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7.05.05 11:42for Daniel od Parizi : aha, ok, ja myslel ze si od Drazdany ... :)))
7.05.05 11:36for honza : To bylo Daniel od Parizi...
7.05.05 11:35for Honza : Ne xt time, I'll take a look at the picture on which I DO NOT APPEAR !!!
6.05.05 18:12for all : ... which reminds me of a new version of this messageboard that is to appear sooooon and apart from being fancier and trendier and stuff, there will be also a special box for signature which wount let you send the text without the name of its author. MrX
6.05.05 17:13for easy paul : paulalul.... i nay dead but got exams a plenty though will be out around 25th june i think if not earlier i have to go to my uncle's wedding in scotland (typically when i have just left for holidays.) inconsiderate man. see you in a bit though! hope all will be around, around then!!
6.05.05 15:01for Bara/Katka : I'm sure Katka would appreciate a copy of that cd, I think it was song two she love so well. Irish Jan.
6.05.05 14:59for Frank : Football doesn't make the world go around, money does. So get over the rule and go talk about football on the toilet door. Irish Jan.
6.05.05 14:47for Daniel : Hi Daniel, we are going to start with loading on June 10, which means we 'll probably open on 12th. There is also a little countdown on the main hostel page (right above the silly tossing picture) showing how many days to go ... Jan
6.05.05 14:01for Will : Hey Will, you are alive! I think Dan is claiming otherwise at the moment. Mark, and a few of my mates are heading to Edinburgh for the Summer, they were trying to contact you! Will you be making an appearance Summertime? Talk to you, Paul
6.05.05 13:44for Daniel : Hi Daniel, we are going to start with loading on June 10, which means we 'll probably open on 12th. There is also a little countdown on the main hostel page (right above the silly tossing picture) showing how many days to go ... Jan
6.05.05 11:04for Jan : Alors, tu l'ouvres quand ton bouge? TRANSLATION: So, when will U reopen your charming, colourful and cheap city cottage? Daniel.
6.05.05 08:19for Will : Hehehe, a plenty. 'onsa
6.05.05 02:11for managa : hey honsa! any new drinks on the bar list for the summer? any new songs on the ban list?! will
5.05.05 23:55for all : If you don't know seems that we can't talk about fooball here! And correctly we can't use bad words ! Correct? Frank
5.05.05 17:19for the same one : i can't be bothered as far as you don't swear here. 'onsa
5.05.05 15:04for Toilet wall guy : What are you talking about, wierdo? J.
5.05.05 14:49for EVERYBODY : I kindly invite EVERYBODY to read my message about football on the TOILET WALL !! You know, here is a "private" place, it's forbidden talk about football, maybe because who care about this nice site don't care about it... and threatens to bann me !!
4.05.05 13:47for Paul : All right, Marian has just nodded as well and Bara too. Hope you're getting on well with your exams and stuff, hehehe. I am going to see Mark Knopfler tomorrow. I hope he calls Elvis ...'onsa
4.05.05 13:16for Honza : Sure, I plan to be in Prague from the 1st June. I am getting pushed by authorities to get flights booked as well! I will probably be around for the loading as well. But, I will definitely be there from the start. Paul
4.05.05 13:14for all : since today there will be a small segment of the last message on the main hostel page, under the link to here. 'onsa
4.05.05 11:31for Paul : Hi Paul, may i count on you from the very start (the first reception 12.6. ish)? Need to know it asap since authorities are pushing hard ... 'onsa
30.04.05 20:05for Bara : Maybe late July, if not then, certainly sometime over the 3 months. Plans are up in the air still. John. P.s. Hope you enjoy the cd!!
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29.04.05 17:35for Milos : Hi mate, thank you for recording the scary Daleks for me. Is Davros still active or he has been retired? Anyway i hope you are doing well and can't wait for summer madness. I will try to call you one of these days. cau cau Boris
29.04.05 13:23for john : ahoj. thank you. i got the cd couple days ago. summer is coming...when do you plan to spend some wonderfull time with us? bara
29.04.05 13:03for honza : cau my friend...saturday is the return of the daleks to dr who....will make recording and bring in the summer if you wish cau milos
28.04.05 17:44for those football fans : Well, i erased that rubbish. That keeps me busssy the way i hate. Stop swearing here and stop swearing & saying sorry for swearing. Stop talking football here it brings only insults and nonsenses - go to the Toilet wall instead, that's the place for calling names and lauding your teams. I hope we are finally on clear terms. I am really tempted to bann your IPs (red card) and i'll do it next time. And spare me of any reaction on this message. Honza.
27.04.05 16:43for Bara : Did you get the cd I sent you last week?
24.04.05 17:27for Bob : Hey Bob (i hope i am talking to the Almighty Bob, Duke of Ko Panghan), i am back to Prague. When you gonna make it here? The things about the apartment are still unclear, but there is a certain chance to get it later in the summer ... 'onsa
24.04.05 10:21for those who are gonna pay us a visit again : we'll start loading already on June 10, which means the hostel might be opened on June 12-13. 'onsa
22.04.05 11:50for zzzz : cau, uz sem tu, ted sem 2 dny dlel celej sklicenej domovem. hoho
21.04.05 19:13for BOB : I'll be living in Denmark from August until May, 2006. I would be glad if you would take me under your wing as I see you as the perfect role model/father figure. Another of the Irishmen who enjoyed your company in summer 2004.
21.04.05 13:50for Bob : Is this the real Bob, The BOB. If so where have you been? Will you be in the hostel this summer. From one of the Irishmen.
21.04.05 13:20for duncan : money is not problem for me, you know what i mean :)) bara
20.04.05 22:42for Bara : Tsk Tsk Tsk. Bara that is just disgraceful. I think they will have some seats for a while. Trouble is it will get more expensive for you the longer you wait. I'll text you tomorrow or something to see what be gwanin'.
20.04.05 15:57for jan Horrrrri : When are you back in Praha? I`ll be there in a few weeks time. BOB
20.04.05 09:06for ALL : Welcome to the new POPE !! Benedetto XVI° ! Say pray for him and for the Peace in the world !
19.04.05 17:43for hoho : tak ses tu? zzzz
18.04.05 22:54for hoho : vitej,b.
18.04.05 21:04for honza : tak delej, delej, at tam nezatuhnes na veky :-))) vojta
18.04.05 13:10for all : za 10 hodin letim ... joj nechce se mi nechce ... H
17.04.05 19:11for Bara : Pøepošlu ti je, ale vìtšina je pico klidne zajdu, ale až tak za tejden, makam jak sroub. Pa K. :-)
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17.04.05 18:25for katka : ja ale mluvim o tech fotkach z hvezdy. ty mas jeste nejaky, o kterejch ja nejspis nemam nejmensi paru. ja mam ty od danskiho, ostatne sup tam s nima, alespon nebude pochyb. tak se zas nejak ozvi pres board a zajdem na pico. papa,b.
17.04.05 17:21for Dan + Babs : Nah blud. I'm retarded. Anywhooooo to Bara I have e mailed you Dan's and my own flight details for the summer. Its up to you now! Love Puke-eye
17.04.05 17:15for unspecified person : Ever get the feeling people are talking about you?? ;) DANSKI
17.04.05 12:52for Bara : Mam jenom ty od Duncana, tech je dost a tam teda vypadam hrozne :) pak ma jeste prej nejaky Dan, ze je posle....K.
16.04.05 19:31for katka : dostala si je taky od kluku ? je jich asi 6 a sou docela dobry, jako debil na nich vypadam jenom ja, tak bud v klidu. ale nebij se niceho, vyberu nejaky libovy ;) pa bara
16.04.05 19:30for duncan : i`ll do it immidiately when i get home ... if i get there ...another saturday working but you know what? it`s supposed to be the last week next know what i mean. afer that i`ll be just fucking rich (sorry honza i couldn`t help it, i know you don`t like these expressions here but you know...who cares :)) anyway back to our flying issue - i`ll let you know by sunday evening. ahoooj, bara
16.04.05 15:47for Bara : Check your inbox sometime soon. I got in touch with Dan today and we have sorted dates. I'm booking mine on Monday probably so if you want to come back with us get in touch so we can make it definite. Duncan
15.04.05 19:06for ALL (esp. honza) : everybody's waiting for u, honza :-))
15.04.05 09:31for Bara : Prosimte Baru, vybirej ty fotky peclive....... ehm ehm.... Katka
14.04.05 21:42for milos : ahoj :) bara is so hard working, milos. bara is tired to the death but she finishes soon, so will be better bara in staying in contact. ciao :)
14.04.05 16:25for honza, katka. bara. paul etc etc : hi hope you all fine..honza you must be looking forward to home but i guess the downside is saying a few goodbyes.bara has my new english mobile number so she will give it to you when you get back..see you all in a couple of months,,,MILOS
14.04.05 11:22for all : I'll be back in Prague on the next Tuesday ... :(((. 'onsa
13.04.05 23:10for Bara : Wha'eva. Anyway, Dan says he'll be in touch with me by the end of this week to sort out dates and things so I shall let you know our plans within the next two weeks so you can sort yours too.
13.04.05 13:24for ski : 2mor i will add dan`s photos on meesage board or whatever. cau, bara
12.04.05 09:12for all concerned : thanx for coming. see you all soon, bara
12.04.05 02:56for Clemmo : Clemmo you trump! Prague is 100 times better without your tainted presence. I have many a tale to tell you since you left. xxx
10.04.05 16:33for Paul, Katka, Bara and remaining ski group. : Hey all of you! Prague was great as usual, it's sad to be back.Paul, how are you mate? We met this old German/Scottish/Indian guy in Hostel Elf called 'Steve' who took a shine to Tom/Legend and kept bollocking us when he came back at night pissed as a skunk! Very amusing indeed. I shall see you this summer (with the hat or I will indeed burn you). Katka, send me your e-mail address! Bara, ahoj! Thanks for coming out to play ;) Remaining gay boys, get pissed for me! Ciao.
8.04.05 13:41for Filippo new casanova : New casanova or what but always a looser !!
8.04.05 11:09for Daniel : I always loved secret..... ;-) Filippo, new Italian Casanova.
7.04.05 18:49for Ski Group : Heres a joke that might cheer Legend up: Whats the best thing about thirty seven year olds? Theres 30 of them! Haha. But 60 must have been really hard work!
7.04.05 13:46for Paul : We look forward to it (to be sure, to be sure)! Bring the hat or we burn you (says Dan). Legend had a 65 year old last night. Wrong, just plain wrong. From the ski group xxx
6.04.05 13:54for ski group : Enjoy your stay in Praha (for those of you who make it over there). I'm waiting with anticipation for the summer (and with my summer hat). See you in the summer, Paul
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5.04.05 14:19all : a new picture from Ale has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
5.04.05 14:18all : a new picture from Ale has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
5.04.05 14:15for The Ujezd Checker or who wrote the last: : "long live" or "LONG LIFE" ? Anyway Long life to UJEZD HOSTEL and his staff
5.04.05 12:39for Ferrari : Long Live The Ujezd Checker
4.04.05 21:18for ski-group members who are coming 2mor : text me when you´re in prague, bara
4.04.05 14:53for Honza : You probably already know this but... if you check out the Bluesbreakers album 'A Hard Road' it has some really good stuff from Peter Green.
4.04.05 14:49for The Mayor of Prague : Lock up your daughters; Clemmo and the Legend will be in the vicinity from tomorrow morning onwards! Every Prague brothel has closed for a week in fear of what may happen. Personally I am disgusted.
1.04.05 10:28for KATKA : Cau-cau,Your personnal email seems to have problems again, 'cause I tried and the message was declined by the post master,writing bla-bla-bla...Co se deje? Rikej me prosim te u my personnal email...Salut, Daniel.
30.03.05 17:19for Tom Williams (a.k.a. Winkie/Lloyd) : Tom I love you, I want your baaaaaaaaaabbbbies!!!!!!! Gash molash!
30.03.05 15:16for 'Onsa : Sorry for what happend with this "checker". I really quit here right now, your right mate. Bye bye .........
30.03.05 15:12for you, LOSER Checker : Don't use nasty word, you're writing to a gentlemam ! Anyway see you then this summer, if you'll still able to come to Ujezd with your legs!
30.03.05 11:02for Bara : From John
30.03.05 11:02for Bara : Sorry I didn't reply to your message last friday. The show wasn't live cos of Good Friday and I was at a party at the time. Listen this friday though and I'll play a request. Are you back in Prague now or where are you?
30.03.05 09:18for Loser : Just get it up your a...Checker.
29.03.05 15:37for the one below and the other one : Guys stop rowing here. Do NOT use any nasty words neither those filled with ***, stop talking fotball here or move it to the toilet wall which is the perfect place for information about score and who is the best. Do not respond to this message as well, just stop. 'onsa
29.03.05 13:38for Ujezd's checker : I don't remember who U are and I don't care at all about what U say. I just wondering why U have to say that bulls*it. Probably u're just envious about my successful with all the girls you desired! Ciao LOSER !
27.03.05 18:05for Milos : How was the first of the new series of Dr. Who? I managed to absently miss it yesterday evening. Daleks that can fly? Is it really true
27.03.05 08:32for Milos : Cau Milos, we say hello from Thailand. It is pissing with rain. Feels like in England hehehe. Honza and Jenny
25.03.05 10:45for katka. bara. : hi...bara hope your feeling in a better mood than in thursdays text...katka bara has my new mobile number and iam expecting text message from you sometime before christmas 2006..ok maybe not as soon as that..cau cau milos
25.03.05 10:41for honza=jenny : cau..hope your having a good time...boris new series of dr who starts this week in england..milos will of course make a recording for you..MILOS
25.03.05 08:59for Ferrari : Buona Pasqua anche per te old lonely milanese!!!Try to avoid too many X films, it is bad 4 your health;U've already been told.Ujezd's checker... : )
24.03.05 17:57for Ujezd's friends : Happy Eastern to You all, have a nice holiday of fun, love and relax! And a huge meal if you're Italian ! A big hug, ciao Ale ;-)
22.03.05 08:46for Honza and Jenny. : This was old crazy parisian Daniel...
22.03.05 08:45for Jenny and Honza : Do not forget vto be back on time for july you naughty fellas!!!
22.03.05 08:43for Bara : What do I learn ?Would it be possible another Dan on earth but me???Tell me more!!!
21.03.05 11:40for Steven d'Anvers : Comment vas-tu ?J'espère que tout se passe bien pour toi bien qu'Anvers ne soit pas le genre de ville particulièrement rigolote !Donne de tes nouvelles 2 temps zan temps kan même...Daniel.
18.03.05 14:29for Bara : Dan saving the universe? I think not. London is sunny for the first time in about 10 years!! Sadly, I'm stuck indoors writing up another thrilling essay. It's tough being a boy genius. As for Tom... not even 50p to his name, Small Tom...??, Dan... saw him a couple of weeks ago for a few beers and Norway proved he can't ski! How the devil are you?
17.03.05 14:37for all / vesechny : we are in Laos now and it's fun. Honza and Jenny. kurnik neco sem sned co sem nemel a je mi nak divne. prahnu po rohliku se syrem.
17.03.05 14:33for vsechny /all : we are in Laos now and it's fun. Honza and Jenny. kurnik neco sem sned co sem nemel a je mi nak divne. prahnu po rohliku se syrem.
17.03.05 14:25for Ale : Ale thanks for the invitation but i am in Thailand at the date, so have a few on me. ciao Honza
17.03.05 11:34for Gach duine : Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Phádraig chugaibh ar fad. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Eoin
16.03.05 21:26for ski-group : ahoj to everyone, whats new in mysterious england? havent heard from you for a while. guess dan rescues the universe from enemies, small tomski is lost somewhere in york but... what about you my staunch londoners? bara
16.03.05 21:20for kacenka : ahoj kocko, dneska sem se ti snazila dovolat, ale nejak se mi nezadarilo. nebyla sem pravda moc prekvapena, ale strasne rada bych nekam vyrazila si poradne zlejt drzky :)) sem proste damicka, to se pozna. mej se, papa, jestli nemam kredit, tak napis alespon na board. papa, bara
16.03.05 11:20for Daniel : I'm Filippo........cameleone universale!! ;-)
16.03.05 09:03for Filippo : Scusa, l'amico, ma non sei supposto di leggere i miei messagini quando son' destinati a un'altra personna di te !!!!!!
15.03.05 10:20for Daniel : Hi Daniel! here is Filippo!!do you speak french?
15.03.05 10:20for katka : Hi Katka! here is Filippo!!do you speak french?
15.03.05 09:24for Katka : Salut, ma belle! De retour à Paris, au travail, je ne peux m'empêcher de rêver à toi et à Prague !!!Miss U wild ! Daniel.
15.03.05 09:21for Bara : Ahoj, milacko!!!Doufam ze vsevhno je dobre pro tebe even though I am away for a while.Tady, vParizi pracuju jak' blasen'for peanuts as usual!!!Hope I'll have enough dough to visit you again for spring holidays, even though my f... banker is already ready ( nice alliteration ! )to bug me as she usually does! In the meantime, I may send Chuchle some extremely beautiful views of the most exquisite city in the world, mostly in spring, just before the herds of f... tourists invade us . Bisous. Daniel.
12.03.05 22:24for Ale : thank you for your invitation, i´ll talk to others and then let you know. ciao bara
10.03.05 23:08for daniel : ahoj, thank you for the card i was very surprised but in a nice way, of course. see you soon, bara
10.03.05 17:20for Ujezd staff : : April 12th I'll be 30! Yep 30years old, so on Saturday 16 I'm organizing a crazy party where I live, Milan, lovely Italy. Katka, Bara, Honza, Rune, Paul, Daniel....if you want to come you're more than welcome, I'll arrange some accommodation for everybody let me know in time to my private email address: Ciao Ale
9.03.05 14:11for Unknown : Sorry ??? What??? I don't understand, can you repeat please!
8.03.05 14:00for Mialno Fano : Tonight You will Loose! Hard Luck.
5.03.05 11:11for Katka : Samoreme c'est vrai que je reviendrai en avril si Dieu me prête vie et si ma banquière ne m'a pas envoyé dans les geôles froides et humides des prisons parisiennes. Love atd...Daniel de Paris.
4.03.05 15:10for Daniel : ce vrai? Commimg back in april?
4.03.05 10:39for Bara. : Still no answer from U !!!Jeste jses zivotna anebo co ?Bisous .Daniel cameleon parisien!
4.03.05 10:37for Katka. : Well, love, it seems that either U or I am not quite lucky, because, this bloody machine keeps on pretending " logicial mistake " each time I write U some " PROPER " email on your personnal one !!!Co delat' ?De toutes façons, 100000000000000 bisous pour toi, juste le temps de les finir avant mon retour glorieux à Prague en avril, doufàm .Daniel 2 Paris !
3.03.05 21:16for Bara : Ted furt sprtam. Ozvu se pristi tejden :-* K.(To mi taky uz prijdou prachy-juchuchuuuuu!!! )
3.03.05 14:03for Football fan : they are like highlanders, they'll never die! And anyway we will buy the best, new, to go on, Nesta is still young! Ciao
3.03.05 11:05for all : We are in Chiang Mai again and be soon off to Laos. Frenchman, stop using triple exclamation marks it is supposed to be abusive in the outer world :)) 'onsa
3.03.05 11:01for Bara : tenle system nepodporuje usinani na klavesnici. ho
3.03.05 10:48for Katka : Well, love, I tried again today, on your personnal mail, it still do not work !!!Anyway, the long mail I tried to send to you and which was really a piece of art, is now destroyed and gone for...ever?Love, kisses, atd...for you and Verca.Daniel de Paris.
2.03.05 23:40for hoho : sem ti to nejak rozhasila, co? jeste ze te tam neslysim nadavat. hahahahaha
2.03.05 23:39for katka : ahoj kote, co furt hovno delas?b. zavolej a nebo aspon nak dej vedet az budes na prijmu a ja cinknu. papapaa
2.03.05 15:17for Daniel : Maybe it was full, ted uz by to melo fungovat. Tak pa Katka
2.03.05 14:10for Milan Fan : What will AC do when their whole defense dies of old age?
2.03.05 10:47for Katka : Proc me zeptas? Protoze to stroj me rika ze ten cislo neesistuje !Damn thing!Hope you're well and still waiting for your splendid and royal, maybe imperial arrival in Paris!!!As far as I can remember, 'cause I slept, the return of the native! was ok!
1.03.05 20:04for Daniel : Yes, as far as I know it should still work, why? By the way how was the way back?
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1.03.05 20:03all : a new picture from steo has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
1.03.05 20:02all : a new picture from steo has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
1.03.05 17:17for Katka : I think Daniel might, just might, have a thing for you. Although you probably know from the oul stalker messages
1.03.05 11:08for katka : It was Daniel by the way...
1.03.05 11:08for katka : Is your email under your name still working or what?
1.03.05 09:34for for the last : How many italian matches did yu see? Do you prefer Liga, where my grandfather 84y.o could be able to score as well? Or Premier League where the word "technic" and show is arrived just with "Magic Box Zola"? For sure watching P.League you can see many goal, you have such a so great goalkeepers!!! Anyway peace and love, if you don't like Italian football you can alwasy read gossip about Beckham's family and Ronaldo!!
28.02.05 18:10for He who loves football toooooo much : Relax. Italian teams are too defensive and boring to watch!
28.02.05 09:14for who love football : Derby of Milan: Inter FC - Milan AC 0-1 !! Kakà scores again !! Filippo shout up again!!! Love for everybody, but you know what I mean when I call them losers! Ciao
25.02.05 14:40for All : What the hell is up with Daniel? They were some pretty poetic and intense entries.
25.02.05 12:51for BARA : Cá bhfuil tu? Cén fadh nach bhfuil ag leabhairt a thuile? John. Seolfar email chugat go gairid.
25.02.05 12:11for for daniel : u should buy a home in praha ur there so must :o) keep the faith, steo
25.02.05 12:05for for ujezd staff : see u in aug, steo
25.02.05 12:05for alex : think u could be right about madrid girls, but hey its early day yet,steo
25.02.05 12:04for hey : anyone in madrid? will be here till monday getting totally pissed, email me, steo
24.02.05 19:50for Ujezd staff : Bye to all of you and see you again either in april or july... Daniel de Paris.
24.02.05 19:48for KATKA : Specially yours for ever...From me weeping again to the one my thoughts go with...and stay with...D.
23.01.05 00:00for will & danny & phil : first, calm down, will...and second...calm down :)) good to hear you like the cd. give it to dijooon if he´s interested and say ahoj to you think you would wake up if i didn´t come today morning? you´re crazy. please, don´t take it personaly :)) see you all, bara...for will should definitely go to sweden it´s a wonderful country.b.
22.01.05 20:59for bara, katka and verca : we finally got back - glasgow airport was shut down due to security because some people tried to set fire to a plane :/ one of them got run over trying to escape... so we were delayed for a few hours in praha - this is scotland for you. well guys ;) - thankyou wery wery much for giving up your hours of sleep and study to see us (any excuse !) - i miss praha already again it really was the best to see you all in the wintery 'threshold'... miss you until summer ..oh and bara your photos bring back wonderful memories again - put more up on the site! and what about more pics from... sweden too ;) lots of love 'angry' will, danny and phil xx
22.01.05 20:26for milos and duncan : it´s done. bara
22.01.05 18:33for milos and duncan : i will. bara
21.01.05 16:34for Bara : I don't mind. you can call me it if you really want. Glad you got the package, and like Milos said, empty your inbox!! Duncan
21.01.05 14:20for bara : empty your email inbox..e mail i sent came back because yours is full up....give my best to wil when you see him...milos
21.01.05 10:42for will : see you tonight :)) bara
21.01.05 10:38for duncan-ski : got a package yesterday. thank you, honey :) sorry, i can´t help it. bara
21.01.05 10:35for milos : passed my only exam this semester so i´m having holidays till 20th february. isn´t it a m a z i n g ? hopefully i meet will tonight. i´m going to txt him RIGHT NOW. say ahoj to chris. ciao bara
21.01.05 02:32for uncle milos : hi milos im out for a few days- couldn't resist - i wasnt able to make it when you were out unfortunately but will see you in summer im sure...take care! will
20.01.05 18:59for bara+wil : just emailed you bara...hi wil have a good time in praha...milos
20.01.05 16:27for honza : hey hey.. was good i got here in praha in time to say good bye toyou... have a smashing trip! dan
20.01.05 16:26for bara : oh my phone no is +447840 390 872 !
20.01.05 16:21for bara : hi its will!! hope you are well i am in praha! until saturday staying at elf hostel so i hope to see you :):)
20.01.05 08:57for all : I am here in Bangkok, everything is the same(gouuuugeous) , Gaz is reputedly alive settled somewhere in the north. Rune is still here as well. For Sasa: zapinej si Yahoo konto, tady maj jenom Yahoo messigery. cau o'n'saaa
19.01.05 23:50for hoho : ahoj,je mi lito,ze sem neprisla do ty hospody,ale nemela sem nejmensi tuseni o tom,ze mizis.kazdopadne se mej pekne a ozvi se az se vratis nebo klidne i,b.
18.01.05 16:38for Honza : Sorry that last one was from me. Paul
18.01.05 16:38for Honza : Have a laugh in Aisa! ..-./..-/-.-./..// mister ..-./..-/-.-./..//
17.01.05 17:25for paul & milos : guys i'm sorry i didn't say goodbye 2 u in person. anyway, it was nice to see u again and i hope to meet u soon :-)) vojta
16.01.05 06:21for honza : fantastic.. i cant wait.. oh man.. its 5.20 and i have to be up at 9 to catch my flight... im ruined.. see you tomorow i think
15.01.05 12:30for Milos : it's difficult to say really ...
15.01.05 12:13for honza : still not heard your answer or opinion to my question from 14/01/05, milos
14.01.05 18:53for All : Pure urban poetry...
14.01.05 16:03for all : Milos seems to be sorting his pictures which were not in his famous "whre is me ..-./..-/-.-./-.-/../-./--.// camera" camera. I would like to appeal this way to the person who nicked the camera to have the film developed and put all the pictures up here and only then shove that camera up his own .-/.-./..././// 'onsa
14.01.05 12:15for honza : is that emmy the english girl in photo with me from 1998...looks like her but not 100% sure...milos
14.01.05 11:38for paul : stranded in terrible....happened to me before.but was my own fault because i was to f----d to catch the bus...keep in touch milos
13.01.05 20:16for Dan : Dan, bring some warm clothes with you, it is supposed to be really cold here within the next few days. cya Honza
13.01.05 13:18for J : Yesss, just having it on. It's one of my favourites. H
13.01.05 10:22for Honsa : Hey Honsa, can you hear me? Stupid question. Are you still wearing the t-shirt you were given in the annual shirt swap?J.
12.01.05 20:31all : a new picture from Honza has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
12.01.05 17:19for honza : gonna send some photos to this site next couple of days...just have to sort them into the correct years...hope my old memory working ok,,milos
12.01.05 16:41for Paul : Smartwings... The name says it all. Sounds like a form of panty liner to me! Well sadly it looks like I drew the short straw flying easyjet. Being back in the land of 'bling' has come as a severe culture shock. Til next time!
12.01.05 14:27for All who try and sail on the good ship "Smartwings" : Well unlike Duncan who made the smart (easy) decision and travelled using Easyjet, I made the foolish decision and travelled with the little known Smartwings. And now I am still in Prague, for the forseable future, as smartwings have cancelled all flights to Dublin indefinitely. Ah well, I'm not complaining. Paul
11.01.05 18:13for all in praha last week : good to see you all again..thanks for making time to see me,,got back ok last night and now in big time detox,,,milos
11.01.05 01:33for Bara : God bless the good ship easyjet and all who sail in her! Got back in 1hr 20mins. Now knocking back the caffine to get my presentation done by 7. Winky says ahoj! Duncan
10.01.05 23:01for all who left us today - hopefully not forever : see you soon. love, bara xx
9.01.05 18:07for Dan-ski : ahoj dan, finaly we stayed in prague as i forgot about the cabin. tom and duncan were a bit dissapointed but hupefully they enjoyed. you have to ask them...yesterday i got the cd with a message...meeting ski at 8...that´s about it. hear from you soon, bara
8.01.05 12:25for Bara, Katka, Tomski (Winky) and Dunkanski (Milky) : Hey y'all! I'm in London right now, wishing I was paralytic in Prague with you lot! Just writing to say, hope you have a well good time. While you've been rolling around naked in the snow half-pissed (probably), i've been having lectures up to the bloody eyeballs about Cold Weather Warfare. Fun. Ah well, have a drink on me guys. Bara and Katka, see you in the summer. Bye!DANSKI
6.01.05 13:48for Will : Hi Will, thanks, hope you have a good year as well. I am of to Thailand soooon. Thanks for contributing with pictures :)) 'onsa
6.01.05 01:41for 'onsa : Hope the new year is starting off well for you! Well done on getting the new gallery up and running..take care, Will
5.01.05 06:24for Bara : See you there!! We want to go back to bed. Tonski and Milky
4.01.05 21:56all : a new picture from Bara has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
4.01.05 21:27for tomski : i´m waiting at the airport 2mor 11,15 am. see you, bara
4.01.05 09:09for Honza : Yes they are! And one is even older, from 1997 !! I should have more somewhere but I don't know where I store them! Anyway this site is getting better and better ! Fantastic ! Ciao Ale
3.01.05 23:48for hoho : se omlouvam, hnedka sem to vkladani jaksi tak trochu netrefila, az na podruhe. tak pardooon,bara
3.01.05 23:45all : a new picture from Bara has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
3.01.05 23:42all : a new picture from Bara has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
3.01.05 19:37for Ale : Good job Ale, are those pictures marked as 1998 really more than 6 years old? Can't believe ... Ciao Honza
3.01.05 14:57all : a new picture from Ale Italy has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
3.01.05 14:56all : a new picture from Ale Italy has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
3.01.05 11:34for hoho : diky kamo,b.
3.01.05 09:35for Bara : Ta fotka byla pravdepodobne moc velka. Problemy zacinaj okolo 400kB, 1600x1200px. Kdyz je tam moc velka berevna hloubka tak nestaci pamet na zmenseni. Musis to nejdriv zmensit sama a pak teprve odeslat. H.
3.01.05 00:10for hoho : no aspon neco funguje !!! b.
3.01.05 00:09for hoho : jakej je krok 6 v pripade,ze je toozbity??? chtela sem vozkouset ten tvuj zazrak,ale nejde mi to.duvod?bara
2.01.04 20:04all : a new picture from Will has been added into this gallery.  the watchdog
1.01.05 22:40for All : I gather the lack of enthusuasm on new years day is to be expected but I am proud to have the first message of 2005. Hope it goes well for all. Honza- Have the authorities changed their minds and decided that maybe you are fit to travel to Ireland? Athbhliain faoi shean agus faoi mahise. TOM.