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April 10, 1975

Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

NOTES: 1. There are so many instances of applause and cheering in this recording that I've probably missed more than one; 2. This is a very boomy, muddy recording, but I think that's due not to the taper but rather to acoustical problems with the venue. The tape is actually pretty clear, in its way; 3. Easily the worst performance, in terms of the number of mistakes, that I've heard from post-DSotM Floyd. I suspect poor sound in the venue didn't help.

Raving and Drooling cuts in right at start of song; during intro:

Woman in crowd: Jerry? Jerry? (shades of March 7, 1973!)

Very "boomy" sound, vocals a bit in background. Roger misses the transition to the midsection of the song, hitting E rather than D.

Applause at that point.

Eugene/Pow R Toc H style noises by Roger, backwards cymbal noises too.

Song ends, applause.

Dave(?): [Good evening!]

Tuning; crowd whistling, cheering, shouting "Do it!", "Yeah!"

Roger: [We just, uh...] We just have to sort out why [this is all so] [buggered? bottom?] [...]...take about two minutes. [...]


Roger: Okay. This-- this next piece is another new tune, and it's called You've Got To Be Crazy.

YGBC starts up.

Mic moves around right after "all alone/dragged down by the stone".

Dave forgets line between "that I'm just being used" and "creeping malaise"; then he botches the lyrics again, singing "everyone's a killer" in place of "you could be a winner".


Dave(?): Thank you.

Whistling, cheering.

Clicking noises that vaguely resemble the intro to Money, but are probably just patch cords being switched; crowd cheers louder.


Blast of feedback.

More tuning; crowd is very noisy.

Roger: We've got another tune [to play you].

Keyboard prep; crowd noise.

Roger: Okay. This is another [new thing], and it's called Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

SOYCD 1-5 starts; crowd is still noisy. Then applause breaks out, subsides, and is followed by whistling. Then a whistle near mic prompts:

Roger probably: Shhhhhh!

Crowd quiets down.

Cheers at entrance of Syd's Theme; synth drops out completely there, until drums come in.

Roger plays a fairly prominent wrong note at "Childhood and stardom".

Cheering at end of SOYCD 1-5.

Have a Cigar is pretty ragged, sounds like they're a little out of tune.

Dave misses a couple of chord changes in the last few bars.

SOYCD 6-9; Roger sings "Nobody knows..." and "Pile on..." lines WAY out of tune!

Rick gets out of sync right before the drums enter in SOYCD 8; misses a couple of clavinet notes later on.

SOYCD 9 has two big bursts of applause.

Ends; applause.

Roger: Thank you. [OK,], we're gonna take a break, and come back and do [...]

Man near taper: What'd he say?

Tape fades.

Tapes cuts in during Speak to Me; audience claps in rhythm. firecracker goes off, audience cheers, whistles.

Someone near taper: [...] that black thing, [...], stays up in the air.

Burst of cheering.

Loud, rhythmic breathing during second half.

Very slight hesitation between Speak to Me and first chord of Breathe.

Breathe: Dave misses "Don't be" in "Don't be afraid to care", and sings "tears you'll give and tears you'll cry".

On the Run; firecracker near end; applause at end.

Nick a little out of sync in intro to Time.

Loud applause at first line of Time.

Roger misses prominent note towards end of vocal solo in Great Gig.

Money: instead of "New car, caviar" verse, Dave messes up and sings "Hi fidelity" verse.


Brain Damage: Roger screws up this time, singing "The lunatic is in my head", TWICE, instead of "The lunatic is on the grass".



Roger and Dave: [Thank you very much.] Thank you very much. Good night. [Thank you.]

Tape cut.

Roger: [Brian], can we [...], or should we just [turn it on]?

Burst of cheering.

Roger: [Thank you for coming], this is called Echoes.

Loud cheering.

Echoes; big cheer at first 'seagull' noise.

Dave/Roger: [...] Thank you very much! Good night!