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May 9, 1969

Southampton University, England

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

AD starts; sounds like Roger might announce it, but it's virtually inaudible if so. Roger screams after the first verse; during the second "Stars can frighten" he lets out a strange shriek.


Roger: Thank you.


Roger: This is a much newer thing than that one, which is very old...and it's an instrumental, and it's called Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Bit more tuning, low chatter.

Roger: And it's got a very quiet start.

CWTA,E starts, low chatter still audible. Roger doesn't make many noises other than the main scream, except a bit in the last parts of the song; at the very end he makes odd strangling noises.

Applause; straight into IO, without any tape cut or tuning.

After IO:

Roger: Thank you. Thank you!

Into GitC, with a bit of feedback at the start. This version is notable as it uses acoustic guitar at the start, is a lot more like the More version than most versions of this song -- very laid-back -- and most importantly, does not go into CWTA,E per se. It sounds like Gilmour might sing "...dress that SHE wore." Gilmour scats a bit between the second and third verses.

After the third verse, Gilmour scats a bit more, then the song goes into a backbeat groove that eventually evolves into something not unlike the studio version of CWTA,E.


Roger: Thank you.

Tuning, tape cut, mikes on stage moved around a bit.

Roger: This is gonna be the last thing we do, and it's the title track off the album we just released, and it's called a Saucerful of Secrets.


ASoS starts. At the beginning, very faint trumpets can be heard, playing in another room.

Dave ends aSoS on the "low note", D-sharp to B.


Roger: Thank you.