.03 21:43

for all : I have nothing really interesting to say now (actually as all people coming on this webpage). Hey, John, is there any foto with you one one this website, cause actually I don't remember your irish gay face (I was probably to drunk...). It was Harry Potter, the real french one.

17.12.03 16:47

for Jeremie : Ha ha ha! YOu make me laugh so, not! You queer $%*&! Anyway, yes, there is a photo of Me & Milos and Tom etc. I'll send the one we took with you in Cesky Krumlov (ahhhhh what a place, I do miss it so!) Fortuantely I am not wearing a gay face, just like you. So go eat your onions you hairy frog. ( John

17.12.03 17:23

for John : John, i see i've lost your email address, could you possibly send it to me again please? Honza

17.12.03 17:38

for segnorita Katka : Holla segnorita Katka. Hable más despacio, por favor? No comprendo (no entiendo), no hablo español. Soy de la República Checa. Entrada / Salida. ¿Cuándo sale el tren (el autobús - el avion) a Prague? Juan

18.12.03 10:29

for katka : Bonjour, au revoir!!!!!!!!!!! Daniel !

18.12.03 15:35

for john : Yes, my email froggy adress is that: yep, give my this fuuuuuuucking picture! frog is good. hp.

19.12.03 09:44

for Milos : Hi Milos, happy to know you still alive, about me I'm ok, I'm always around Europe when I can, last weekend in Valencia was great even if I've seen my lovely team play a terrible game against bloody Argentinians ! Well the important was Champ.League! And also see inter fc outside another year from the top of Europe. All my best for everything mate, HAPPY XMAS & NEW YEAR ! Ale F.

19.12.03 09:46

for katka : Ciao Katka, no problem if we didn't see on Sunday, the important form me was just see you. I really enjoyed that night, unfortunately here in Milan we can't have that lovely crazy night ! Well write me the date of the crazy week in Valencia with the fireworks ! All my best and a big kiss. Ale

19.12.03 09:49 for UJEZD STAFF : MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I'm still forcing Filippo to update his Ujezd site but he is really so lazy ! Hope to start that work during this Xmas holiday, he should be a little bit free and not stressed, you know he is making carrier..... Hope to see you all next summer, com'on is not that far ! Cheers Ale

24.12.03 09:49

for ALL UJEZD STAFF : Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a stastny Novy Rok...see you all soon i hope MILOS


 *** Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. See you all in next summer ***

cau cau hostel staff.


25.12.03 15:14

for all those who have already unwrapped : So what did you get this year? I got superb thing, a box of matches you can strike on a sole. Teee-hee! I've been waiting so long ... Honza the wild west man

28.12.03 14:12

for Kelly : Hi Kelly,do you know where dylan is?I´m here in LA with Steve Sanders,Brenda should come for New Year´s.David Silver bought new car-Lamborgini-yesterday-really nice one. I talk to you later.Brandon Walsh

28.12.03 17:23

for everyone : hey-ho, hope everyone had a great chrimbo, and spent it well. eating your own body weight in turkey and drinking 7million baileys is always fun!!! make new years a good one. lots of love Claire

28.12.03 17:46

for all : sound section is up. enjoy, Honza

31.12.03 11:18

for todays night drunks : Be careful with all of that home-made explosives you are possibly going to use to celebrate New Year properly. :-)))