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March 7, 1973

The Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Tape cuts into whistling, then tape cuts again into Echoes, cheering.

Man next to taper: I know, man! Excuse me.

Burst of applause before drums come in.

Rick's vocals aren't audible. Loud feedback at "Strangers passing". Occasional cheers during jam section. Loud cheers after Gilmour's first, and longer-than-usual, burst of seagull noises. At the start of the quiet coda at the end, a woman near the taper shouts "Jerry?" (shades of 10apr75!) At end, loud applause, cheering.

Roger: Thank you.

Bass noodling, tuning. Fair amount of crowd noise.

Several tape cuts, then tape cuts into intro to OBC/WYI.

Afterward, cheering, applause.

Dave: Thank you!

Tape cuts into tuning, then cuts into intro to Childhood's End. Some audience noise.

Band member: Shh!

Unenthusiastic applause at end. Tape cut to tuning. Another tape cut into CWTAE. Louder-than-average thump at start of scream. Scattered applause during scream. Very loud feedback at end..


Roger: Thank you. We're gonna take a break [and we'll] come back and do another set.

Tape cut.

Cuts into Speak to Me heartbeat. Tape cuts again, still during heartbeat.

Voice in mike says "Boo!", or something like that, in a high-pitched voice. Tape cuts again into loud applause, still in Speak to Me. Loud feedback at "tack-a-tack-a" noise, before ticking clocks. Tuning audible. applause after first part of voice solo in Great Gig. Applause and whistling at cash-register sounds. Loud feedback at start of guitar solo in money. Mid-range feedback at "out of the way" in Us and Them.

Big tape cut after "no one seems to hear" in Brain Damage, to a little bit before Eclipse..


Gilmour sings "all that is now" instead of "all that you eat".

Applause, whistling.

Roger: Thank you, good night!

Dave: Thank you, good night.

Tape cut into tuning.

Near taper: One of those days!

Tape cut into wind sounds, cheering.

Loud cheer at first note of OoTD. Audience claps with it. Cheering, applause at end.

Dave: Thank you again, good night.

Rick(?): Thank you.

Roger: Thank you! Good night.

Tape cut.

Taper to friend?: [...would've stopped at Echoes...](??).

Tape cuts.