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Nov. 09, 1974

The Odeon, Newcastle, Northumberland, UK

Transcribed by Sean Zloch

Audience applause.

Roger: Thank You

More applause.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-X.

Shine On... starts with a very meandering keyboard intro. Not as full sounding as on 1975 shows --or the WYWH album. Rick just sounds like he is noodling away at one keyboard, whereas more fuller versions have Rick layering the keyboards creating a more symphonic atmosphere. Dave starts the intro to Syd's Theme and the rest of the song essentially progresses like the finished LP version, except: there is no saxophone solo during Part V, part V segues right into Part VI, Roger sings the alternate lyric of: "Peel away too many years, and I'll be joining you there" in Part VII, during the song's coda, Rick plays a little medley of various Syd Barrett riffs. In order, they are: 1. See Emily Play ('Emily tries but misunderstands'); 2. Arnold Layne ('Arnold Layne, has a strange hobby') 3. Jugband Blues ('It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here') and 4. See Emily Play again..

Tape cuts.

Raving and Drooling.

After Raving & Drooling ends, the band spends a few minutes tuning up. The audience starts to get impatient and starts shouting indecipherably at the stage.

Audience member: C'mon Roger

Roger: What do you want me to do?

Audience member shouts something indecipherable back.

Roger: We are here playing fucking music!

Audience erupts into cheers and applause.

Roger: All right now. This is ANOTHER NEW ONE! THEY'RE ALL NEW!

You Gotta Be Crazy begins.

Tape cuts.

The DSotM suite. Again nothing out of the ordinary here. A few comments: 1. Time has the "Lying supine in the sunshine lyric"; 2. Roger actually plays the bass intro to Money with no hangups; 3. There is no dark side of the moon, really... is heard before the vocals are finished on Eclipse.

The tape cuts right before the second verse of Us and Them, and right before the beginning of Any Colour You Like. Also, just like You Gotta Be Crazy, ACYL fades out right before the ending and fades into the beginning of Brain Damage.

Audience:MORE! MORE!

Roger: (mutters something I can't understand.)