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May 1, 1970

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, Californa, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Fades in on end of GM; birds and fly buzzing are audible.

GM segues into AD; crowd applauds start of AD. Many dropouts in my copy -- 9 in AD, and 2 in Cymbaline. Applause, whistling at end.

Roger: Thank you!

Applause quiets to silence.

Roger: Dave seems to have a couple of problems, which he's sorting out at high speed. When he's finished... we're gonna do a song called Cymbaline.

Slight applause, tuning, quiet, random clapping and laughing. Cymbaline starts. Applause at start of footsteps. Applause about a minute into footsteps, after a door slam noise. Weird momentary low beep/hum right before last door slam at end of footsteps. Applause at end, immediate tape cut into tuning.

Very near taper: You [ready?]*...[Wait a minute,] [...] *[or "running"]

Roger? (with a thick accent): All right, [uh?].

In crowd: Ahh...

In crowd #2: All right!

Organ notes, then plane motor sound for AHM starts.

Roger (with effects): This is something we're recording at the moment for our next album... and when we've finished this we're gonna take a break, but we will be coming back so don't go away.

AHM kicks in. Guitar enters a chorus later than usual after quiet organ & bass section. In my tape there's a small cut early in the falsetto voices of AHM, before voice 2 enters. Rog hits a big wrong note soon after the drums enter in the second organ & bass section. AHM has the old style interlude -- E E A A E E D D -- before the final verse ending. Applause at end.

Roger?: Thank you.

Dave?: [Thanks, see you.]

Roger: Thank you. We'll be back in a few minutes.

Side cuts; side B cuts right into first note of Embryo. On my copy, the tape slows to an abrupt stop, then starts again, in the middle of Embryo, within the space of about a second, as if someone had momentarily grasped the master reels whilst this was being taped. Applause at end.

Dave?: Thank you.

Tape cut into tuning, then another cut into:

Roger: This next song is [...] one of our LPs...and it's called Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.

Applause, cheering. One or two people clap after the climax of the song, but stop quickly. Loud cheering, applause at end.

Roger: Thank you.

Tape cut into very end of tuning, then:

Roger: Okay? All right, we've been doing this one since we were teenagers, which is a long time, and it's called Interstellar Overdrive.

Very loud cheering. Shouts of "All right, man, all right!" during intro.

At end, applause, fades.