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March 6, 1972

Tokyo Taiikukan, Japan

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Typical early DSoTM:

Speak to Me: taper moves the mic around a bit at the start of the tape; the audience claps with the heartbeat.

Breathe: keyboards very prominent in mix, much louder than guitar; some feedback at "..high you'll fly".

Lots of mic movement at end of OtR/beginning of Time; also some mic movement during Great Gig.

Brain Damage: on the first verse, Roger starts to sing "The luna--" then stops and restarts it after a moment. Then on the second verse, he sings "The lunatic is in my--", catches himself before he sings "head", and then sings "The lunatics are in my hall."

Eclipse: tiny tape cut in the middle of the descending siren-like noise.


Roger: Thank you. We're gonna take a break, we'll be back in 15 minutes.

Tape cuts.

Tape cuts back in to long announcement in Japanese, during which the crowd breaks into applause several times; the words "Pink Floyd", "Careful With that Axe, Eugene", "Meddle" and "Echoes" can be made out.

Wind-intro; One of These Days follows, with tuning up; bass intro is a little bit rickety.

Afterwards, applause.

Roger: Thank you.

More applause, cut off by what sounds like a guitar chord.

Tape cut.

Roger: This is a [golden]* oldie, and it's called Careful With That Axe, Eugene. (*sounds like "goerin", though -- odd.)

Applause, CWTAE follows. At the very beginning, someone in the crowd shouts a single syllable, and the audience laughs. Applause at the entrance of the keyboard. Very loud scream from Roger.


Roger: Thank you.

Tape cut.

Echoes starts. Creaky mike noises after first ping. The seagull noises in the middle are very subdued, almost plaintive.

Enthusiastic applause.

Roger: Thank you. Good night.

Dave: Thank you.

Japanese announcer speaks for a while, saying in order the names of PF, Rick, Nick, Roger, and Dave. Then his mic feeds back, and the tape cuts.

Then tape cuts back in, a Saucerful of Secrets starts. Applause breaks out a couple seconds in. Very little guitar until late in Syncopated Pandemonium. SP comes after only one real cymbal crash, and it's a very short SP at that. At the start of Celestial Voices, which is pretty slow, guitar tuning and tom hits are audible; the tom hits continue through most of the first chorus of CV. CV is, as far as I can hear, completely without vocals.


Dave: Thank you.

Roger: Thank you again and good night. Hope to see you again. Bye.

Tape fades.