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March 10, 1972

Kyoto Taiikukan, Japan

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

DSotM; audience is very quiet.

Time: a little ways into the intro, during the tom hits, Dave and Rick hit contradictory chords; Rick's choice wins out.

Breathe reprise: Dave doesn't audibly sing "spells" in "softly spoken magic spells".

Money: rushes a lot coming out of intro.

Us and Them: bass feedback problems during first verse. Sounds like they all botch singing "God only knows." At "which is which and who is who", Nick stops hitting his ride cymbal for a little bit, suddenly creating a weirdly suspended, pulseless feeling.

End of DSotM: applause.

Roger: Thank you. [We're going to take a break, and we'll be back...] (...something like that.)

Fades out.

Fades back in on wind intro to OotD.

Whistling in crowd, tuning.

Enthusiastic applause and whistling at first notes of OoTD; crowd claps with it. "One of..." voice is very loud in mix.


Dave: Thank you.

Couple minutes of tuning; burst of applause and cheering during it.

Roger: This is called Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Applause, CWTAE starts right up.

Afterward, applause.

Dave(?): Thank you.

Tape fades out.

Back in.

Roger: This piece is called...Echoes!

Enthusiastic applause, Echoes starts right up.

Afterward, applause.

Roger: Thank you. Good night.

Dave: Thank you. Good night.

Roger: Thank you.

Tape fades.