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March 10, 1973

Kent State University, City, Country

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Echoes cuts in after pings. Low chatter near taper.

Near taper: Oh, wow, [look at this]... or, "Rick is playing."

Applause, cheering in intro to Echoes. Loud cheering at first seagull noise. Loud feedback in coda, nearby female audience member audibly winces. Cheering, applause at end.

Dave(?): Thank you.

Tape cut into intro to OBC. Low chatter, female voice, near taper.

Near taper: I can't believe that!

Cheering, applause at end. Tape cut to Childhood's End.

Man near taper: Oh, wow, man, that's [red and green] or, "that shit is green".

Applause, tape cuts.

Cuts into Axe. Lots of low, nearby chatter in quiet middle section. Crowd cheers lots at scream. Applause at end.

Tape cuts into middle of Speak to Me. Loud tuning. Someone clapping loud and out-of-sync near taper. Someone shouts "Come on[...]". More clapping during On the Run. Applause at end of OtR. Roger hits a prominent wrong note at the end of the first part of the Great Gig voice solo. Applause at end of Great Gig. "I've been mad..." very prominent between Money and U&T. My tape cuts at "...on my mind" and resumes just before Any Colour You Like. A little tape cut in my tape between ACYL and Brain Damage.. in BD, Roger starts the first line,"The lunatic --", but is cut off by a blast of feedback. He waits a few moments, then restarts it.

End of DSotM, applause.

Roger: Thank you and good night.

Dave: Thank you.

Tape cuts into OoTD right before first bass hit. Cheering, crowd claps with it. Applause at end. Roger and Dave say something I can't make out, probably the usual. Tape cuts.