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April 11, 1970

SUNY, Stonybrook, NY, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

NOTE: MntT = man next to taper, etc. (might be taper; the mic gets passed around on this one)

Tape cuts in.

MntT: -- I'll be [???] (speaks with British accent, I think)

Roger: All right. This is called Astronomy Domine.

MntT: Ah, this is...

Bird sounds on stage, so they probably opened with Grantchester Meadows)

Man and woman by taper laugh, say something unintelligible.

Normal AD follows; applause.

Roger and Dave: Thank you.

Voice near taper: [Awesome.]

Tape cuts, right into CWTA,E:

WntT: -- not saying anything will linger.

MntT: Oh, okay. [? I just don't want to be ?] bugging you.

WntT: What?

MntT: You won't mind me bugging you then, really.

WntT: What? You're not bugging me [him?].

Both laugh. [Ed: Methinks they're talking about smoking up!]

MntT: [Wow,] I'm [not] gonna [stop] you.

WntT: [What should I tell him? What should I tell him?]

MntT: He accepts you.

WntT: He what?

MntT: [???] likes you.

MntT: If you're in trouble, you can [send? just hand?] this to [???].

WntT: Oh! [...]

Normal CWTA,E; applause, tape fades.

Tape cuts back in, Cymbaline starts.

Incomprehensible chatter, ending with MntT: Um...I don't know.

Then after woman breathing, during footsteps sequence, MntT: tapes.

MntT: [??Doris??], you see that door opening?

WntT: What?

MntT: [...], see?

WntT: Oh...maybe it's not.

MntT: Yes it is! They have a microphone [...]

WntT: It's closed.

MntT: No,...I mean...see the bass player? He does it with his [?mouth?]. [??He went to...] [...] [ have a microphone.]

WntT: Really?

MntT: Yeah.

WntT: Everything [...]?

MntT: [Isn't this a true story?] (Or, "Isn't this the truth, [...]?") I'm serious. Doesn't the bass player do it with his [...]

MntT: He was on [Sid Mack's] show! Sid Mack and the [Human]...

MntT (different): And the Original Amateur Hour.

MntT: Oh,, I don't know what it's cable, I think...are you rubbing my [...]?...All these people are [???], trying to get all these footsteps...

Long pause.

MntT: Hurry up!

Tape cuts as song kicks back in, resuming at "You feel the thunder...")

Song ends; applause.

Roger: Thank you.

Tape fades.

AHM cuts in during drum intro; someone seems to be clapping with Nick's drums later in the song, or his drums are weirdly miked. Anyway, normal AHM, cuts a bit before end.

Tape cuts back in; applause, start of StCftHotS.

WntT #2 (British accent): Could you hold [...], and let me pick up the thing[...]...See if that'll go in some...yeah. (sound of mic being moved)

MntT: Oh, I like this.

Unintelligible chatter.

MntT: Noo-wow, don't push --

"Fwoosh" sound.

WntT #2: Did I push it? Oh, I -- oh, I think I pushed it.

MntT: No, you didn't...that's a good thing. You know what happens then?

WntT #2: What?

MntT: (inaudible)


StCftHotS follows; applause, and as the tape fades:

Roger: Thank you.

WntT: That was so good!

MntT: Huh?

WntT: That was so good!

MntT: Wasn't it?

Tape cuts.

MntT: You already did it once, all right...

WntT: (laughs)

MntT: [Yeah, well,] once is enough.

Roger: This is gonna be the last piece we play, and it's off the album before last before last, and it's the title track, and it's called a Saucerful of Secrets.


MntT: Wow...[that's] my favorite song.

WntT: [Really?]

MntT: It's one of my favorites.

WntT: Good.

MntT: I'm impressionable.

WntT: Very good.

MntT: I'm impressionable.


WntT #2: [...] get tired of holding [this] [??blasted thing??]?

MntT: Yeah, that's why I gave it to you people.

WntT #2: Yeah!

Tape cut, start of aSoS.

MntT: [...] hold it again.

Inaudible chatter.

MntT: [Don't stare at it, you'll go blind...don't stare at it, you'll go blind, really.] (Ed: Referring to laser show?)

Intermittent clapping near taper during intro of ASoS; applause at start of Syncopated Pandemonium. Late in SP, the tape suddenly splices into the Ummagumma version of ASoS, which continues to the end of the song!)

What follows is the same show as the previous transcription but heavily commented by the transcriber.
Transcribed by Gerhard den Hollander

Tape starts with some chatter from the taper with some of his friends, while on the backgground you can hear

Roger: This is called Astronomy Domine.

Thankfuly the taper and his friends have come for the music and not for the talking so they are quiet. AD has a slight distortion on the vocals, as if the vox are a bit too loud in the mix for the PA. At the end of AD we are again treated to the taper and his friends, but again they quiet down when Axe starts up.

Roger: Careful with that Axe, Eugene

A longer than usual build up to the SSSCCRREEEAAAAMMMMMMM; again some barely understandable mumrmuring between the taper and his friend and we're off into Cymbaline, followed by a rocking version of TUP (early AHM) which sadly cuts as we reach the end of the tape.

Tape flip.

Tape starts with more taper chatter, apparently he hadn't realised the end of the tape, so the rest of TUP is missing, and instead we are treated to a nice version of StcFthOts, not as sinister as the 13mar70 show, but good.

Roger: Thanks. It's gonna be the last track we're gonna play. It's of the album before last before last. (*) It's the title track. It's called A Saucerful Of Secrets.

This is greeted with a stoned "Wow" from the taper.

And indeed ASOS is the last track of the tape.

(*) This is a wise crack he likes, he's used it on a few more occasions