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Feb. 11, 1970

Birmingham Town Hall

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Fades in.

Roger: [This is] a new song and it's called the Embryo.

Embryo follows, applause at end.

Roger(?): Thank you.


Roger: This is the main theme from a film called More, it's never been released here [... drowned out by applause and a keyboard note, but what he says next could be something like "but I'm sure you've never heard of it", as I've seen suggested.]

Main Theme.


Roger(?): [Okay.]




Roger(?): Thank you.


Roger: Many of...many of you've got Ummagumma?

Crowd cheers, "yeah."

Roger: Well, this is [a song]* by Rick, [called] Sysyphus, [??which you have, rec--...recorded on our record]. (*or, "one")

Sysyphus follows. Only known recording, so I don't much need to detail it ;-) but there's pictish ranting. Cuts before end, right after Rog misses a note.

Tape cuts in at start of Violent Sequence.

Applause at end.

Roger: Thank you.


Roger: This is an [oldie] (or, old piece), and it's called Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.

Enthusiastic applause.

StCftHotS follows. Unusually, Dave keeps singing his countermelody into, and even past, Roger's "Set the controls for the heart of the sun".

Applause, fades immediately.

Tape cuts into 30 sec. or so of some very very strange, almost disturbing stuff -- reminds me of the time I hallucinated when I had the flu. Sped-up voices, seagull noises, tuning, and mic movement, together with a highly variable tape speed near the end. The trader I got the complete show from thinks the guy with the master decided this part wasn't interesting, so sped it up to save on tape space. ;-)

Tape cuts to start of AHM; opens with drum triplets, ends with very long drum solo that I've seen called the Grand Vizier's Garden Party. Fades before any applause.