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Feb. 7, 1980

L.A. Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA

Adapted from the Wall ID document; burning curtains segment transcribed by Chris Daly; Cynthia Fox segments transcribed by Rick Karhu.

Cynthia Fox: Hoo-yah, hoo-yah. Good evening Los Angeles. My name is Cynthia Fox from KNBJ. Welcome to [the wall cleanup]. [Good damn] rock-n-roll back here, isn't it? So I wanna know, are you feelin' good tonight? Are you starved for rock-n-roll? Listen, are the drugs happening or what? Guess we're all gonna make a lot of money off you guys, huh? Listen, I just wanna take a minute... to tell you (slow build up of organ for ITF? starts) that upcoming KNBJ [won't listeners the show... but wait a minute, I forgot--]

ITF? (regular setlist follows; only noted below where significant.).

Some kind of loud spraying-type sound (static maybe) during the intro to Mother.

Dave sings: Mama's gonna keep you right here under her wing/Mama's gonna find out where you've been" during the first chorus.

Dave sings: Wait up until you come in (the background singers sing "until you GET in")

Dave sings: Cozy and clean on second chorus (Misses the "always be baby to me"--Roger catches the end of it.)

What Shall We Do Now starts. Flowers just about getting into it. About 75 seconds into it.

Roger (shouts): Hold it!....Whoa!....Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa! Stop!!!...STOP!...STOP! STOP!....STOP!....Stop The film!...

Roger: We've ugh... We've decided that the best thing would be to put this fire that we have up here out. Let's fall back to the beginning of that bit then and we will carry on when every thing is under control. Sorry, but that is the best we can do... so just be patient. If we can have the house-lights that would be good.

They put the fire out--not on tape.

Roger: One... two. Wasn't that exciting?

Guy in audience: Yeah, right!

Roger: Okay, well as soon as we can cut the house lights we will go back to the bit in the story where the moon was out and the clouds were going across the moon. (I don't know what is going on here but it sounds like they are running through various parts of the film to find the flower bit and Roger is trying to amuse the audience or Roger just doesn't want to describe the flower bit!) We'll go back to the bit in the story where the moon was out and the clouds were going across the moon. You remember the bit where there was a moon with clouds going across it!? YOU REMEMBER that bit don't [we/you] REMEMBER THE MOON AND THE CLOUDS [cough/choke sounds] Yeah, that's the bit! Okay! Thank you very much for waiting...

Song restarts.

Tape cut during WSWDN?

Before Young Lust:

Roger: Get down [rave]. I would like to introduce a young lad from the [FEDS].

During YL:

Dave misses the first line of YL's second chorus: ""

During the OOTD intro, Roger is consistently and noticeably singing ahead of the keyboard part. (Perhaps he still didn't have any drums in the cans--see the Wall rehearsals transcript, if you don't understand.)

The jam before GCW is very long, and includes a bit of a jam on the Breathe/ACYL chords!

After CGW, lots of cheering and indistinct audience chatter. ("Rock-n-roll!")

Roger: We're just taking a break for fifteen minutes. We'll be right back.

Tape cut.

Steady drumbeat (click track) can be heard throughout much of Nobody Home.


Click track voice (with click): Three... four... (more lyrics to Vera are sung; then during the musical break, the voice returns.) Two... three... four... five... six... seven....

Severe feedback during the first few notes of CN. Dave's vocals are turned way down, almost inaudible, during the start of the first verse.

Cynthia Fox: Hoo-yah, hoo-yah. My name is Cynthia Fox from KNBJ. Good evening, Los Angeles. Welcome to the Sports Arena this evening.

Guy near taper: What is this chick doing on the stage?

CF: I hope you are ready for a great rock-n-roll show. So are you ready? Good, I'm glad you're ready. I'm ready. The band is, however, not quite ready. We're running a little late. So, they uh... sent me out here to uh, well--how do you say it--stall for a while. They want me to uh... entertain you a bit.

GNT: Take it off!

CF: So, how can I entertain you?

GNT: Take it off!

CF: Listen, I know if I don't... if I don't [alright hungry]


CF: So how about a bigger hoo-yah from everyone? Can I hear one? (Audience obliges.)

Distant guy: [Take off your leg... K Rock!]

CF: That wasn't loud enough, it really... that's not [gonna be enough... come out and play as loud as they do....]


Piano can be heard playing a few odd chords.

CF: How about a louder hoo-yah? (Most of audience obliges again.) Alright... alright. So listen I understand rumor has it that there are...

GNT (irritated): Get the girl off the stage. What's the girl doing on the stage?

CF: ...a lot of crazies here from Simi Valley. Is that true?

GNT: Simi Valley? What's the chick doing at a Pink Floyd concert? Get this chick out of here.

CF: Alright, well maybe they're not here. I can't hear 'em. I hear they're [some lefty layer from witty or two/Whittier too?] Is that true?


CF: I know how... how rude and crude LA can get.


CF: I can tell you a little bit about what's happening backstage. Uh... ya see, I was here, I was ready, but the band was nowhere to be found. The manager comes up to me and says 'Cynthia can you do me a big favor? And I said... I said (audience reacts to the suggestion) Look, [I wanna walk on my back so flat].

More piano noises.

GNT: Take it off!

CF: And he said, 'No, no, no... not that kind of a favor. What I want you to do is go out and talk to the folks for a while. (Drums and guitar can be heard, tuning up, tinkering.) And I said, 'Okay, but how long?' And he told me the band is running late, they're just not quite ready. They're... they've had a busy day in the hotel room giving interviews and entertaining groupies, and signing autographs, and entertaining groupies. You know, they're kind of worn out. (Organ swell begins for ITF) And well, [in a moment I'll talk to you for a while] I think they're about ready. I'm not sure. How about another hoo-yah... [hoo-yah]

ITF starts.

After ITF:

GNT: The pig, man!

GNT: Yeah!!!

Before Run Like Hell:

Roger: Good evening. Do you like our pig? This next song is a little song for all you paranoics in the audience. I'm sure there's a lot of you out there; it's called Run Like Hell. Piggy go home!

Before Run Like Hell: (alternate, from a separate transcript--can anybody verify one or the other?):

Roger: What do you think? DO YOU LIKE MY PIG? (really yells it.) This next song is a little song for all you paranoiacs in the audience. I'm sure there's a lot of you out there. It's called Run Like Hell. Piggy go on.