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July 6, 1977

Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada

Transcribed by (unknown); submitted by Gerhard den Hollander

During Sheep, PotW part 1, and Dogs, the audience was kind of loud and had fireworks, and someone had an air horn that they were using during some of the quiet bits.

Dogs ends.

Pause--about 95 seconds, crowd whistling and screaming, some fireworks and an air horn in the audience going off.

First chord of PotW part 2. Pause about 10 seconds. It is as if Roger is trying to tell the audience to be quiet so he can start the song by strumming the first chord.

First chord of PotW part 2. Pause about 10 seconds.

PotW part 2 starts:

Roger: You know that I care--

BOOOOOM!!! Firework goes off, sounds close to the mike on stage.

Roger stops playing.

Roger: Oh for fuck sake stop lighting off fireworks and shouting and screaming. I'm trying to sing a song!

The crowd starts applauding and screaming louder.

Roger: I mean I don't care.... If you don't want to hear it... you know.... Fuck you. I'm sure there are a lot of people here who do want to hear it.

The crowd starts applauding and screaming louder.

Roger: So why don't you just be quiet? If you want to light your fireworks off... go outside and light them off out there... and if you want to shout and scream well then go and do it out there. I am trying to sing a song that some people want to listen to. I want to listen to it.

PotW part 2 starts again.

Pigs (3 Different Ones)

(As Roger has said in interviews, he called a kid to him on stage and spat at him. IMO this has got to be where it happens!)

During the last verse of P(3DO):

Roger: 90,61! (The numbers were in all the shows.)

Guitar solo.

During the last minute or so of the song Roger shouts the following:

Roger: [One?] Hea! Come back PIG! COME BACK! All is forgiven! Come on boy! (whistles, as if to call someone to him, like a dog or a kid.) Come on son [.?.] Yeaaaaaa!!!!! (Roger makes strange noises ala Careful with that Axe, Eugene.) [...]

Shine On You Crazy Diamond, parts 6-9

Roger changes the lyrics to the following:

Roger: Nobody knows where we are
How near or how far
Shine on you crazy diamond
Pile on many more years
And I'll be joining you there..."

Money is played as an encore.

Roger: Thank you very much. See you again maybe.

Someone (onstage): Shall we do Us and Them?

Lot of noise, shouting; we want more.

Roger: OK, we're gonna do another tune. Just 'cos there's a few arseholes down the front here there's no need for everybody to get upset. And we have enjoyed it. We hope you have. As soon as everyone else gets here, we'll do one more.

More crowd noise: "Aussi!"

Roger: This tune is called Us & Them. It's from Dark Side of the Moon. It's very quiet so let's keep quiet. Try and end this thing peacefully.

Pink Floyd without David Gilmour comes back out to very loud applause.

Roger (very apologetically): Thank you! Take is easy! Don't worry about it. I don't... well, I do (echoes like in Us and Them.) I wish I didn't (echoes like in Us and Them.)

Lots of loud applause.

Roger: OK! Listen... we can't do anymore of our old songs... so we're just going to play some music... you know... to go home to... for you. We're not noticed as a blues band.... We're just going to play a slow blues and everybody can just calm down a bit and everything will be alright. Thanks you again for coming.

A slow blues number is played (without David Gilmour)

NOTE FROM RICK: Immediately after reading this, I'd recommend checking out what Roger wrote about this incident for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.