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1.01.04 17:16

for all : I´m the first who write to this phorum in this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.01.04 15:36

for All : Hey guys, I'm here, in Praha, exactly in the Boemian bagel internet coffee in front of the hostel, but no way to contact anybody, Katka is off, Honza I don't know, but Praha without Ujezd is really another story, good but not that good ! Hope summer will arrive soon! Anyway all my best again for this new incredible new year ! Ciao Ale

6.01.04 10:28

for everyone : All the best from sunny France!!! Daniel.

7.01.04 14:56

for Honza : GoodWorkonthe mp3s! Nice to see your devotion.Happy new year from Tom in Dublin!

7.01.04 18:22

for Tom : Hi Tom, howdy, i hope someone will join the little international snoring-off :)).I found it quite challenging. Honza.

11.01.04 13:41

for Svorc : Èau píèo!

12.01.04 16:17

for john : yeh that was me alright figured it was you that was stalkin me thought i heard someone creeping round in my garden the other night look your a nice guy but it just can never be we're too different. I work in storm sellin clothes to people who need them. i of course never work hard but just enough so as i can get back on the road next summer. everyone else happy new year and wish me luck in my exams. DAVE

13.01.04 15:15

for all : Happy new year to all of you!

13.01.04 15:15

for all again : it was Jeremie.

18.01.04 01:27

for camopeo : Hey Jan: wonderful new page !!!! , check your links not all is working .....

18.01.04 12:32

for camopeo : Hi Camopeo, if you mean this site, this one is the oldest one but it is known just to the people who have visited our drunk hostel. As for the broken links, yes i have to do something but it is sometimes painful to come back and rectify things. By the way the complete structure of the spreading HOHO domain is accesable from its main node at cia Jan

18.01.04 19:22

for pelikan : vyhul si!

19.01.04 09:20

for pelikán a švorc : Dìte do prdele smažky, vod toho je tu Toilet Wall!

20.01.04 12:45

for Honza : Two things: Cool new design on the opening page, and Is your real name Jan? TOM

20.01.04 20:20

for Juan : Porque no me escribes mas,hombre? Que pasa en casa? Katalina

20.01.04 21:52

for unspecified person : Hey guys. was at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Dublin this weekend and met a guy that hadn't seen since early september in your hostel. Man ye two receptionists are soooooo hot. have a picture with me of one of ye but me and my buddy (Eddie) can't remember ye're names. HELP! Slán, Mark From Cork, Ireland

22.01.04 15:57

for honza : jdi do prdle vole!!!pedro( the man who's got the wallets) !

25.01.04 16:42

for the lord of wallets : Ty di do prdele abys vìdìl! the world-wallet-circulation-centre

25.01.04 16:45

for Tom : Yes it's my name, but we are just used to calling such a person Honza

25.01.04 16:51

for Mark : just check the gallery, give us a number of particular photo and we will return the matching name. The international agency for finding peoples' names on the basis of their pictures

25.01.04 17:25

for Katalina : Bon día senorita! Muy grande frío aquí, frío maldito. Yo poseer los oídos helado si, si. Juan

25.01.04 19:58

for Švorc : Tak co Buzíku?

26.01.04 14:50

for lost wallets in the haze. : Just found a wallet here, what shall I do with it ?????

26.01.04 16:50

for all members : The best thing to do is to lose your own wallet to keep wallets in circulation. w-w-c-c

28.01.04 09:37

for katka : jdi do prdle!!! The mysterious wallet-owner!

29.01.04 13:53

for Honza : Just to clarify one thing Honza. In your snoring competition, you refer to Peter (USA)as Peter. His name for the duration of our time there was Snorlax. Probably due to the fact that he was the loudest snorer ever. Good work on his part. Now he is famous, or at least his snore is.

30.01.04 12:06

for Honza : Bye the way that message about Snorlax was from Paul (Ireland).

2.02.04 14:21

for Paul : Hi Paul, Peter is a real pro, although he bought this miracle antisnoring drops (Nobel Prize for medicine, 1983). So i am quite surprised he builded this reputation at the time you were staying there, cos he was supposed to be completely harmless :))

3.02.04 12:20

for Honza : You seem to be able to answer most questions so I thought I'd throw one out; if one planned to spend the duration of the summer in Prague and was seeking employment (as a student) how would he/she go about enquiries etc. Or even better could you suggest anything. Finally,do you know if there is there a visa/work permit needed? Thank you! Tom.

3.02.04 18:34

for for Honza : As his nickname suggests, he was not all that harmless! Quite impressive though. By the way, did you get that e-mail I sent you on Friday? Paul

3.02.04 18:37

for Tom : Although I am not exactly the same person as Honza, I may have some info on the working in Prague idea. I am planning on going over to Prague for the Summer as well. Prague are joining the EU in May, so there is no need to have a work permit. Sweet isnt it! Talk to you soon, Paul

3.02.04 18:43

for anyone who thinks I am an idiot : Czech Republic are joining the Eu in May. There is more to the Czech Republic than Prague, I have been told so anyway!

4.02.04 07:31

for unspecified person : You are right man. There is much more places to see in Czech and Moravia than just Prague. Nevertheless we are going to enter EC this Spring and as far as my euroscepticism allows me to say without spitting, it will bring some advantages as Paul said. Paul i am sorry for the late answer i am just back from my short holidays so i'll send it this afternoon. Tom, i am not sure how to find a job here in advance but i'll try to ask my friends i am sure there must be a way to find it via internet. Cau cau Honza

4.02.04 11:01

for Everyone : It seems a great pity that the beautiful Ceska Republica should fall in to the hands of the EU. Outrageous in fact! There will of course be benefits to the czech public but thats about it. One of the great things about Ceska Republica are the extremely low prices. These are sure to rise with an EU invasion. HONZA, tomorrow we shall organise a Coup and overthrow the German (EU) Administration in order to save Ceska Republica and her people from EU damnation. John. (This is my monthly rant so you won't more here til march unless you live in Dublin where you can listen to me every thursday live on 106.4 - Raidíó na Life (From 4.30))

4.02.04 14:26

for John : I am affraid we have already fallen into EU snake pit and it's ordered to be just the one-way trip. By the way i see the contemporary words like the Radio really exist in Gaelic language. How does this translation/developing work? Honza 

6.02.04 09:38

for Honza : Hi dude,I've just gonna tell ya that I gonna ask ya what's up Katka

6.02.04 17:46

for honza+staff+the guests of 2003 : well its been a while so just thought i would say hello(cau)...summer not that far away once this month has gone....MILOS

9.02.04 10:30

for Milos : So so true.J.

10.02.04 13:11

for Honza : I DO NOT UNDERSTAND: Are you someone from the company that sells wallets or what? Because here in Shangai, we have lots of wallets for sale ( na prodej !).

10.02.04 16:48

for unspecified person : I am afraid i am from a company that loses wallets. H.

10.02.04 21:44

for the wallet people : i am from a company that steals them

10.02.04 21:44

for the wallet people : i am not afraid

11.02.04 11:33

for honza : By the way, as apparently you do not know who I am, here are some hints: Male,1.86m high, from the most beautiful city in the world with amazing people, in Europe atd... Now you know, don't you ?

11.02.04 19:48

for unspecified person : you must be Jean Paul Belmondo! everything is clear now, yeah!

12.02.04 10:23

for Honza : You almost got it! Jsem Alain Delon...

12.02.04 10:25

for Honza : Got any wallet for cheap?

12.02.04 11:12

for Honza : Newsflash: A former member of Jethro Tull (either the bassist or the drummer, this reporter is not quite sure) has recently had a sex change, and is now touring the UK under his new persona. Rock and Roll!!! Paul

13.02.04 10:33

for Paul : Has he became an old woman? Granny and her band on the road .... :)) H.

13.02.04 11:39

for Tom : Choly Shit Toma$, look on the link for the other guys website. Check out the picture of the bird who looks exactly like Sinéid Ó Chonchubhar. I fink it's Summer 2002/01. John.

13.02.04 11:40

for Tom : P.s. I was doing the impression of the man from Chesky Budejovice at the start of the email. John.

13.02.04 14:30

for honza : VERY CHEAP wallets here, made by slave children who are even happy to work for a handful of peanuts! Neco noveho vPraze? Ia budu tamhle za par mesice, doufam! Cest Praci!!!( now you know who I am! )Novotny's nephew!

13.02.04 15:45

for comrade Daniel : You shouldn't say these things in public comrade. V Praze se nic nedeje, zato tu je velka zima. Jak je v Parizi? Au'revoir and cest praci

16.02.04 02:33

for Honza : He/She/It prefers the idea of a middle aged to old woman, who doesnt go for the whole grandchildren, Sunday lunch, pension, old age thing (yes, with her granny band) who is way ahead of their time. Not sure what type of music they are about, but you can be gauranteed that it will be "different" in true Jethro Tull fashion. by the by did the name Jethro Tull come from that guy who invented some sort of plough? Paul

16.02.04 03:30

for Honza : He/She/It prefers the idea of a middle aged to old woman, who doesnt go for the whole grandchildren, Sunday lunch, pension, old age thing (yes, with her granny band) who is way ahead of their time. Not sure what type of music they are about, but you can be gauranteed that it will be "different" in true Jethro Tull fashion. by the by did the name Jethro Tull come from that guy who invented some sort of plough? Paul

16.02.04 10:05

for John : Although I didn't notice anyone that looked like Sinead O Conchubhar ar a webhite caithfidh me radh that it shows a darker side of the great Ujedz Hostel.

16.02.04 10:06

for John : It's quite a bit of spraoi ag scriobh like that.

16.02.04 12:15

for Tom : Tá mé I will send it to you. She chas chair like Sinéid but I think maybe she is wery more beautiful. Do jou chunderstand, no? Very Wank? John.

16.02.04 18:59

for Paul : As the saying goes he has came up with a seed drill and (and that's what i have never heard before) a horse hoe as well. A clever bastard was he.

17.02.04 01:59

for Honza : Although tipsy I may be, it must be said that that was the funniest and wittiest thing I have heard all week. It kept college alive for hours. Brilliant!!!. How can I reply to that

19.02.04 10:24

for all : Gaz(who has already returned from Asia to find his Manchester flat suspended by government) and Archie (who has apparently physically reappeared after a year of succesfull hidding) are coming to Prague within next ten days. They are about to spend a week. Rune, The Spunky Lord, perhaps still remains in Asia without leaving a message. Does annyone have his Majestie's phone number? Honza

20.02.04 10:36

for all : Don't be surprised you can't get here especially at night time, our provider decided to decrease the access to 60% of time due to generally heavy trafic(it's absolutely not your fault). It's a pain but i hope a different solution is gonna be find soon. Honza

20.02.04 14:26

for All : uh oh failed my exam which means i'm stuck in dublin for the whole of august. Dave

26.02.04 13:29

for all : Milos has his birthday today, he is about 37 as far as we know. We wish all the best - on behalf of the whole Ujezd crew, Honza.

26.02.04 15:24

for Milos : happy birthday you look a lot younger

26.02.04 18:44

for Milos : Happy birthday Milos!!!!!Pelicano

26.02.04 18:54

for Milos : La Breithe Shona dhuit o muintir na hEireann!

27.02.04 13:39

for John + Tom : Hey, Paul here. I wasnt sure which one of you was thinking of going to Prague for the Summer. I just wanted to let you know that I am going over as well and I have found a great website with brilliant deals for flights to Prague from London. If you want the URL, you can e-mail me at I would make it public, but there is a selfish streak in everyone, isnt there!! Talk to you soon, Paul

27.02.04 16:00

for honza : Ciao, buzno! Got any news from Gaz?here i'm on holidays in Bordeaux and got the chance to find a computer, so I can reach you all ! Will be back to work next week so can write you more! Daniel.

27.02.04 16:16

for John : Hi, I went through the messeages from 2003. There was a note from 13th October (12:08 to find easier) you want some Sparta lights. Has anybody sent you, John? If not give me your adress and I´ll manage. Do you still remember that announcement: "Ukoncete vystup a nastup, dvere se zaviraji..." from metro? Do you still have my tatoo? cau Bara

27.02.04 16:56

for all : thanks to all for birthday greetings.another year older another year wiser they say!!!!(no f.....g chance)....nice to see you are using the message board Bara,you should do it more often.....march.april.may. not long to go before its f------g party time...MILOS

27.02.04 19:26

for Bara : Hi Bara. No, nobody sent me the sparta. It would great if you could. Unfortunately after about five weeks the last of the tattooo washed off my arm. I avoided washing it for as long as possible and showed it off as one of my souvenirs from Praha. I still keep saying the metro and the tram announcement in my head just so i don't forget. (The tram one was "Prishi se stavká, Ujezd"?) I'm a big fan of the czech language. I'll email you with my address (I still have it since your last email) cau John.

27.02.04 19:29

for Milos : A belated 'appy birfday from all your Irish Ujezd mates/fanbase. John.

27.02.04 19:49

for John : John, your memory is brilliant! The quote is almost exact. I am working on a Czech-English phrasal book (with a sound support), which will be a part of this site. I have to add this phrase as well as that one from metro "ding .. dong ... ukoncete vystup a nastup, dvere se zaviraji ...pristi stanice ..." H.

28.02.04 14:31

for Milos : i read the message board pretty regularly, milos. but i´m not a funny person as you remember. so i better don´t join in your cz-irl-uk conversation. cau bara

28.02.04 16:38

for bara : ...and french sometimes! 'arry Potter is a big reader of zis site az well. So 'appy birdzday Milos, and I 'ope to see all of you nexteu summerrrr, forrr next czech langage and beer courses... Hoohiiiihoooohiiihooooooooooooooooooooooooor !! Jeremie.

1.03.04 13:05

for honza : Salut, mec! So back to Paris, anything new on board? Here at school, holidays over, boredom will turn up briefly and time to write too! Got any news from charming Katka? Bara? Othera? Tell me, will you?

1.03.04 13:06

for Honza. : It was Daniel !

4.03.04 10:26

for Bara : Did you get the email I sent you during the week? John.

4.03.04 20:10

for Daniel : Hi Daniel, no news from spanish katka and as for bara, she reads this messageboard pretty regularly as she said, so dont't be shy and ask them directly. Nothing special is going on here as usually, just one homeless guy managed to get through all checkpoints on the airport without having a ticket and passport and finally settled in the airplains luggage compartment - all that just by saying "Good morning, what a nice day ..." to all customs along. I suppose we are perfectly ready for EC.

4.03.04 20:13

for Daniel : Diz woz 'onsa

22.03.04 09:29

for nobody : ...a test message

22.03.04 13:42

for nobody or Honza : What's the point with your message box? I've been writing messages which do not appear there, so what's going on?

22.03.04 17:43

for all : it works now anyway so a belated Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all. From Dave

22.03.04 23:11

for all : People please let me know via an email in case of troubles with this messageboard. It can sometimes happen and i can't repare it without knowing something is going on. Thanks to Milos for telling me. cya Honza

23.03.04 16:11

for honza : Cau buzno! I'm glad your letter box now works back again, so... Bara can answer me now!!! Daniel.

23.03.04 19:54

for Honza or Milos : (Sorry for springing this on you): My sister is in Copenhagen at the moment and is having a pretty bad time with the bloke she's renting the room from; her and her two friends have been kicked out and don't have any place to live. I remember Milos islives in Denmark and thought on the off chance that he might be able to help them out in some way by giving them info or contacts or anything. Honza if you could would you send me Milos's e-mail in case he doesn't visit the site for a while. OR Milos if you do visit the site maybe you could e-mail me at Thanks a lot. Tom, from Dublin.

23.03.04 19:56

for Honza and milos : Sorry my e-mail address is

23.03.04 20:47

for Bara : Cauky baru, napsala jsem ti nevim kolik mailu a bud ta adresa neexistuje, nebo mi odpovedela naka Hanka. Napis mi ji, prosimte na mial, jo? (.......) Kata

23.03.04 22:55

for Kata : nazdarek,nic mi si zpatky? ja mam byla sem ted ve francii a uz sem zase tady...mam novinku, jedu na semestr do norska, musim nekde splasit runeho :o)) tak napis,ja nemuzu najit svuj notysek s mejlama. pa, bara

23.03.04 23:07

for john : i didn´t receive any message from you, might have wrong address or you missed out for john) btw. who is othera?

23.03.04 23:14

for daniel : cau, jak se mas? i´ve been to france for skiing and i already know french...une bannete, deux bannete (different to must be careful you might cause a big mess at the counter) ahoj bara

23.03.04 23:15

for special milos : ahoj, my dear, love b.

24.03.04 08:29

for bara! : Cau,cau, By the way, une banette...deux banettes ( with an S !). Si tu te permets de skier en France, ça veut dire que tu es friquée meaning you got money as it is quite dear to ski in this marvelous country!!! Soooo jses bohata? YOU COULD HAVE BECOME QUITE INTERESTING!!! Bisous.Daniel.

24.03.04 14:44

for Bara : Sorry Bara, I was sending emails to the Honza Heina address which you e mailed me from before. I'll email the new address now! John.

24.03.04 15:26

for Katka : trochu sem si delal starosti vohledne tech deseti bomb ..... a ted vidim, ze opravnene. hoho

24.03.04 19:33

for john : that one was my brother´s but he didn´t tell me. try again and sparta lights is on the way to dublin. cau,bara

25.03.04 12:39

for Honza : Thanks a lot for that. Tom

25.03.04 19:15

for Honza : Nejen bomby, nejen bomby, taky mi teroristi ukradli pred barakem kolo, v hospode tasku a v druhy hospode svetr a bundu. To vse v jednom tejdnu. Byla jsem tak trosku v nalade, tak sem si vcas nevsimla, ale je to jasny, sou vsude!!!Katka

25.03.04 19:17

for Honza : Nejen bomby, nejen bomby, taky mi teroristi ukradli pred barakem kolo, v hospode tasku a v druhy hospode svetr a bundu. To vse v jednom tejdnu. Byla jsem tak trosku v nalade, tak sem si vcas nevsimla, ale je to jasny, sou vsude!!!Katka

25.03.04 22:41

for Katka : Jasný, normálka, šla si nahá pìšky domù, teroristi s bundama pod paží frèeli na kolech .... tak mam pocit, že v létì bude mít Gaz co dìlat aby si získal posluchaèe. hoho

25.03.04 22:59

for tom : got your email tom,,,and replied. milos

25.03.04 23:16

for honza,katka. bara. : it is so nice to see many people on the message board this week....the weather in denmark is.. No sorry i think i will write this in czech. well i will try my best....dnes je opravdu hesky.neni zamraceno,slunce sviti a uz je docela teplo....milos the speaking many languages happy april 1st next week

26.03.04 10:36

for Milos : Hi Milos, the weather here is absolutely fucking fuj, it's snowing, raining, and it's cold again. All metro stations are quarded by funny Czech policemen, looking for explosives and ticket controllers, looking for terorists who did not buy a valid ticket. Boris, the weather/latestnews-man

26.03.04 14:55

for Milos : There is fucking weather in here too, it is colder than the winter, plus cold rain and wind, terrible. But it is friday, sooo, one have to go out..., hard life :-).Katka

27.03.04 16:09

for Kata : jestli mi okamzite nereknes,kdy se vratis, tak uz s tebou nikdy v zivote nepromluvim a nebudu ti psat a nebudu s tebou chodit na pivo ani s tebou nebudu pit panaky a uz vubec s tebou nebudu pracovat u stejny firmy a v jednom baraku, to uz vubec ne. hmm,uz se tesim

27.03.04 16:10

for k. : bara

29.03.04 20:00

for Bara : 30.cervna, jako na koni. Zejtra ti napisu megamail. Na tvuj mail. Mail.Mail. Katalina

30.03.04 21:44

for all : does anyone know any restaurants in lille as I have a presentation on it tomorrow and i'm sort of screwed for it. any info about lyon would help( for those of you who don't know where it is its in france. Dave

30.03.04 21:45

for all : sorry, that's how screwed i am i said lille but i meant lyon about lyon.

31.03.04 17:15

for Dave : is what i've found. Daniel and 'arry don't seem to be around ... 'onsa

1.04.04 10:51

for HOHO : IRELAND:2 CZECH REP:1 Attendance:37,894

1.04.04 13:36

for 'onsa : thanks man it went all right anyway i just made up a couple of things my lecturer didn't suspect a thing. Hard luck in the match you 'll just have to try harder next time. Dave

1.04.04 15:52

for Irish : Fortunately it wasn't an ice-hokey match. That would cause many terrible things to happen. Honza

1.04.04 15:58

for Irish PRDUBICE fans : Pardubice lost against bloody Plzen. That sucks.

2.04.04 14:01

for Pardubice Fans : Shit, I was almost sure they'd win that. John

5.04.04 11:09

for everybody : Cau Cau from Filippo and Francesca (Honza don't worry my project on your site will be realized before.....I don't before what but it will be......;-).Filippo

5.04.04 13:21

for Pardubice Fans : Pardubice for Champions League 2027. Remember that!

5.04.04 15:15

for everyone : paaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

6.04.04 16:24

for Fillipo and Francesca : hi, you sound busy Fillipo, i hope it is not that bad :)). Thinking of visiting Milano for one evening as Ennio Morricone is giving a gig there soon. Well, ... just thinking. I am quite busy too. ciao Honza

8.04.04 19:11

for everybody : Hey! It's been three days that nobody is here- que pasa? Happy easter to everybody :-) Katka

8.04.04 19:12

for Bary modry svetr s prosky : Dostala si dopis? Jak je? Katusa

9.04.04 23:41

for all : so June 14 might be the first day of our summer excursion to the alcoholic's world 2004. 'onsa

10.04.04 21:01

for kaccco : se na tom pracuje :)) barrro

13.04.04 14:25

for everyone : Happy Easter. I got a white Maltesers Egg, which was nice! John.

13.04.04 19:24

for staff+all guests : i see the hostel is likely to open mid june....Iam hoping to return to the hostel this year but i hope there will be a few changes...i know that everybody has different tastes in music but i got a bit sick of beatles, floyd,rolling stones etc...and maybe this year the music will be turned off at 1am so all decent people can get a good nights sleep.also maybe it would be possible to reserve the cd player one evening to listen to the velvet voice of the wonderfull Celine DION.and maybe a jazz evening with everybody drinking soft drinks...thanks SOLIM

13.04.04 23:58

for all people of neat taste of music : Yeah, absolutely! I have been already thinking about some sort of educational soirees on jazz music and possibly some classic as well. How about Fridays or Saturdays? satchmo

14.04.04 14:04

for everyone : what about a knitting class on fridays evenings or even a big game of charades every thursday night. Dave

14.04.04 19:03

for All : I hear tiddlywinks is overtaking ice hockey as the number one sport in Czech Republic. What is the world coming to. As for soft drinks, mmm, likely story! Paul

15.04.04 19:41

for solim : I aggree with Dave. We should make a stand against this turning off the radio shit. Ujezd is Ujezd, please don't change it Honza. Decent people don't sleep, they drink til all hours and are quite loud and abrasive. But we also need the quiet types to sleep so that we can wake them! John.

16.04.04 10:17

for John : and draw on them. Dave

16.04.04 16:31

for All : I think that the pictures from last year bear testament to the fact that if you fall asleep in Ujezd, you can expect to be drawn on.

18.04.04 21:39

for john : and sprinkle white wine on them...(basterd!) Harry Potter.

19.04.04 00:27

for Harry : How about some shaving foam as well? That went down well last time. Paul

19.04.04 13:52

for all : theres also a good chance that someone might shoot you with a pellet gun. dave

19.04.04 13:59

for All : I think the classic was skateboarding in the dorm in the morning to awake those late sleepers. Those tricks on the lockers were something else (and the sound they made too). Can anyone remember who that was?

19.04.04 14:00

for all : yes yes it was me but really it wasn't but i know that i could if i wanted to. dave

21.04.04 10:49

for all : Generally I think the consensus is - don't change Ujezd. Radio should stay on constantly and only those who drink themselves in to a state of unconciousness(??) can sleep peacefully. I think everyone will agree, in the long run its healthier. John.

21.04.04 10:50

for Bara : Any look with the Sparta?J.

21.04.04 11:54

for John : John definitely has a point. The best nights sleep I had in Ujezd was the night that I drank myself unconcious. I woke up at 8pm the next night. (But at least I got a good nights sleep). Paul

21.04.04 16:07

for 'Arry Potteurr : Are you sure zat zat wasn't vin rouge??? John.

21.04.04 17:37

for all : i myself remember spendin a whole morning drinkin tequila as i couldn't get any sleep after which i duly passed out for several hours so in many ways it is very necessary to have quite a few night caps before turning in for the night/day, it will most likely be the best sleep that you will have while in prague. Dave

22.04.04 17:10

for All : Sometimes the best thing to do is to smoke hash but sometimes the hash is sssstiiicky and burns sssslowly. P.S: I come from Issssrael. Arsenal's football is sssso aessssthetic.

22.04.04 18:52

for Rune : Hey Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee, Yav lefit defan! John.

25.04.04 01:11

for kata : posli cislo na mobil, mas-li ... nebo aspon holuba!!!bara

26.04.04 19:05

for Baruska : Prisne tajne, uz sem jak ten pan bez vlasu z jizni zeme:-)670 695 795 (nevahej a zavolej;D )jo a je tam predvolba, to je asi 0034, nebudu se podepisovat, aby nikdo nevedel, ze sem to ja - a Honza to SAMOZREJME nikomu nerekne, ze? Tak cus tvoje tajna ctitelka.

26.04.04 21:10

for ta'y nahoøe : No ccc... co já k tomu mam jako øíct prosimpìknì, dyž teda jako pominu to zpochybnìní mojí stoprocentní schopnosti udržet dívèí tajemství. To jako že cizinci neumìj èíst èísla nebo tohleto? No toto ...

26.04.04 23:46

for john and dave : John: I 'ope not! anyway, white or red, it was bad fuuuucking wine : I remember that the taste wasn't would habe been better to sprinkle beer on me mayeubi... Dave, I don't remember which "basterd" (allow me to use my favorite irish expression) Irish you are, and I don't understand what is a pellet gun... Anyway, put it in your ass and then thuck it please.Thanks.(Yooouu ar' weleucome) 'arrrrrry Potteur.

27.04.04 21:28

for 'Arry : oh i'll put it in my ass and thuck it alright, a pellet gun (funnily enough) fires pellets, and I was the cross dressing leprechan who could only wear velcro shoes due to an incident that happened when I was a young boy on the grassy verge.

29.04.04 11:11

for 'Arry : Je ne comprend 'Arry. 'Thuck', wat does it mean. Un demi baguette c'il vous plait, Oui or non? John. Will we see you zis summeur in Ujezd?

29.04.04 14:34

for for the Pellet Gun party members : That's fun i was right about to ask the same question. Quelle-est thuck 'arry? Cest la word je ne sais pas. 'onsaaa

29.04.04 14:56

for 'Arry : J’ai le même problème ‘Arry je ne peux pas trouver le mot « Thuck » dans un dictionnaire français, donc je pense que ce n’est aucun un mot français. Vous ne permettez pas créer nouveaux mots avant parler avec moi. David

29.04.04 17:47

for Dubliners : Tune in Now til 6p.m on 106.4. John.

30.04.04 11:38

for 'Thuck' enthusiasts : Je pense que cet mot a la meme meaning que les mots 'bang/zap/pow'ont dans les emissions BATMAN avec Adam West. Tom.

30.04.04 16:25

for unspecified person : "Ouille!"

30.04.04 16:29

for Tom : Genius.John.

30.04.04 18:19

for the Pellet Gun party members : Actually I still don't know what does mean pellet gun, cause I don't know what is a pellet...David you're a real irish teacher... Ok sorry for to have used some bad is noteu good at all. Pas bien pas bien pas bien... 'arry potteur.

2.05.04 00:03

for cezky prazky uyezdky people : welcooome in E.U. H.P., E.U-member.

2.05.04 17:28

for czechs : welcome tot EU fellow citizens.j

2.05.04 18:07

for the original EU members : Thanks brothers, well i hastily crossed the Austrian border twice on May 1st and 2nd only to find nothing has changed. We were given suspicious looks as before and customs were on duty on both sides of the border like before. EUHonza

5.05.04 15:03

for Honza : does that mean that all your prices will be in euro this summer how much will a bottle of Staropramen be? this is worryin me. Dave

5.05.04 15:49

for Dave : No, we are not going to have Euro for next 7 years. Prices of alcohol will be graduely rising though.

5.05.04 17:03

for Honza : Unfortunately everything must rise.

6.05.04 16:55

for Ujezdians : Hey all, I was wondering if anyone, including you Nick could help me. I need a contact email address for Nick from Swindon, and was wondering if either Nick visits the site, or if anyone knows his address. My email address is Thanks, Paul.

7.05.04 15:38

for paul : as in nick the teacher?

9.05.04 00:25

for unspecified person : Yeah, thats the one. Paul

10.05.04 13:56

for paul : is the address that i have for him dunno if he still uses it or not. dave

13.05.04 10:28

for 'Arry : I was looking at some of yeur old messages and I see zat yeur English is improving but it is still shite. Jean.

16.05.04 14:38

for jean : who is jean?? robert.

17.05.04 15:58

for robert : Jean, first name billie and he's not my lover. Dave

17.05.04 20:13

for dave : ok, I think I'm lost... too stone... Alfred.

17.05.04 22:23

for alfred : too stoned or two stone? I'm lost

17.05.04 23:49

for robert : mmmm, this is getting slightly tangled ... i am Hank

18.05.04 13:17

for all : well its that time of year again, exam time, good luck to any irish who'll be sittin in big halls and classrooms, pullin your hair out wonderin why you decided to study for only two questions neither of which have come up and you're now well and truly buggered, and to cap it all off we're havin what will probably be the best days of the summer at the moment. It's always sunny when you're doin exams. Anyway good luck. Dave

20.05.04 16:06

for robert : who is Robert. Jean

21.05.04 13:44

for jean : second name marley he's jammin and he hopes you like jammin too

xx.xx.xx  xx:xx

for all : Hi, i added that button above so that you can let me know in time in case something is going wrong here (Steven, i am sorry for the fingerprints on your screen)

23.05.04 10:39

for honza+staff+guests : hi to all of you...well the time of summer parties is nearly here,,,i think this year i will bring very expensive anti hangover tablets with me...and maybe a spare liver in case they dont work....see you all soon and maybe i can say sorry now in advance for my drunken behavior in the summer of 2004....oh ye and sorry honza for pissing out of the hostel front door...cau milos

24.05.04 21:45

for unspecified person : The definition of irony: Finished my exams on Friday, and it felt great. free for the summer. But, guess what I lost during the revelries of the night, yep my passport. The thing that I most need to get out of Ireland. Ah well, I'll just have to buy a new one. I hear you can get them quite easy on the blackmarket (easier than the passport office) Paul

25.05.04 20:21

for Paul : Think i have a spare if u wanna use it, you'll need to dye your hair black and constanly look tired(from studyin too hard) to get away with it but otherwise i'm sure it'd be fine. Dave oh and you'll need a moustache which is spelt strangley i would've spelt it mustash

25.05.04 23:22

for Dave : A friend of mine who has red hair as well dyed his hair black with hilarious consequences. Ive got the tired look down to a tee though. As for the hilarious moustache, we shall see!

26.05.04 23:08

for PEOPLE : Will be in Prague between 1st and 11th August. Anyone know their plans yet? TOM

27.05.04 14:11

for Paul : Paul i hesitate you need your passport at least to get here, as we have become the recent members of The Brotherhood. I hope Czech custom officers have realised some changes. Honza

27.05.04 23:32

for Honza : As far as I'm aware, because we are stranded on the lonely island of Ireland, we arent really part of the "brotherhood" and get our passports checked anyway. Ah well, I've ordered a new one anyway. Damn Irish laws.

27.05.04 23:43

for Honza : By the way I will be arriving in Prague at about 20:00 on Wednesday June 16th. I had to tailor my arriving to the cheapness of flights available.

29.05.04 13:57

for Katka : Èau Katko, vozvi se mi prosimte na co nejdriv a rekni jak budes chtit delat. Dik Honza. .......... nebo to teda napis sem, to je vlastne pravda.

30.05.04 09:06

for all those who incline to stay at cheap places : Someone has finally contributed to the "Places to stay" messageboard. Thanks for it. People if you remember anything such as a place you would recommend for the others, please describe it there. I am working on a huge report of this kind from South-East Asia. It's shame nobody has been bothered for more than two years(incuding me). Honza

1.06.04 13:27

for Honza : Cauves, dosel ti mail na hoho??? Chtelo to po mne vyplnit naky druhy servru,.....jaaa teda vo tomhle toho vim nahodou zrovna dost ;-), chaaapes, ale tohle mi teda nieje asne.Katka

2.06.04 00:07

for Katka : Jasne, doslo to, gut, jasna rec, vim co a jak a takle. Priste nic nevyplnuj, hlavne ne telefon a rodny cislo a tydle vychytavky. Takze orevuaaar Juan

2.06.04 09:50

for honza : When will you open this summer? I am ...almost free by now, at last!!!

2.06.04 09:51

for honza : TO BYLO IA...Daniel iz Pariz!!!

2.06.04 11:28

for Daniel : Hi Daniel, we will open on June 14 in the morningueaux. Cau 'onsa

2.06.04 22:43

for Katarina : alooo kata, tak si tak premyslim a hloubam, cim to, ze mi ne a ne a ne a ne a ne a ne ne ne odepsat. Je v tom snad neco osobniho??? Vaz slova!!! b.

3.06.04 08:09

for honza : Salut, mec! Be happy to open so early buuuuuuuuuut, you won't see my 'very dear presence' before july! Please, do NOT be too sad!!! I'll be there sometime and my friends too !Daniel.

3.06.04 08:14

for Katka Gabana : Sooooo, tu t'es foutue de ma gueule toute l'année mais il faut que tu saches que j'arriverai bientôt et que là, ...tu peux numéroter tes abattis car ma vengeance sera HORRIBLE.!!!

4.06.04 18:44

for honza : hope you have a good day tommorrow,(5th june) maybe you will be as old as me soon,,,,dont worry i think you still quite a long way behind me....MILOS

5.06.04 16:06

for Honza : If I have read MILOS' subtle hints correctly, I would guess that it is your birthday today. If my powers of deduction are up to scratch, Happy Birthday. Paul

6.06.04 12:45

for Milos and Paul : Thanks. I got a package of 50 lighters so i can keep on loosing them absently. Honza

7.06.04 09:26

for Honza : Was it really your birthday? Many happy returns in any case! Daniel.

7.06.04 10:03

for Daniel : Thanks :))

8.06.04 04:23

for Honza : Hi mate. It's Ian here! Barra sent Dave and me a few texts last month. How are things? Am planning to go to Prague later in the summer...I will see if I can get that looser Dave to come too!!! Looking forward to seeing you all, and looking forward to breezing through Czech immigration for the first time without having to get one of those stupid little stamps on my passport! Can't keep me out now even if they want to haha!!!

8.06.04 18:17

for Ian : Hi Ian, i got your e-mail address from Bara. Everything goes well here ("knock, knock, knock"), i am doing last preparations as we are going to start with loading on Friday. It's great to hear you're gonna come back, just pull Dave's ear and bring him too :)). I hope you are doing fine as well ... still working for the same publishing company? Honza

12.06.04 16:18

for for all : BORDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL !!!!!!!!!!!!

13.06.04 15:21

for Katka : Do you have any information on hostels in Valencia? We'll be there in July on the way to Prague this summer. Tom and John.

14.06.04 16:41

for honza : well its your first day of the hostel summer,,,hope its gonna be a good one as usual...Good luck...and see you soon...MILOS

15.06.04 00:14

for all and particularly english people : 90': England 1 - 0 France 93': England 1 - 2 France simply great...I like football!! For all Ujezd staff : goode lucke fore ze summere. 'arry potter.

15.06.04 12:17

for Tom and John : There are couple of nice ones here, write me your e-mail here and I will send you some adresses :) Chauuuu

15.06.04 14:47

for Katka : is John's and is mine. Thanks a lot for the help. TOM

15.06.04 16:53

for arry potter : ho hi ho hi horr...well maybe we will meet again in the final,,,you cant have so much luck again....i should be in praha on the day of the it would be fun to watch it with you....milos

16.06.04 09:36

for Katka : Still got no news, so I think I'll go to Bratislava instead!!! do p.... DANIEL.

16.06.04 09:45

for HONZA : YOU may have the opportunity to see me soon. SORRY!!!!!!!!!!! Daniel.

16.06.04 10:02

for Ujezd All : Hope it's a wonderfull season for all! see you in august!Filippo and Francesca

17.06.04 12:07

for Honza : Fuck! I have just realised I have no passport!!! Shit! It is the busy season so it will take ages to get one. When do you close? Ian

17.06.04 19:27

for Ian : Ian you don't need any passport in frame of EU. Bring just your ID card :)) Honza

17.06.04 19:28

for all : we are going to be opened untill Sep 20 roughly. 'onsa

19.06.04 00:45

for Honza : UK has no National ID cards. Can get an Irish passport in 2 weeks. Will try to get to Ujezd, but not until September as have to work. See you later in the summer. Ian

20.06.04 15:04

for Ian : Sorry Ian, i didn't know about it. We're looking forward to seeing you later in the summer. Honza & staff

21.06.04 11:29

for Honza : Je serai à Prague début juillet; garde moi un lit prosim te!!!!! Daniel.

21.06.04 11:33

for katka : En dépit de tes non réponses à mes mails, je t'annonce quand même ma venue à Prague début juillet...tu seras en Espagne myslim a doufam??? Biz. Daniel...( remember?????).

21.06.04 12:24

for Daniel : Hi boy! The postcard is on the way, I ewrote it together with Veronika, when she was here to visit, do not worry! katka p.s.see you soon ;-)

22.06.04 11:37

for Katka : Is everything ok? are you working again at reception? seee you soon Filippo and Francesca

22.06.04 17:00

for Honza and the staff : Hi Everybody ! Happy to know you still and already open ! Ok, for me everything is ok, please book 2 beds for me and GIBO (Katka-Misha should remember him from summer 2002 in Brussa !!) for the night from July 21 till 24. I'm so happy to come back again! Ciao ALe Ferrari

22.06.04 17:38

for is it open?? : is the hostel already open??

22.06.04 18:30

for the hasty person up here : look at the main site .... o o o o'nsa

22.06.04 20:17

for all : Yesterday in the night we caught a septic tank who was trying (for a couple of days) to decorate our walls by markers and spray. It led to a spontal violence and subsequent lynching at second floor detention area. Lot of fun though. Milos i wish you had been there ... 'onsa

22.06.04 20:22

for all : I really pick bad days to go on a trip to Cesky Krumlov. I am so dissapointed that I missed the lynching. Ah well.

23.06.04 02:13

for Honsa, Katka etc. : This is Eoin - one of the Irish who stayed with you towards the end last year (with Tom and John) - just wanna thank you Czechs for giving us that epic 90 minutes of football on saturday, and fair fucks for winning! I was rooting for you all the way naturally. I really think you can win it - Nedved má hrdina!

23.06.04 12:26

for STAFF : Hi! Yesterday i have made a reservation for me and my friend, for next friday, but I still had no answer...are there 2 free beds for us, for 2 nights? thanx!!!

23.06.04 14:02

for all : well...Italy is at home !! I'm very sad, I suppose to see a great match Czech way ! Anyway you would have win as well. I'll support you till the end like my favorite team in this Euro2004. You can seiously beat everybody if you'll play like against Holland! And tonight no discount to the bloody Germans! Probably they'll make something to win at home in World cup 2006, so beat them today, just to show to all Europe that Czech Power is back !!!

23.06.04 15:07

for any Italian : Hallo hallo!!! is there any italian here, who is in italy now, and speaks english or german? I need a favor... grazie!

23.06.04 17:05

for honza : i wish i had been there too,,,sounds like a good night,,,what country was spray painter from....i hope you gave him a good slap...milos

23.06.04 19:43

for Milos : "a septic tank" is supposed to be a cryptogram showing the country of his origin. It is based on rhyme. Boris

23.06.04 19:44

for the person who has problems with his reservation : please call us. 'onsa

24.06.04 09:13

for Katka : Just got your letter.Thanx.Carlos.

24.06.04 17:00

for honza : Yes silly milos..septic tank=yank i should have noticed it....ok my friend here is a few of the same for you....i will have another butchers at this site tommorrow,,,thats if i can get a few mins away from the trouble and strife....i will have to go now cause in need of a tom tit...milos

25.06.04 10:53

for for the guy of 23/6 h.15.07 : Here is Ale, I'm Italian and I live in Italy, this is my English what can I do for you? What kind of information you need? ANd like real football supporter I'm sad like you all English, now we have just to support till the end Czech Republ team. The best in this Euro 2004 !!

27.06.04 11:10

for all : James Dean (1). The house cocktail has claimed it's first female victim. The unfortunate young septic necked the drink in record speed, then picked up a homeless guy who she got intimate with in the toilets. At the end of their encounter, he stole her trousers.

27.06.04 11:13

for all : James Dean (2). The house cocktail has claimed it's first non American victim. Mr I Moran celebrated his 29th birthday by performing an almost exact copy of the events which made the original Jimmy D famous last September. Photos to follow...

27.06.04 11:59

for Honza : Ear pulling will be not be necessary! See you later in the summer. Dave

27.06.04 12:17

for honza : ad James Dean (2). uff... the only night i wasn't there... and i missed such a historical moment. :-)) vojta

28.06.04 10:21

for Ale : Hallo Ale!! I'm not English, I'm Brazilian! I need to find a really cheap, well-located and not so bad accomodation in Rome, for the next july 8...could you help me? my e-mail is

28.06.04 11:17

for the Brazilain who write me : Well, Do you need accomodation for one night (the 8th) or more days, because I've a friend there, if is for a night maybe he can give you hospitality, if is for more nights I can ask him to look something cheap and good for you. Ciao ALe

28.06.04 13:07

for Ale : Thank you so much for your good-will! But we are 2 people, and we'll stay for 3 nights...maybe it will really disturb him! It would be great if he found something for us, specially on zone 1, so we wouldn't have to spend money with transport... Grazie!! :-)

28.06.04 13:20

for Staff : That triangle cheese for breakfast this weekend was really delecious! what was that? -> but the cold shower on saturday almost killed me!!

28.06.04 16:26

for the Brazilian : Ok I'll contact my friend asking him to look for something good and cheap for you from July 8th till July10th in zone 1. How much is your budjet? Dorms, double room? Give me more info, then I'll contact my friend, don't worry! I'm like "Mr.Wolf" I solve problems ! Ciao Ale

29.06.04 12:05

for Ale : Hallo Ale!! Super!! We don't care about how to sleep, we just need it to be safe and cheap (and showers included! ;-) ). We don't have more than € 15,- each one per night...(I'm a girl and my friend is a guy) and we are very thankful for your help!! :-) ciao!!

29.06.04 15:08

for Ale : Hi Ale, we will keep a bed for you and your mate, take care and see you soon. ciao Honza

29.06.04 16:25

for Honza : Thank Honza, I & GIbo will arrive about 23.00 wensd July 21, so don't worry if you don't see us before, you know cheap flights can have some problem sometimes! If you want something not too big from lovely Italy ask it without problem ! I'll try to bring to you. Ciao ALe Ps: Wehn Milos will be in Ujezd again ??

29.06.04 16:41

for Ale : Milos is coming on the next sunday with his partner Lise and they are about to spend a week. Milos wants to come once again later in Summer but he is not sure about an exact date yet. Are Filippo and Franchesca gonna visit us as well? Honza

29.06.04 17:41

for Honza : I've met Filippo last time during my party, May 21, then no more, because he got a strange desease (virus) and he's still sick now. They should come like usually but I still can't confirm it. When I'll talk to him I'll ask then I'll let you know. Ciao ALe

29.06.04 17:43

for Brazilian : I've sent an email to my friend in Rome just now, hope he'll answer me soon to let you know. And just in case I'll contact an ex g.friend there tonight, maybe she can still help me, she loved me for guess she'll do ! Check everyday HOHO's message ! Ciao Ale

29.06.04 19:44

for all : lazy lord Rune has just announced his arrival for this thursday. 'onsa

29.06.04 23:02

for Ale : Ok Ale, so I'll check everyday this page...thank you so much for your help!!!! and if you want to come to Germany... :-) c ya!!

30.06.04 09:40

for the Brazilian : Hi ! I've found this.... here you can have a look of all the "cheap" rate to sleep in Rome. My friend is also looking for some cheap/good/ popolar double room in some building in the center. That's it for the moment! ABout Germany, would be nice but this year no more free days ! Ciao ALe

30.06.04 11:08

for Ale : Thank you so much Ale!!! I'll take a look at this hostel and then I'll wait for your friend's reply!!! best wishes!!

30.06.04 14:28

for Honsa : Hi my friend me and Francesca will be in ujezd from 12 or 13 of august for some days!! Filippo

30.06.04 17:33

for 'Onsa : Could you please inform Mr.Lazy Rune to stay there at least till July 21 night to make me able to drink a beer with him? Thanks mate ! Ale

2.07.04 14:55

for honza : What do you say " greece" in czech?

2.07.04 17:31

for ALL : QUOTE: "What do you say " greece" in czech?" ------------------------------------- Daniel you said the same for Italy with Poland: you're risking very much.....Filippo :-)

4.07.04 14:54

for All : A Brazillian has smashed the James Dean record by drinking 4 of the lethal cocktails. The heroic South American managed to stay conscious long enough to receive a certificate from Honza.

5.07.04 16:29

for all : mr Nick Lawton captured the british J.D. record by drinking 2 coctails. - didn't he drink more? :))) v.

5.07.04 18:12

for Jimmy from California : Please, write here your e-mail adress.

6.07.04 11:18

for Brazilian in Prag?? : Is there a Brazilian in Praha, in the same hostel where I've been?? What's his (her) name??

7.07.04 14:59

for Filippo and Francesca : I am ok, when are you comming? Looking forward to see you both!!! Katka

7.07.04 23:59

for all : James Dean (3). actually, Mr Nick Lawton captured the Commonwealth record by drinking 4 JD coctails. congratulations! v.

8.07.04 11:22

for Katka : Ciao Katka, here Ale Ferrari, need to ask you a couple of info, I'll write you on hotmail, check it frequently ! Ciao see you soon with Gibo ! Ale

8.07.04 13:50

for v. (Vojta??) : 4 James Deans is a world record!

9.07.04 18:29

for all : I am not quite sure but i guess Nick had 3 JDs that night. 'onsa

9.07.04 20:34

for all above : I´m sure Nick had 4 JDs not able to drink the next bought by his ??friends?? friendly staff :))

12.07.04 15:11

for all : Yes it is true as i've got a confirmation from a serious source. Nick is then a share-holder of the current world record which is 4.

12.07.04 17:59

for All : Hi everybody ! please, can you say me if I'm obliged to reserve for Ujezd hostel because I have send a mail but no answer. Thanks and see you soon ( excuse for my english, I'm french :) )

12.07.04 20:31

for unspecified person : are lazy Rune and Lee-uh-ah-Cantona here? 'arry Potter.

12.07.04 22:05

for honza+staff : Well after the years i have been visiting i thought i could never have any better party nights,,,but last weeks will take a lot of beating,,,thanks to you all for been as great as ever..milos

14.07.04 14:12

for HONZA & staff : Me & Tom are gradually making our way to Ujezd. We made an online booking the other day and Eoin will be joining us later on our travels to stay in ujezd to. Who'll be there in first t

14.07.04 14:13

for unspecified person : two weeks in august. Sorry about that last bit, French keyboards are shit! John.

16.07.04 13:22

for John : Ahoj, there will be Honza, Katka, Paul and me ... as usual. We are something like basic equipment of ujezd hostel. This year´s party are even better than what you remember. You will like it. cau Bara

17.07.04 15:04

for john and tom : John, don't speak about french keyboards like that. I like them. They are my friends. Like Borat. Thanks, you're very gayloard. Wawaweeeeeeeewaaaa ! You are in France in Dijon? You should visit Lyon, as we could drink fucking froggy beer together. See ya froggy Irish. Harry Potter.

17.07.04 19:24

for All : Don't forget my new fan club: the one called falling asleep in toilet cubicles. Voijta, you are officially a member of the club, welcome !!! Paul. I reckon sasa will be next on the list of heroes.

18.07.04 11:50

for all : Paul forgot to say that his quest of falling asleep at each single toilet cabine we have here is half way through. There are still 3 more to come. It's basically just matter of the right choice. 'onsa

18.07.04 18:54

for all staff+guests : after you go home,having spent time at ujezd in early july just try playing bob dylans(LIKE A ROLLING STONE) ON YOUR CD AT HOME..YOU WILL INSTANTLY BECOME HOMESICK FOR THE HOSTEL....LONG LIVE THE LIKE A ROLLING STONE HOSTEL CHOIR...MILOS THE NO VOCAL CHORDS LEFT MAN

18.07.04 19:43

for 'Arry : Je suis tres tres desole 'arry for we ave now left the beautiful France. We stayed in Perpignan for one night (looks kind of like the mens toilets in Ujezd) only as a stopover on the way to the lovely, sunny Nice. Will you be in Ujezd when we're there? John Ps We're currently in Florence.

18.07.04 19:45

for Bara : Sounds great! I can't bloody wait. I've been waiting to go back ever since waking up in Dublin airport with THE worst hangover. See you soon, John.

18.07.04 20:57

for paul : thank you for inviting me to your on-a-toilet-sleeping-club. it's such a honorable membership! vojta

19.07.04 15:36

for staff : what date are you guys plannin on closing on in september? Dave

19.07.04 15:50

for Honza and the staff+Daniel : We're coming what you need from lovely Italy? Wine, cheese, bisquits...but not too big ok ? See you in about 57-58 hours !!! Ciao Ale

20.07.04 10:23

for john : You should have visit Lyon, basterd Irish ! I will be working till mid-august. Then I'll go in Bretain (in Astropolis festival in Brest, and then in friends'houses), and maybe in Amsterdam, to buy cigarets... Work again in September. It sucks. So I don't think I'll go in Prague this year. Maybe I'll go in Bulgaria (not sure at all), and so then I'll do a stop in Prague. So I won't drink czech beer that year, but pissing french beer. Nasdravi! 'arry Potter.

22.07.04 00:31

for Arry : you french bastard. Well be in ujezd from about aug 6 i think so you better be there. If you dont go you wont have red wine thrown over you in the middle of the night and stuff. john

28.07.04 12:43

for Dave : We are closing on about 17th of September. 'onsa

30.07.04 11:46

for all : Paul's consuption includes 236 beers so far, which is not that bad for the boyscout i'd say .. :)))

30.07.04 18:33

for The quality staff at the hostel : Yo everyone, its alan and john the scottish guys, we r in Sweden spreadin and the the word of the classic that is JAMES DEAN! Jus to say that thats us cumin near the end of our travels and we didnt find a better nor cheaper hostel than this one, more than one nite to remeber. I hav a few pics i can send wen i get home to my comp. Also i said i would leave my email for a few people wen i was drunk so its anywy guy hav plenty more drunk nites, and say hi to will cause i'm sure he will still b there hahaha

30.07.04 23:01

for ujezd equipment and regulars : cau its buki. missing everything that is ujezd, danny boy, rune, milos, 'onsa, the boyscout,josh'n'james, quique'n'miguel, mad max, nick, ian lovely bara and of course...the girl who fed me particulary beautiful apricot balls. And sid. i will definitely be back....AND IT MAY BE SOONER THAN YOU THINK ;)haha alan and john if you read this take it easy and lets go for a few in bonnie land. (rory also says hi to all and especially uncle milos) lots of love, guys William

31.07.04 16:27

for kata : Halo!nazdar! bližší okolnost pøekrásný katko. Chtìl bych tebe do téže míry nìjaký tøešnì do lehké polední jídlo? Èi možná nìjaký špenát. Mít šprým a ahoj brzo. Amor dle Buki ;)

2.08.04 16:53

for william+cheeky boy rory : hi william, hows it going.dont know for sure how much longer you stayed at the hostel after i you might be going back eh..well it almost certain that i will have another little visit first week in september...rory hope your been a good boy and still having plenty of those shots of milk....MILos

2.08.04 17:57

for Milos : Noooooo, Milos, September is tooo late. I won´t be there that means I won´t see you again :(( bara

2.08.04 20:59

for BARA : oh dear.i was thinking you might already be gone,,please let me know exact date your gonna be at hostel til, and i will try to come before then...But to be honest bara its gonna be difficult to get time off work before then,,,but you can be sure that i will try..MILOS ps are you getting my texts ok

5.08.04 02:38

for all : 236 is reasonable I suppose. damn heathrow airport. see you all tomorrow. paul

5.08.04 12:27

for paul : i'm only payin €183 to get there at the end of the month sounds expensive. Dave

5.08.04 20:43

for all : Well we have a new house cocktail, its working title is Tequilla Sunset as it closes your eyes pretty quickly, but it tastes great so it's not for septics, right? It's tequilla, orange juice and red vodka. Hi Will, thanks for the message and we hope we see you soon. Rory listen to uncle Milos and keep drinking milk shots since they are healthy and don't give you this hangover. Paul is back from the boyscout camp. That's about news. And today is Daniel's birthday. cau cau 'onsa

6.08.04 21:33

for all : Daniel indulged himself in a new pair of shoes, but he forgot to wash his feet so in terms of people around the reception there is no difference. Well .. 'onsa

7.08.04 14:55

for all girls : Daniel´s birthday: 17.3.1956 ... Daniel Andrea Henry Enocq ... what we found in Daniel´s passport ... your friendly staff :)

7.08.04 15:01

for all staff+guests : my god daniel is prehistoric!!!!!..all guests should be no older than 32...Ye ye i know your thinking but milos is older than that..well iam really 30 but lied about been older so people would feel sorry for me and maybe buy me a beer and a tram ticket to the chinese restaurant.MILOS

7.08.04 15:07

for all staff+guests : am i missing something here....daniels passport says birthdate 17/3/1956 but honza said on 5/8. (today is daniels birthday)..MILOS THE CONFUSED

7.08.04 16:08

for Dave : No I didnt pay 236 for the flight ticket, I was talking about my beer consumption. I only got a one way flight so I can pick and chose when I want to go home. No worries! Paul

8.08.04 19:51

for Honza : Hi Honza, Just making sure that Dave has made the reservations for us from Tuesday. He told Barra to do it, just want to be sure. We need 3 beds for a few nights.See you in a few days. Ian

8.08.04 20:34

for Honza : Also, what tram can we take to Ujezd from Dejvicka? Your directions on the website are weird (taking metro and changing lines etc). Is there no tram direct from there to Ujezd without taking the metro? I think I remember getting a 22 or 23 last time. No? Ian

8.08.04 23:45

for Ian : Ahoj Ian, of course i´ve made a reservation for you, be sure !!! i feel a bit ofended now you don´t trust me :(( we are waiting for you on August 10, space for 3. Back to trams: There used to be a tram going directely to ujezd from Dejvicka but there are some reparation on route so it´s better to go to Malostranska (from Dejvicka) by metro (green line A) and then change for a tram going to ujezd. that´s it. see you soon, Bara.

9.08.04 21:24


12.08.04 00:00

for 'onza : was reading toilet wall - you wrote 'self - phone''s 'cell phone' haha how sweet! from your friendly toilet goblin

12.08.04 16:11

for the cubical goblin : hehehe 'onsa

13.08.04 20:28

for Staff : The diference between life in the hostel and life at home is so much worse than I thought. I want to go back. Thank you all for helping us all have such an amazing time and getting us so amazingly drunk. Tom. P.s:Honza, When will this years photos be on the site?

14.08.04 14:56

for Everybody : Got home two nights ago and I already miss the place! Just want to add to my friend tom's words and thank all you great staff + guests for making our short stay so enjoyable! If any of you ever plan on coming to sunny Ireland, just drop us a line! Eoin

14.08.04 17:02

for Tom & Eoin : with pleasure, our friends. We all wish you could stay longer :)) your always friendly staff :))

14.08.04 19:22

for Milos : Hi luv, got your sms, but have no credit to respond now, miss you much, änd I will write you back soon :-) Katka

14.08.04 22:18

for whats up gang? : How's your sweet summer treating you? Any old faces? I heard about your tequila sunset....sounds like fun. I miss everybody from ujezd and all those drunken mornings. Fuck, I wish I was out there with you guys. hit me up at my new email address: much love, jenny P.S. tell me all the good cheeze...keep me updated on any good madness.

15.08.04 19:43

for Tom : Hi Tom, i understand your and Eoins feelings, i eventually managed to put the pictures up on the photo-display in the corner as we have just one more month to go and ujezd time is running faster than that one outside. The digital form of the pictures will be added on my website in late september as i am cut off from my internet at home. Eoin, once more thanks for your invitation to Dublin, i will try to come but have too many plans to sort them out at once, i am not very good at planning things :)). 'onsa

15.08.04 20:06

for jenny : i see you are better at computers than i expected. Just please not too many "fucks" here, just spare them for Toilet Wall you bitching ****. There happened a few funny sories in last week but they are a bit too hardcore for this massageboard. They could be called "drunk irish guys can do slightely different things then they are expected to do being pulled in bed". Bad thing is there was a thief here last night and we did not catch him. A lot of people, who trust in others more than in our safe, are watchless and valletless today. 'onsa

16.08.04 12:56

for Staff & Regulars : I see the lads have beaten to the message board so to Honza, Bara, Katka, Paul and Rune and Swindon Nick; thank you all for such a great time. Sorry it had to be so short. I'm at home now and i feel home sick, home sick for Ujezd. Hope to see you in Dublin, Paul good luck with the Pampers Bed training nappies (Just kidding). John.

17.08.04 22:50

for staff : yes I am some poor naive american who wish too book a bed tommorow just so I can beat the record for james dean drinking. Please book bed under those details. Yeah USA. Yours sincerly an american who should know better.

18.08.04 01:44

for Ian McPherson : Hi Ian, i was not able to say good by as i was completely smashed, so i hope you got back to Englang all right. Say hello to Dave and Sophie and in case Dave reads this message say hello to Ian and Sophie and in case Sophie reads this message say hello to Dave and Ian. Fine, now it's clear. We had quite a drunk morning today, which was not very nice, iron Katka was pouring shots of tequiiiilaaaa instead of coffee. Honza

18.08.04 01:45

for unspecified person : sorrry for errrrrrors in spellllling. 'onsa

18.08.04 18:46

for everybody : Hello friends!!! how you are lucky to spend time in Travellers, our summer house in Prag... music, pivo, dear friends, Daniel's Gitanes, nice Katka, Bara i Verca, Honza's guitar, and a new beach along the Vltva. For me I am that year in St-Petersbourg, a great experience, and for that reason I cannot come that summer. In the tsar's city I am studying russian (next year I will understand a lot in czech!) and giving some french lessons. Over here everyday happens adventure, because the culture is a little different than in Europe, many beautiful palaces, canals, the Ermitage, and russian girls... And the next week I am going around Moscow, before invited in Tula, and after to visit the cities of Golden Ring. See you and give me news! Francois PS: my e-mail is ^^

19.08.04 12:53

for staff : the night in women suit and makeup's gone and i'm falling asleep in work... sh*t... vojta :-)

19.08.04 15:21

for come fly with me : INVITATIONS- if you are a dreamer,a wisher ,a liar. A hope-er , a pray-er ,a magic bean buyer.... if you'er a pretender ,come sit by my fire Fore we have some wicked tails to spin LOVE.JENNY///// DEAR HONZA, MISS YOU

19.08.04 15:21

for come fly with me : INVITATIONS- if you are a dreamer,a wisher ,a liar. A hope-er , a pray-er ,a magic bean buyer.... if you'er a pretender ,come sit by my fire Fore we have some wicked tails to spin LOVE.JENNY///// DEAR HONZA, MISS YOU

19.08.04 17:37

for katka : so dear k, will you be planting carrots instead of saying ''and the deposit, it is important because it is for that you check out by 10am on the day you want to check out. it is for this, the deposit.... Will, what else?''

19.08.04 23:54


20.08.04 00:19

for HONZA,KATKA,BARA,PAUL : Small Tomski said it better than I can, but cheers for a quality time. My apologies for Danski being a prickski and for the over playing of the Prague CD. Take it easy. Duncanski

20.08.04 12:40

for Bara : I left my JET cd on top of the fridge. Its a copied cd called GET BORN. Could you send it to me? I'm still trying to work my magic on this end to have Paddy Casey sent over to you! John.

20.08.04 18:28

for Honza, Bara, Katka, Paul and co. : A Prickski?? Hey it's Danski! Thanks for a great time, as usual. Honza, i'll get you one of those commando hats, promise! Katka and Bara, you're both top chicks :) cheers! And Paul, to be shure to be shure! England is such a grey place to live..............DANSKI xxx

21.08.04 12:40

for ski group : Ahoj my luvs ... COZE !?! ... i´m back from 2-day "holiday", slept 3hr as usual and ready for n-shift :) the cottage in January is already arranged .... FAKT ... hope to see you there. i email you tomorrow. bara :))

21.08.04 12:43

for Legend : Isn´t it M Y S T E R Y ??? b.

22.08.04 22:37

for John : Dia Duit, Conas atá tú, John? i found the cd. i´ll send it to you before i leave prague. say ahoj to Tom :) love, bara

23.08.04 15:31

for Bara + Katka : Put both your copies of the Cd in the post today. You should have them sooner than you'd like! Hope all is well. Duncanski x

23.08.04 17:14

for All staff : Just a wee note to thank you all for a great time as always. Bara, have a nice time in Norway. Honza, hope all goes well in the US (let me know about London). Katka and Paul, all the best. Have a nice winter. If I am back from Korea I hopw to see y'all next summer. PS. Dave and I both forgot to leave the keys to our lockers back at reception, but we forgot to ask for our deposit back too, so I trust we are not indebted to you in any way??? Ian

25.08.04 22:07

for Paul : man alive. sorry i left you without so much as a goodbye. i left a bottle of cheap liquor by your bedside to help with the pain of waking. i hope you found it. i hear tell jimmys on the way to you. could you ask him to bring home my paints as im soon to be starting a course. keep safe. Feeley

25.08.04 22:08

for Paul : man alive. sorry i left you without so much as a goodbye. i left a bottle of cheap liquor by your bedside to help with the pain of waking. i hope you found it. i hear tell jimmys on the way to you. could you ask him to bring home my paints as im soon to be starting a course. keep safe. Feeley

26.08.04 16:33

for ski legends : Hello geezers!!! It was a great time with you this summer, I am happy to get to know you all more:-) My girlfriend: I got those CDs, they are so good! Thanks a lot to all of you and see you soon in the winter!!! Katka- ova´

26.08.04 20:19

for Katka : Hi this is Emanuele the italian boy,i'm happy to have met you even if we had few time to speak togheter,.when i will have an email,i will write to you P.S. Say to Milan that me and Fabrizio are going to looking for the girl comes from palermo soon, have a good time

26.08.04 22:57

for Diamond Geezer (Katka) : Glad you got the Cds as the woman at the Post Office was a right tit. See you in the winter. Take Care. Your Girlfriend. x.

27.08.04 11:26

for everybody : Hi everybody....this year for me and francesca only 4 days in Ujezd but always seemed the same, great! For francois (catherinet): hi francois do you remeber us? Filippo (email:

28.08.04 12:12

for Katka-ova + 'the ski group" : Diamond Geeezer - sent off the "package" yesterday so keep your eyes on the post. You other ladies - the photos are huuugeee in size or whatever so emailing jst one i have to cut em down n bla bla bla so ill copy the cd and post it to one of you - first one to text me their address is the winner. Small Tomski (legend)..... workin the V.....

28.08.04 19:47

for "Legend" (Foppish W*nker now back in U.K.) : Don't have your e mail son so I'll use this. Text you my address so I win!!! I can't mail my photos due to lack of utensils, so if I see you when you next come back south I shall bring them. Cheers Love.

31.08.04 16:11

for Honza : Soooo, back to Bordeaux, still no job, hopefully will be paid, wait to see, then I will turn back to Prague for sure! Love you all!!! Daniel.

31.08.04 18:50

for Daniel : If you do return to hostel please leave your shoes in France!!! Happy 60th Birthday.

31.08.04 23:48

for katka or KAFKA : hi Katka, i' m GIUSEPPE the friend of Enrico. now i' m on the book(no, now i'm on computer but after....) i' have to send two foto....

1.09.04 00:04

for all friends : "Sorprendi il tuo organismo"

1.09.04 13:38

for all : The news from Ujezd: 1. Rune has broken his own record by getting drunk 4 times in 18 hours. Nice .. 2. Milos is to come on Sunday, so all of those who dont like the Oasis&Beatles combo will have kinda hard times, am i right? 3. Lee gave a ring today, he is comming to Prague in October 4. Probably the worst british pricks (from Belfast) i have seen in my life just have left today, Milos where were you, i needed someone to kick a shit out of them as they were screaming and even trying play basketbal in the middle of the night in the dorm, bloody hell they did not even say sorry, grrrrrr ... 5. Katka hes gone for some potatoe picking (i am serious) 6. Bara has left to Norway 7. Jimmy has improved his french a lot 8. Jenny i misssss you 9. Ian has a czech girlfriend, which is probably the best thing that could happened to hostel Ujezd for she keeps him far away from there 10. WE ARE CLOSING ON SEPTEMBER 19 IN THE MORNING thats it, your ´onsa

1.09.04 13:42

for Bara : Hele na ferovku ti rikam, ze sem te omylem natah, pac sem ti nezapocital jednu nocni, ze jo. Tak mi posli cislo konta a banku a ja ti to tam slozim jako knoura, hehehe, dobry ne? Prachy uz sem dal stranou. Doufam, ze se ti tam dari a ze ti chutna a tak ne? Vis vo cem mluvim ne ...? Tak napriklad ja sem dneska snidal instantni vtipnou kasi, coz je znat ne? Howgh. Honza

1.09.04 17:12

for Daniel : Are you 60? When was your birthday? filippo and francesca.

1.09.04 19:09

for Fillipo : Yes I was sixty on the 17th of March last. 61 is not too far down the road. Daniel.

1.09.04 22:41

for filippo end Daniel : l'importante e sentirsi giovani dentro Quello con la maglietta di Maradona

2.09.04 14:29

for ME : i gonna brake my reckord next week... Rune

3.09.04 20:26

for Bara : Skol! Mam pro tebe CDcko od lyzaru a dopis, tak mi posli adresu a za tejden to mas, jo? Jo, a napis, jak je!!! (nebud jako ja....:)) Katarina

4.09.04 14:11

for Unspecified jealous bastard!!! : I got no more shoes as I am presently jobless and may turn back to Prague sooner than some may expect!!! ps: love you all anyway!!! Daniel.

4.09.04 14:51

for unspecified person : ..-. ..- -.-. -.-

5.09.04 13:48

for Daniel : Hey daniel calm down with the bad langue on the message board!

5.09.04 17:08

for Katka (and Bara, now in Norway) : Ahoj my top chick! How are you? The 'ski' group want to know if we can come to see you for New Year because I am working in early January (from the 3rd) and I really want to see you guys...? The 'Christmas Prague CD' is already being made and it's very good. No doubt it will drive evryone mad very quickly. That is all for now. Hope I can see you for New Year! Honza, you are a mad person :) DANSKI

5.09.04 20:05

for jimmy,chris(brasil),dan,rodrigo,chris(us) : hi,it's french girls.We spent very good time in Prague, especially in ujzed hostel (staropramen,...). Sorry to be left so quikly the last day, and not say good bye. bisous clemence ( laurence laure

5.09.04 21:12

for Daniel/Honza/Milos : Hey I thought there was an age limit: no old geezers! So Daniel, you need to find a senior citizen's hostel: you might find a lucky lady with money. . . j/k :) Milos : are you back in Prague? Ready for round 2? Don't kill youself, you just have one liver. By the way, have you talked to Charlotte the Harlot, the one who taught you how to kiss? ;) hehehe By the way, make sure Hanzo takes his green pills so he wont run around like a nut in his pink tutu. -Jenny

6.09.04 15:14

for honza : nazdarek, prave jsem se dostala na chvilicku na mejla.cislo konta poslu sms a taky mi koukejte napsat a prijedte za mnou nekdo. kazdej tu ma navstevu krome me. bee..prachy se samozrejme hodej. jupiii. mej se krasne. pa bara

6.09.04 15:15

for kacenka : ahoj kote, jeste nemam mejla ay budu mit, tak okamzite napisu, ted sem tady jen u svych novych norskych kamaradu. adresu poslu sms a at uz je to tady. pa bara

7.09.04 12:03

for honza : tak kde jsou vsechny ty strasne vtipny fotky...koukej to tam nasazet, at se mam na co koukat,b.

7.09.04 12:05

for all i know : i have already my password so i can email you whenever i want to ... if i want to.. hehe. hi to everyone i send you a private email. bara

7.09.04 15:45

for the 3 french girls : salut les filles.. je suis la encore a l´auberge.. desole que je vous ai manque quand vous etes parties.. j´ai voulu seulement dire ciaoooo et a la prochaine.. pour moi ca serait l´ete prochaine et pour vous? qui sait? dan

7.09.04 15:48

for dan : salut Dan, bonne fin de vacances. est ce que l'américain (Cris) est encore à l'auberge? si tu le vois dis lui bonjour de ma part. biz et à la prochaine. Laure (

7.09.04 15:52

for dan : salut Dan, bonne fin de vacances. est ce que l'américain (Cris) est encore à l'auberge? si tu le vois dis lui bonjour de ma part. biz et à la prochaine. Laure (

7.09.04 17:44

for quello con la maglietta di maradona : sai che non mi ricordo chi sei? filippo

7.09.04 19:06

for dan : salut! Alors quoi de neuf au ujzed hostel? J'éspère que tu en profites un max. Pour moi, les vacances sont bientot finies: retour chez les belges, pour faire naitre des "crevettes". Quand est ce que tu rentres à Edinburgh? bisous Clémence

8.09.04 01:53

for Paul : Hi Paul, Eoin here - dunno if you knew or not but that guy James you met last week and went to primary school with is my cousin. Thought you should know. Oh yeah, Honsa, when are this year's pics up? Eoin

8.09.04 11:00

for Everybody : Messages on HO HO should be in English so everyone can understand.

8.09.04 13:05

for for Filippo : sono uno di quei tre ragazzi di napoli che sono stati lì tra il 24 e 25 agosto. Tu sei quello di milano o quello del gruppo di firenze? cmq in quest'ostello ho incontrato le ragazze più simpatiche : Saoia e Laura. ciao GIUSEPPE(quello con la magliatta di maradona)

8.09.04 13:08

for all who care : I realy liked the hostal last year, but I have had no life this year so i couldn,t go anywere, does anyone know how i can get sparta cigaretes in holand ? .joost I.

8.09.04 13:22

for Everybody : messages here does not have to be in English and you, you fuck who decided to rule here, shut up and sign up your messages. grumpy 'onsa

8.09.04 13:28

for Jenny : there is no age limit at our place for everyone who is able to survive the sweet melodies spinning around the dorm at night is warmly welcomed but i declare there will be a "height limit" so cheeky dwarves under 1.6 m who are not able to climb our stools cannot get in. Howgh. hedgehoggy 'onsa

8.09.04 18:05

for honza : ok i will have do some growing for next year because iam only 1.5m.does this mean that iam banned from the hostel..LISE THE DANISH DWARF

8.09.04 19:40

for laure clemence : desole laure mais j'ai jamais rencontre un americain avec ce nom... a clemence.. je serai en edinburg le 23.. il y a des nouvelles ici mais trop a dire ici.. je te donnerai un e quand je serais en edinburg, a plus tard ... dan

8.09.04 22:09

for dan : Salut dan! Faut que tu me racontes les nouvelles de l´auberge. Je rentre dimanche en belgique. Qu´est ce que tu vas faire quand tu rentreras á edinburg? tu reprends ton boulot? biz Clemence (

9.09.04 12:57

for Bara And Lise the Danish Dwarf : Cau Baro, tak co Norsky pivo? Lise don´worry. Danish Dwarfs are under my protection. Misa

9.09.04 13:10

for jenny : unfortunatly i could not make the trip back to ujezd,,,but iam sure honza can look after himself ok,,,i have had mail from charlotte the harlot,even her emails have a scottish accent...i think i have seen your email address somewhere further up on this page so i will send you some milos+honza photos from the last few years,,,,milos

10.09.04 13:14

for milos : ahoj milos,my old address still works. you can email me every day there...i can`t belive it. the weather is so nice here. no rain at all...sorry for not answering all your sms. it`s very expensive for me but thank you for them. bara

10.09.04 13:18

for paul : Dia Duit,conas atà tù.are you still in prague or back home...whats your email address. cau bara

10.09.04 16:03

for Honza or anyone who knows : I don't suppose anyone would have Australian Bob's e-mail address? Tom.

10.09.04 20:09

for uncle milos : hi milos its william hope you are surviving nick take care and was a big shame not to see you agaiñ = hoping and am sure all will go smoothly for you and hope to see you next year sometime (no doubt rory will be around too!)

11.09.04 09:59

for william : i presume from your message that you are at the hostel now...sorry i could not be there this time..anyway have fun(iam sure you will) and see you next year..MILOS

11.09.04 10:07

for honza+staff : cau,hope you enjoyed the 2 minute oasis telephone to ujezd concert last night...i just filled the fridge with beer,got the photo albums out.put on a mix of great ujezd tunes and imagined i was there with you....only thing missing was taking a piss on the second floor (and thank god for that) MILOS

12.09.04 16:05

for All(Marta, paul, Jan, Katka. : prepere 4 a big pisssession on tuesday. I am comming back to town. Rune

12.09.04 16:09

for Bara : How do like my crap country? Been in Oslo 9days, and that is more than enough 4 me. But i am going back to stay 4 a week regulery next 2.5month, so if you'll go to oslo, let me know, couse maybe i'm there. take care. Rune

13.09.04 11:44

for all concerned : Paul has just one more cubical to go, so let's cross our fingers for it needs both the concentration and discipline just to hit the right cabine ...

13.09.04 12:08

for those mentioned below : Rune: your pass is ready you greedy -.-./..-/-./-// Milos: Hi Milos, how was the check up? Have they already said something clear? Thanks for the phone-broadcast of the danish Oasis show, we had the farewell party for the Island at the time so it was quite nice contribution from Milos. I have my interview with the seppo consul/psychologist on thursday so i am a bit nervous that the .--./.-./../-.-./-.-// will be too nosey.

13.09.04 12:58

for Rune : hei rune,hvordan har du det? hva gjør du nå? jeg sitter og skriver email.i like norwegian. its funny language. rune, i definitely plan to go to oslo but still dont know when because there is noone who would join me. so if i know you are there i will come and we can meet dennis there. i was already told that oslo is a bit boring so one weekend will be probably enough...but anyway i like norway and i love rain. bara

13.09.04 13:01

for Buki : just short hallo. im naughty bara but i promise i email you as soon as possible. are you still in ujezd? i like it here but i wish i were there having fun with you. ahoooj,b.

15.09.04 15:39

for all : The new world record in James Deans was set last night. The new holder is an Irish ladd, who is still sleeping, and he had 5 JDs, which is definitely a remarkable number and it will be hard to beat, and moreover - the record is back in Europe. Thanks!

15.09.04 16:08

for Bara : hele to je naky divny hele to /0880. Co je to prosimtebe za banku 0880? To je naky divny. Napis mi sem co je to za banku a kde ma v centru pobocku, ne, a ja to tam soupnu. Honza

16.09.04 11:44

for hoho : no,tak to sem si to normalne sporka. pockej to cislo za lomitkem je...0800. ty toho nadelas pro tak drobnou ne, diky.b.

17.09.04 11:07

for all : bye bye ujezd...seee u next year! filippo

17.09.04 12:32

for unspecified person : Tak sem nedostal viza, dostal sem hovno. Tak takle. Honza

17.09.04 16:47

for Bara : Hello Bara, hope everythin goes well in Norway. My email address is Talk to you soon, Paul

17.09.04 22:24

for Bara : Hello there. Tomski just sent us your photos. Haven't laughed so much in ages. hope Norway is good. if you tell 'em "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain" they might think you're a proper English lady and offer you some tea! Take Care Ski Legends

18.09.04 12:05

for all : have a good last night...and then start the countdown to summer 2005.milos

18.09.04 14:39

for Hostel : Sorry to see the hostel close again. THe excitement has started within me again for next years opening. John. (Honza do you know if you are coming to Ireland yet.)

19.09.04 12:22

for all, from dan : im in london before i hi'll be back

19.09.04 12:22

for all, from dan : im in london before i hi'll be back

19.09.04 12:22

for unspecified person : oops

20.09.04 10:50

for hoho : now you will have enough time to add photos 2004. bara

20.09.04 10:55

for all my friends : If anybody loves raining every day - come and see me in bergen. the price for a stay is a bottle of ANY alcohol (except from wine and beer - that`s not strong enough)...see you all, bara

20.09.04 14:57

for all : Right back from the empty Ujezd. Still can hear the echoes of our parties. See you next year. PAAARDUBICE!!! 'onsa

20.09.04 15:08

for John : Hi John, i havn't any exact plans yet for the bunch of monkeyes at seppo embasy suspected me of something, and refused to give me my visa. Oh well. We only closed so i will take a rest for a while and see what next. 'onsa

20.09.04 17:22

for Honza, Bara, Katka : You all asked me to send the URL for the radio show that i'm on. I've finished doing Thursdays because of my shitty college scedule but will be swapping between Mondays and Fridays. Every third Monday bla bla. I'm on this Friday at 17.30 CET. Type in the URL without www; Failing this go to and follow the instructions. I'll play you some pink floyd etc. John.

22.09.04 11:56

for John : i don`t have an acces at the place a stay but on friday 17,30 i`ll be with you...or i play your cd. that`s the same. i can`t understand what you say there anyway :) bara

22.09.04 18:41

for bara : hele, normalne si vlez na adresu (von jenom poznamenava at pred to nedavas jako obvykle "www", pac je tam misto toho to "azul". No a to je stranka toho radia, ze ktery se da poslouchat. Mas-li bedinky, pak nejni problem ne? Nebo jo? honza

22.09.04 18:47

for John : John, i wonder if you give a loud shout "Pardubice!!" in between songs? 'onsa

23.09.04 16:12

for Bara : udelal sem z toho link, tak jenom klikni na to modry. a vubec, udelam z toho samostatnou sekci. honza

23.09.04 16:19

for John : John after my media player has popped up it streamed your station and recognised the song and the radio but no sound comes off - it is completely silent. strange ... 'onsa musik, musik 'onsa

23.09.04 16:27

for all concerned : "Radio Beat" on line  ( = Radio Ujezd )

23.09.04 22:30

for 'onsa : The radio station is only broadcasting from 5.30cet at the moment until about 9am cet. Did you try before or after this time?John.

23.09.04 22:53

for John : brilliant - it works, here we go! 'onsa

25.09.04 08:42

for all : The site was down for the whole friday. They say it was a server failure. Oh well. Next time John. 'onsa

25.09.04 09:59

for all people who like pictures : a first load of pictures from 2004 will be launched soon ... the enormous amount of pictures i got from the other people will be placed to a special gallery later

25.09.04 14:04

for 'Onsa : Ah well. Same time, same place next friday! Thanks for putting the link up. John.

25.09.04 15:23

for DJohn : not only link, i am workink on the whole new section with a little wishing wall ... :)

25.09.04 23:06

for The Ujezd staff! : Thank you for a memorable weekend! Me and my friend Susanne really liked the place.I used to have prejudices against hostels, always been sponsored with hotel rooms by my parents, but for my forthcoming trip to Amsterdam I plan to sleep on a budget.There's no point spending all the shopping money on some hi-tech bedroom.Hostels rule! Prague was also gr8! Regards, Anna, Helsinki

27.09.04 09:43

for honza : ja chapu, jak si to mam spustit, akorat nemam kde. pocitac mam jenom ve skole a ta je v patek vecer zavrena. chapes? tak v tom je problem. ale ten napad s bedynkama beru. diky, libi se mi. pa, bara

27.09.04 09:51

for john : dia duit, john. conas ata tu? ta me go maith. sorry, i missed your show. next friday i must find someone with computer at his room. however, you have new irish fun here. i was talking about your radio hours and hours so he doesn`t listen to anything else now :)) bara - dia duit to tom

28.09.04 15:15

for Bara : Its great to see your still speaking the oul Irish. The show was musically good on Friday, you would have loved it. I was about to send you your CD a week or so ago but decided to wait and ask you if you wanted me to send it to Norway instead. John.

28.09.04 15:33

for all : the first load of pictures are up

28.09.04 17:07

for honza : great work with the photos..must have taken you a hell of a long time....for me it makes me homesick for the ujezd bar...i guess it will everyone else also...milos

29.09.04 10:58

for mr. hoho : teda...fotky dobry nektery sem predtim nevidela. ach jo, tak zase za rok.b.

29.09.04 17:15

for unspecified person : John: Now you can validly claim international listenership to your show. That should look good on your C.V. 'Onsa: Fotos are great! Any advances made on your Irish plans? Bara: Dia 's Muire duit! Tom.

1.10.04 13:54

for 'onsa : Fotkys are great. Will there be more?John.

1.10.04 19:58

for The man of the moment : Honsa, great work with the camera! I must add to my compatriots' praise. Hard luck to all yous Czechs on Nedved's international retirement. Eoin

2.10.04 09:54

for FOR ALL WHO GIVES : !!!!!! WHAT DO WE DESIRE......JENNY ...?????

3.10.04 22:10

for Honza : To je na hovno ty viza..., hele, nezajdem nekam na pivo? Prijela jsem pred hodinou a uz mam zizen, jak blazen :-) Zavolam Katka

3.10.04 22:14

for Everybody : A big sorry for everybody I was going to write an e-mail, was out for three weeks, now, I´m already back, so your letter is on the way. Katka

6.10.04 11:38

for Honza : You're web ability never ceases to amaze me. Well done on the radio link; it's massive. Everyone should check it out. TOM!

6.10.04 14:18

for Honza : Great pictures ! And also the "joint venture" with Filippo is great ! I'll send him some crazy pictures of mine...waiting impatiently next summer !! Ahhhhhh the cold is coming but our summer spirit don't have season ! All my best for you all . ALE Italy

6.10.04 20:32

for All backpackers : Hi! Does anyone know clean, decent and centrally located hostels in Amsterdam/Netherlands? I've been googling on the internet and found some, i.e. "The Flying Pig"..But sometimes ads aren't completely honest.I'm not asking for a list but if you have stayed at one good one, you can tell me the name/price/if there are 5 persons' rooms.We´re a bunch of people who DON'T want to live near the red lights districts, and surely not the coffee shops.Never, not us! But nowhere outside city centre either.Finally, my warmest 'hi' to Prague!Thanx - Anna!

6.10.04 20:49

for 'onsa : You're a web genius and gentleman. Thanks for the link. Free advertisement for Ujezd started today cos I pre-recorded Friday's show and gave a few mentions. Thanks again. John.

7.10.04 13:50

for all of you i haven't yet responded to and to the others as well : Hi, thank you guys for pricing the pictures and the new radio section, there is still quite a few pictures to be launched (not only mine but also Red Cap has something in his archives) later. I am off for Moravia to spend a week in my father's place (located in "slivovice & wine" area) so i'll have to stay away from the internet. John, what a pity i'll miss the show again, next time surely ... . Paul, 40 minutes long Autobahn is smashing, hehehe, marta is looking for a pair of the Charlie-runners, 35.5 cm long, correct it if you have a different size. Weather is shit here. End of news. 'onsa

7.10.04 13:56

for Anna : I am sorry for not saying anything else than please write your experience in the "Places to stay" messageboard after you have left Amsterdam. I haven't stayed there since my childhood so i cannot help you. Flying Pig is supposed to be a decent place a bit costy though (this is what i overheard the other day). Questions about a place in Amsterdam is quite frequent ... 'onsa

7.10.04 14:33

for Honza : Can you help me? I checked my shoes that I am wearing on my own feet right now and they say that my European size is 45.5. I know that I have large feet but I couldnt have feet that are 10cm bigger than yours. I dont think that I have clown feet. Or do I

11.10.04 10:24

for large-feet-P : Actually ... ee .. (i am playing the Dutch man no.1) let's suppose that the number 45.5 is not in centimeters as it would be very remarkable size for a human foot. You doesn't seem to be completely Golum. Look just take your runners and measure the sole by cm sole-measuring-tool and that would be the best way how to arrange it for Marta can use the same ruler for choosing your pair. The Charlie never keep the right sizing and they always say "very good mister, it fits you well" and he knows only small, mid, and big shoes. 'onsa

11.10.04 17:32

for Honza : In case you are interested, Jack Orion is on sale on for about £7-8. There are a good few copies available. I think I also got the size of my shoes sorted out!! So I dont have clown feet after all, that was a close one!

14.10.04 14:54

for One and All : For the first time since our stay in Ujezd the Ski Group will be together for another love fest. No not as girls, but this time in toga's. This is to celebrate the birthday of the boy known only as 'Legend'. Yes, the face that made a thousand babies cry. I do hope you will take the time on Friday 15/10/2004 to reserve a minute and privately celebrate this momentous feat. P.S. Paul, a beautiful photo of you kissing this unlikely girl/boy now resides in all four corners of England. You poor sod. xxx

15.10.04 15:28

for Legend : Happy Birthday, hope you have a good session tonight (to be sure, to be sure!). Good to see our intimate picture is doing the rounds. Paul

15.10.04 22:38

for all : Who is the Legend?

16.10.04 10:00

for The Legend : "This is to celebrate the birthday of the boy known only as 'Legend'" is one of the funniest quotes i have seen here. hihihihi. Happy birthday man!

17.10.04 00:14

for Doggy woggy Paul : Hi Paul its Will. just wondering if you have any plans to come over to edinburgh sometime. also i am delivering um, pizza for pizza hut - don't you work for them?!! hope all is well and say hi to any irish you see that i met in praha. easy!

18.10.04 13:30

for Legend Unbelievers : How can you not know who the legend is?!? He is a mystical being hailing from England. One of the four weirdos who make up the cross dressing "ski group". If you were in the hostel mid to late August you will have seen him!

19.10.04 19:54

for all : Rune and Lee are here. Manchester plays Sparta Prague. This is bound to be a disaster. 'onsa

23.10.04 18:32

for for my fellow ski group members : Hey hey - had an awesome bday dudes - was class to see u - and those back in prague - will see you all soon hopefully - ads's bday next - from the one they call LEGEND

25.10.04 00:44

for Will : Sorry I took so long to reply. You know, hectic lifestyle. Sleeping in until 3, lounging around etc. I'm working for Dominos. As is Jimi now, which is, fun. I'm looking into getting to Edinburgh at some stage. I'm definitely going over to Prague for the New Year though. You should try and get over as well. Talk to you later, Paul

25.10.04 12:41

for paul & jimi : dia duit. conas ata tu? bhfuil scath fearthainne leat? beidh baisteach sa trathnona! tabhair aire duit fhein no gheobhaidh tu slaidean san aimsear seo :) slainte chugat, bara

25.10.04 12:41

for will : ahoooooooj :)) bara

25.10.04 15:36

for bara : rano!!! hope you are well bara - are you still abroad? will see you soon, maybe! luv will

25.10.04 16:11

for all who wish to : Hi it's will check out my websitey arty thing - - there are a few pics of praha as well. -Honza - dan and I went to another Floyd tribute gig in Scotland - was good but the czechs did it better!

25.10.04 23:43

for Will : I went to see your page. I work in the art industry so I wanted to see what graphics there were..Unfortunately I'm not sure I found the right stuff. Only that you're 21 and listen to Floyd etc. The photos are your work? - one-time Ujezd guest

26.10.04 13:14

for Bara : I bet Jimi didnt have a clue what you were talking about. Tabhairfaidh, ach nil an aimsir ro dhona inniu. Feicfidh me thu, Paul.

26.10.04 14:59

for All : Check out the new moving picture on the last page. It really looks like Nick and Milos are pulling themselves off. TOM.

26.10.04 23:07

for Mysterious musician : Hi.I'm just curious to know if the guy who played a djembe at the 12th of Sept 2004, quite late in the evening, in the breakfast room of Ujezd, recognizes himself here.He wore a white shirt.I just wanted to say that we DID notice your and your friends' absinth-fuelled ramblings in the dorm later that night.Take care and also drink with care!

27.10.04 21:21

for one time ujezd guest : why are you anonymous? i take it i never met you then? sorry if you didnt find what you were looking for- just some pics i took thats all..

28.10.04 15:27

for tom : hey tom your right about the moving picture..never noticed untill you pointed it i cant stop laughing....looks like paul and lise are gonna get a good facefull of rice pudding from both directions...MILOS

28.10.04 15:35

for john & paul & jimi : dia duit a chuisle mo ghnath in Eireann bionn an aimsear neamhchinnteacht, ach ta comharthai na haimsire go maith le haghaidh amarach. ni ga cota mor baisti...gabh mo leith sceal. nil ach beagainin Gaeilge agam...Eireann abu!!! (an raibh sin i gceart agam?)...feicfidh me tu, bara

28.10.04 20:45

for bara : baro... ty tam na severu uz blbnes??? :-))

28.10.04 21:38

for the mysterious musician : Well, we did live under the same roof for a couple of days.However, I never talked to you, and you don't know me by name ;) What was your name?

28.10.04 21:40

for Will : sorry, that last one was meant for you.

28.10.04 21:43

for Will : Sorry, that message wasn't for you, I mistook your reply for someone else's.

29.10.04 11:00

for Milos : hehehe, an instance of yogurt-riffle quick-reloading ... boris

29.10.04 12:16

for ??? : kdo si to troufa me narknout z blbosti? podepis se, srabe!!! kata? hoho? no toto? bara

3.11.04 11:16

for Bara : Just read your note now. Bhí mé fhéin agus Tomás in Londain ar feadh cupla lá agus 's é seo an chéad seans go bhfuair mé bhur gcuid nótaí a léamh. Tá an ghaeilge agatsa ag dul i bhfeabhas agus i bhfeabhas agus cithimid an mbeidh sí fós agat sa Hostel an samhradh seo chugainn. Grá mór, John.

4.11.04 11:13

for all : as you might hve noticed this site was down for more than 3 days which is very typical for this site at this time of year 'onsa

4.11.04 16:51

for All in Praha : I am back for some serius pissdrinking tomorrow. ANYONE WANT TO JOIN? RUNE

4.11.04 17:40

for Rune : Hi Rune, I'd love to get drunk with you, but I'm leaving for entire week-end. See you next time. Sasa

4.11.04 17:42

for Bara : Baro, koukej si vykydat schranku na :-) Chtel jsem ti napsat a vynadalo mi to, ze "mail action aborted: user's mailbox is full". Sasa

5.11.04 13:52

for Rune : hei, hvordan har du det? jeg går til oslo 19.-20.(21)11. do you plan to be there? bara

6.11.04 16:41

for Milos : It appears that Nick is tugging at his as well in the moving picture. I look to be caught in the middle of a right explosion. Paul

8.11.04 11:05

for honza+paul+katka+bara : cau honza hope all ok with you...paul i never did get your mobile number,email etc maybe honza can pass them on to me...bara hope norway still ok not sure which mobile number your now using...katka how are you.where are many mobiles have you lost in last few months...cau milos

8.11.04 16:41

for Milos : Hi!!! My last number should still work, the thing is, I am almost always out of money, so can´t reply,but check your mail, I will write it there. Cau cau Katka

8.11.04 18:04

for Milos : hey milos, hope things are well with you. My email is Send me a mail and I will get back to you. By the way, are you planning a trip to Prague soon, or is that just the rumour mill at work? Paul

9.11.04 12:46

for katka : cau katka.have you changed your email address to something stating with kadette. because i have something with that in my inbox with an attachment so of course gonna delete it unless i know its from you...milos

9.11.04 17:04

for Milos : That is not mine, I still have the same one:-) You should have an e-mail now. Luv Katka

9.11.04 18:47

for Paul : Paul i sent you an address is sideusquiscontra@blahblah.... (just incase it might have gone to your junk..take care, Will

14.11.04 12:48

for Milos : Hi Milos, i sent you an email where i asked for your phone number(state-line) to Denmark. I don't know whether you got it or not since my mail has been very naughty since last week. I set up my account on so i can call all around the world for really cheap (about 0.5 CZK/min to Denmark and most of Europe and even less to ..-/.../.-//). Boris the internet phone maniac.

15.11.04 12:01

for Everyone : Just added a review of Nice in the Places to go section. John.

15.11.04 18:34

for John : Good job John, thanks. 'o

16.11.04 17:49

for Honza : Hi Honza !!! Hope everything are good for you !!!! Haven't found the James Deans pix on the site......will send them to you again......But message was more....YOU DO A GOOD JOB MAN !!!! Keep going !!!! Nelson

16.11.04 18:19

for Tom : What's the name of the hostels in Florence & Bled.J.

16.11.04 18:20

for Anyone : New review of Bled, Slovenia in the places to go section. John.

17.11.04 10:23

for all : I thing it was Milos who suggested putting a little countdown on the main page to see how many days are to go yet before we can gather around the bar again. I has been finally added. 'onsa

17.11.04 10:24

for John : nice job again John thanks for your contributing ...

18.11.04 13:42

for Bara : No teda, ja ti taky nemuzu poslat maila. Furt se mi to vraci zpatky. Napis ty a fakt si vysypej nejaky maily, protoze ja ti potrebuju rict neco siiiiilene dulezityho a hlavne zajimavyho!!! :-)Katuse

19.11.04 09:13

for katka : ahoj kocko,tedka sem v oslu. behem 5 dnu sem dala sever a oslo, zejtra jedu zpatky do bergenu. mam to nejak zasrany, mzslim schranku a nemuzu se toho zbavit. hnedka v pondeli se na to vrhnu, tak mi napis aspon sms, umiram zvedavosti. mej se, pa,bara

19.11.04 09:19

for milos : ahoj milos, i use the norwefian card, sometimes i change for bthe czech one, but not very often...thats why i usually answer later. right now im in oslo. came today from trondheim. spent there 2 days. nice but fucking freezing. why am i still suprised...its norway :) next 10 days ill be all alone in my flat and have nothing to do youi might call me...finally :) have problem with my email box. ill try to do something about that but now its not worth emailing me. back in bergen tomorrow night. txt you then. lots lots lots lots of love, bara

19.11.04 09:23

for rune : ahoj rune,im in oslo today and tomorrow. if youre somewhere around and i guess youre not because its cold here - very very minus, please txt me 95 91 48 93 - my norwegian number. leaving at 4pm tomorrow. would be nice to see you. if not txt day...maybe...? ha det bra! bara

19.11.04 09:27

for anyone... : for anyone who try to email me. my email box is KO. have to do something but first have to figure out what to do :) now im on my way cross the norway. immidiately when im back i start. "well begun is half done..." talk to you all soon, bara

19.11.04 09:30

for hoho : ahoj brouku...bara

19.11.04 10:35

for honza : honzi, zapomnela sem si v bergenu adresu na dennise, pamatujes na nej ? jak se tam v hostelu vykalik s runem. chci mu napsat a nemam jak. posli mi na nej nejakej kontakt. urcite neco mas. papa,b.

19.11.04 10:37

for rune : rune, you might have any contact to dennis. please txt me his norwegian number on the number below. thanks, bara... wnat to meet him but forgot all contacts in bergen. as soon as possible !!! bara

19.11.04 10:40

for dennis or jens : for the case you read this. im in oslo till tomorrow afternoon. wanted to meet you but forgot everything about phone numbers and emails in bergen. my phone number is - actually - above :) bara

19.11.04 10:44

for everybody who... : don`t know im in OSLO yet. im in oslo !!! now you all know. isn`t it fantastic? bara :)

19.11.04 10:46

for everybody : correcting myself....everybody who doesnt that ok? b.

19.11.04 16:26

for bara : so bara when you gonna be in oslo...milos (ha ha)

19.11.04 16:31

for Legendski : To Le Fop [A.K.A. LEGEND], in response to your texts, I won't be coming to Brum with you lads. As you may now be aware, I can't text you back or email. this is 'cause I had my account hacked by some proper mofolio and have no cash. Knowing that you occasionally read here, my foppish friend, here is the answer to your Question. Take it easy til next time we meet. It won't be pretty. Milky xxx P.S. Honza, the efforts to get you a commando cap are going well according to Dan. Keep your fingers crossed and we could deliver. Take Care!

19.11.04 17:52

for milos : im in oslo righ now, milos. tomorrow back in bergen...on sunday im expecting your call. talk to you soon, bara :)

20.11.04 09:33

for Bara : Cau mrsko, predevsim tahle nastenka je pro vsechny, cimz padem si sem sice taky muzes psat, kdyz to bude urgentni, ale zase nebud Alexandr Dyma starsi. Rune je v Rakousku a bude tam az do odletu do Thaiska, coz ho podle me dost vyrazuje ze hry - ja bych ti bejval poslal jeho cislo ale nemam kredit, zato mam zablokovanej telefoni seznam. Nemas schranku na Tam maj jemne vychytanej system, ze kdyz mas plnou schranku tak nejde vysypat pres web. hoho
PS: pracuju na novym systemu, kdy vsechny mejly budou k dispozici tady a bude se moct odsud i psat, ale davam si tak 14 dni, maximalne 15.

20.11.04 09:38

for Legends member : Hi, it's stimulating news about my new cap, my ears are freezing ... 'onsa

20.11.04 12:17

for all : Nelson has sent a few brilliant pictures showing Ian completely devastated on James Dean. A stand-alone "international James Dean project" section to be added soon ...

20.11.04 19:02

for honza : really enjoyed our little chat tonight...look forward to talking to you again later in the week...MILOS

22.11.04 14:41

for Bara : Hello, it's tomski here. Can't get through to your e mail. just to say our basic dates are the 5th to the 10th of January. Is this ok with you? We need to book soon so that it is cheap. Hope you are well. Let us know soon. TOMSKI xxx

24.11.04 13:22

for 'Onsa : Once upon a time you dressed so fine You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you? People'd call, say, "Beware doll, you're bound to fall" You thought they were all kiddin' you You used to laugh about Everybody that was hangin' out Now you don't talk so loud Now you don't seem so proud About having to be scrounging for your next meal. How does it feel How does it feel To be without a home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone? You've gone to the finest school all right, Miss Lonely But you know you only used to get juiced in it And nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street And now you find out you're gonna have to get used to it You said you'd never compromise With the mystery tramp, but now you realize He's not selling any alibis As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes And ask him do you want to make a deal? How does it feel How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone? You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns When they all come down and did tricks for you You never understood that it ain't no good You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you You used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat Ain't it hard when you discover that He really wasn't where it's at After he took from you everything he could steal. How does it feel How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone? Princess on the steeple and all the pretty people They're drinkin', thinkin' that they got it made Exchanging all kinds of precious gifts and things But you'd better lift your diamond ring, you'd better pawn it babe You used to be so amused At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used Go to him now, he calls you, you can't refuse When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal. How does it feel How does it feel To be on your own With no direction home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone?

24.11.04 20:17

for honza : ahoj honza, check your hoho email.. ;)

25.11.04 10:20

for unknown lyric provider : so now all ujezd people can put on bob dylan cd and singalong to is after all is said the best tune ever played on a nice drunken hot ujezd night...milos

26.11.04 18:48

for tomski : hi! i am nut sure about 5. but 6.-10. it´s ok. book your flight. see you soon. bara

28.11.04 12:44

for Babs : Have booked, if 5th is bad we'll crash somewhere and see you 6th. Looking forward to it!!

                                      ... the change in the order happened ...
31.12.04 17:40 for one and all : have a great new year and try not to remeber to much :o) steo
31.12.04 17:30 all : a new picture from Boris has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
31.12.04 14:07 for Anyone : As we anticipate another rubbish new years eve, remember, it's never as good as you think it's going to be! See some of you next week. Ski Group
31.12.04 12:46 all : a new picture from vojta has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
30.12.04 23:23 for ALL (esp. honza) : once again (in a better mode): happy new year --/---/-/...././.-./..-./..-/-.-./-.-/./.-./... !! :-)) vojta
30.12.04 23:20 all : a new picture from Honza has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
30.12.04 23:14 for ALL : happy new year motherf*ckers!! :-)) vojta
30.12.04 23:02 all : a new picture from 'onsa has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
30.12.04 22:20 for all : The NEW GALLERIES are finally up. You can send your own pictures right into from the main page. Feel free to submit anything you like if it somehow concern you, your friends or the hostel. You can also put your comments on any picture submited. have a fun, cau cau 'onsa
30.12.04 21:48 for the author of the message i removed : no swear words here 'onsa
30.12.04 21:40 for Steo : I gave him a ring this morning he is ok messing around on the other coastline - as you noticed, cya 'onsa
30.12.04 16:30 for for all the gang : hope u are all having a great christmas and partying hard, have aweful pain in the heart at the moment which can't be good, ahwell abit of goodday mate Fosters should make it all better, its fucking freezing here in dublin, any news on rune? well he should be fine if he's on Ko Phangan as wouldn't of been affected at all by the tsunami, cya ya all soon, Steo
28.12.04 15:18 for Daniel aka fake Harry : Hi Daniel, your alliteration is blasting - you are real Keith Moon of a pen. By the way isn't it you who who pretends he is our hairy permanently discontented companion? I smell a rat you old fabler :))) Happy new year and see you in the summer. Au revoir as we - whos French is the second mothertongue are - say, 'onsa
28.12.04 12:32 for Honza : Happy new year and see you all in the summertime, 'cause now tis a bit cold for me, I'll stay southernly in the sun!!!( nice alliteration, isn't it ?). Daniel od Paris, THE place to be !!!
28.12.04 12:28 for Ujezd staff : St'astny novy rok a brzo nashle...Daniel iz Paris...
28.12.04 09:39 for fake 'A : which doesn't mean you can't be a good bloke though ...
28.12.04 09:34 for fake 'arry : no way mate you are as francophone as i am :))))))))) 'onsaaa musik
28.12.04 09:26 for honza : That's wrong ! I'm the real french Harry Potter !
28.12.04 09:11 for for All : Ciao Katka, ciaa Bara, Misha, Paul everybody.....Happy Xmas, NEw Year, new life, new love. All my best for you all. Ciao ALe
28.12.04 09:09 for for Honza : Ciao Honza Happy Birthday (little bit in late) happy Xmas, and happy new Year ! I've seen the tragedy for the tsunami, just read your last mail, so Rune should be ok? When you have news can you write them on line? Just to know ! All my best for all Ciao ALe
27.12.04 22:33 for fake Harry : Rune is in Thailand, on the island which wasn't reputedly impacted by tsunami. Actually i wander if he would even register any changes in high tide being in a pub all the time ... 'onsa
27.12.04 22:03 for Honza : Sorry, it was my birthday yesterday, and a little drinking was done. hehe. Well quite a lot in fact. No, Im flying out tomorrow. Ill give you a text tomorrow evening. Paul
27.12.04 14:52 for all : or Harry Potter if you prefer....
27.12.04 14:51 for all : Happy christmas and happy new year for all. Hey, is Rune in Thailand as usually? Cau cau! Jeremie.
26.12.04 23:01 for Paul : Hey Paul, are you gonna come over tomorrow? Honza
25.12.04 16:09 for Honza : So far Christmas has been great this year, but, I was bitterly dissapointed not to find a reindeer sweater under the tree this morning! I had built up so much expectation! Ah well there is always next year. Paul
25.12.04 15:58 for all : Happy Christmas to everyone! Wow, Santa still comes to my house. I thought that I didnt deserve anything this year! For all those in Prague, or going to be in Prague, see you in a few days. Paul
24.12.04 19:46 for all : HAVE A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY.WARM WISHES Jenny
24.12.04 12:25 for all people I know and they know me : Happy Christmas. Bara :))
24.12.04 11:00 for Daniel : Daniel, how about your visit of Prague? drug onza
24.12.04 10:55 for Conrad : Conrad, please arrange a bit of snowing for Christmass, i mean rain and clouds are quite pleasant as well but snow is somehow more christmasish, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
24.12.04 10:52 for Eoin : Hi Eoin, haven't heared from you a while. I am plotting a little trip to Asisa and will be intesively thinking about Dublin after i got back here. Thanks for asking mate. Honza
24.12.04 10:48 for ALL : I wish you Happy Christmas and a lot of socks and pants under the Christmas Tree and even a thick sweater with picture of a rain-deer for you lucky guys and girls :))).
I hope i release the new gallery soon so gather your pictures from Chrismas days to launch them up later this week. 'onsa
23.12.04 15:13 for Every1 : š?astný vánoce! happy christmas all you ujezdites - 'onsa when are you coming to Dublin? Eoin
23.12.04 00:55 for john : Nollaig shona! bara
23.12.04 00:54 for milos : ahoj milos, happy christmas to you and your girls :) enjoy few days off and see you soon, bara
22.12.04 13:12 for all : happy xmas and all that stuff..honza i just emailed you.looking forward to seeing all the crew etc on january 3rd ...MILOS
21.12.04 23:09 for Maca : Cau Maaaco, pisi tyto radky a je mi maximalne megablbe. Vychlastal sem snad od vseho kousek. Ach jo. No nic, jak je? Jak se dari? Honza
21.12.04 21:45 for Hohoers : "Ho Ho" ho ho! Do you get it, huh? John
21.12.04 20:33 for pro ty co si vyrobili masku : Hi-hi! z londona. zdravim vsechny co prezili vcerejsi pobesedovani, predavky daru, davky alkoholu a nadavky ktere prisly pote :o) maca
20.12.04 12:25 for Bara : je, bohuzel. a vymluvy se neberou pac je jich par a vsechny uz sou stary. me to taky nebavi a doba si to zada.
19.12.04 18:15 for hoho : je ten prevlecek neybztne nutnej? a sem doma, hec!
19.12.04 17:41 for Rory : Hi, that would be great see you here in easter it is nice time to come to Prague. Happy christmas to you too:-))) Katka
17.12.04 09:44 for for roy : heey whats up little man! sounds like fun filming a skate viedo in praha. can't wait for this summer(have some goood times) seee you there....jenny oxx
17.12.04 09:39 for Rory : Hi Rory, come back of course and .... and i really think you'd better abstain from sliding on railings and jumping over kerbstones otherwise we will have to send our good uncle Milos to prescribe another calming shot of milk :))). cau cau 'onsa
17.12.04 01:12 for bara, katka, paul, honza, uncle milos, nick, ozzy max, josh n james jenny and all who were out this summer (sorry if i missed anyone!) : It has been a long time since I was at the hostel, despite that, I still miss it and all of the friendly people I met! I might be coming out in easter, on a filming mission for skateboarding video, but also, i will 100% come in the summer for a long time! I hope you all enjoy christmas and the new year, looking forward to seeing you all Rory xxx
15.12.04 21:55 for Bara : no hele dyby to bylo jenom pro smetanku tak bych to nedaval sem ne? Nicmene kdyby se vam tam nekdo nelibil, tak ho pobliju. Slibuju. Honza
15.12.04 15:52 for Tommosina : Well if you need a plan to consume vast quantities of alcohol and commit air rage, come stay at mine the night before we leave. My Gran is a nutter so will have brought over gallons of some spirit or the other for Xmas so we can have that before we leave to keep us warm! Milky.
15.12.04 15:19 for bara-ski...ova...avich : we're landing about 11:15 in the morning on the 5th, but we'll be drunk so be careful.
15.12.04 15:18 for hoho : jupii, to znamena, ze ja tam budu taky!!! tak to se teste. ta maska je nezbytne nutna.... ted me napada, je to pro vsechny zamestnance nebo jen vedeni a zastupce vedeni a tak? ja jen aby bylo jasno. to je fuk. 19.12. sem doma, tak nejak zavolam. ou jeeeeeeeee, bara
15.12.04 15:14 for Duncanski : Stop pretending to be be, you can't pull it off. Vaswillspank-ya
15.12.04 09:31 for all the crew : Hello, evzerybody, this is me coming down to Prague in the next few days! Hide your girlfriends!!! Daniel from Paris.
14.12.04 21:06 for for katka : when are u coming to dublin .. steo
14.12.04 21:03 for Marketa and honza : great to hear ur finally finished course bet ur not sorry, i've just finished doing accountancy exams today which were nightmare ah well there's alway next june to repeat them :) .. honza can u email me paul's email address to me, now i have to go and get shit faced ... steo dublin
14.12.04 11:59 for vsechny zamestnance hostelu : V pondeli 20.12. se kona besidka pro zamestnance hostelu v Dlouhe. Ma to ale svoje pravidla, ponevac tak to je: vstup v masce nebo spolecenskem odevu a s jednim zabalenym, neadresovanym darkem - probehne nahodne rozdavani. No a bude tam alkohol a jidlo a mlady Jelinek bude hrat na housle, teda asi, takze soire jak noha. Jasny? Deme? honza
13.12.04 12:22 for Alessandro : Ciao Ale! the crew
13.12.04 12:21 for Milos : hi Milos hows things, i'll try to call you today. I haven't seen your ..-./..-/-.-./-.-/../-./--.// camera, that little bastard plays hide and seek quite well. Boris
12.12.04 20:27 for Milos : Show us yer f---ing budgie!! Talk to you soon, Paul
12.12.04 16:09 for Alessandro : Grazie, baci per te. Katka
12.12.04 13:57 for kacenka : hele kote, to si psala ty? jo, sem dobra, ja to vim. takze takhle. npapa, bara
12.12.04 11:09 for honza.bara.katka.paul.sasha.misha. etc : cau to all...looking forward to seeing you all in praha...i arrive on 3rd of flight from quite close to york...milos PS HAS ANYONE SEEN ME FU----G CAMERA
11.12.04 22:16 for Honza : Do you remember me talking about the cd by the Flaming Lips. It is a 4 cd set. One cd with the vocals, one cd with the percussion, one cd with the guitars, and one with effects. You have to play all 4 at the same time. On 4 seperate cd players. It is great. Paul ps cant wait for those photos!! Talk to you soon
11.12.04 21:16 for Honza : Ciao Honza ! Ciao Bara, Katka and all.... Baci Ale Ferrari
11.12.04 21:15 for Honza : Ciao Honza ! Ciao Bara, Katka and all.... Baci Ale Ferrari
11.12.04 10:10 for Paul : Hi Paul, sorry for not responding on your sms, i don't have any particular plans for Christmas so we can arrange something after you have arrived. By the way what iz ziz Zaireeka? As for the disgraceful pictures of Ian they're just so professionally taken and i will lounch them as soon as i have finished a new section where people will be enabled to send their own pictures right into the gallery. The system is still under the development though ... 'onsa
10.12.04 22:48 for Bara : Hi Bara, great to know that you'll be around for New Years. I'm heading over on the 28th for about 2 weeks. By the way, my email is in case your email is working again! Talk to you soon, Paul
10.12.04 16:45 for Bara : Glad its all sorted! As for legend. He hasn't got in touch with us since his birthday. Not a legend anymore. :(
10.12.04 15:18 for Bara : No, tak ja teda nechapu dve veci 1.Na ty hory se teda nejede? Ja uz zacala chodit do solarka, abych si pak nespalila plet:-) 2. Kde ses naucila takle anglesssky??? Ja cumim. 3. koukej zavolet, okamzite, jak prijedes, jinak jedu do Huhle a bude sekec mazec. Ty vis kdo:-)
10.12.04 00:42 for bara : starej se vo sebe ...
9.12.04 22:56 for hoho : cau fesaku...
9.12.04 22:56 for kacenka : hele kote, tak uz to chapes? blbouni prifrcej 5.6. a budou tu do 10. nebo tak nejak. asi jenom tom a duncan, tak uvidime a milos tu bude v tu samou dobu, tak bude prdel. papa, zejtra napisu delsiho mejla. papa, bara
9.12.04 22:54 for tomski and duncanski : what is wrong with legend. i havent heard from him for ages. noe everything is clear. see you the, bara
9.12.04 22:41 for will : sure i will, personal joke...are we talking about some christmas present? talk to you soon, bara
9.12.04 16:45 for Bara : Long time no speak. John.
9.12.04 16:31 for Bara : If thats still confusing, I'll send you an e mail. I'm even confusing myself now!! I blame Tom.
9.12.04 16:28 for Bara : Ok babs, here it is simple. Basically when I first e mailed you, Tom had said he wasn't coming. It was just me all on my lonesome. This is when i said don't worry about going to all the effort for just one person. Now Tom has decided he is coming after all. (!) Therefore we are coming to stay with you as first arranged! You better be ready for some heavy drinking! Duncanski
9.12.04 15:36 for all : I got such a great Jimmy Page T-shirt from Dan that i feel like all the time . 'onsa
9.12.04 11:56 for bara : ah well then.. - can you write me your home address in praha? maybe..i want to send something..! hope you are very well x will
9.12.04 10:58 for duncan : actually im flummoxed :) bara
9.12.04 10:58 for duncan : now i blame you both. im confused even more !!! bara
9.12.04 09:31 for will : cau its bara ... no :(
9.12.04 09:30 for hoho : hm...cislo se muze hodit
9.12.04 09:29 for tomski : tell me where you want to stay to have enough time to arrange everything necessary. unspecified bara
8.12.04 17:32 for všechny z Prahy : Petr Jelínek shání brigádníky na stánkovej prodej kalendáøù. Hlaste se volejte a takle. Jeho mobil je 603829383. Honza
8.12.04 15:38 for unspecified person : We get to the airport at about 11:15 a.m. on the 5th. Ignore Duncan's e mail by the way, I the gimp boy have decided I am coming now. I changed my mind! Tomski
7.12.04 22:41 for bara : cau its will....... did you get my email? :)
7.12.04 21:43 for milos : see you in few days . bara
7.12.04 21:41 for hoho : cau brouku,b.
7.12.04 21:41 for tomski : ahoj, you have to tell me what time about youre coming and i will pick you up. and then...ill find some place for you to stay in one of my places. dont worry. if you really wish to stay somewhere else, do what you want. im in prague on 5th but my mum has a birthday so im not quite sure whether i can go out in the evening, but we can talk about it later. thats about it. see you guys !!! bara
7.12.04 17:06 for baraski : we are coming over on the 5th...we have no idea what to do when we get Tomski
7.12.04 16:38 for hoho : i`ve tried doesn`t luv,b.
6.12.04 22:06 for bara : bribing might be the way ... 'onsa
6.12.04 18:14 for hoho : promin, jenom chci, aby to ve svete vypadalo,ze mam spousty kamaradu,b.
6.12.04 18:12 for bara : fine then, i`ll bring you some christmas presents. loads of them. Santa
6.12.04 18:11 for anyone who is interested enough : hey! hope you exist! i`m coming back home in less than two weeks! bara
2.12.04 12:05 for unspecified person : hello!hello... misses, kisses... meric ps:i lost marta`s e-mail and dont have the address anymore, can anyone send me please...
2.12.04 10:47 for Honza : Well done on the new format!!
1.12.04 11:47 for Honza + Marketa : Honza I always said you had a way with words. Eloquently put. Well done Marketa!
1.12.04 08:41 for all to know : Marketa with big boobs has finally graduated from her College. 'onsa
30.11.04 04:52 for for all : hi everyone,warm wishes to all.jenny(L.A. girl)

29.11.04 01:05

for me : just to be sure

28.11.04 23:30


28.11.04 23:19

for unspecified person : oh it works IT WORKS YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!
28.11.04 23:17 for all : test