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June 12, 1971

Palais des Sports, Lyon, France (FM broadcast)

Transcribed by Phil Salathe with additions by Patrick Talbot

French announcer: Au Palais des Sports de Lyon et devant un publique enorme. 15000 personnes, presque autant que pour Pink Floyd. 4 garcons que vous connaissez peut-etre: Rick Wright, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, David Gilmour. 4 grands musiciens qui vous invitent au voyage, a l'ireel. Une musique fantastique... Pink Floyd.

(Translation: the Palais des Sports of Lyon, and in front of an enormous audience -- 15,000 people, nearly as many for Pink Floyd! Four boys you perhaps know -- Rick Wright, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, David Gilmour -- four great musicians who invite you on a journey, to the unreal. A fantastic music -- Pink Floyd!)

Set the Controls follows. Crowd cheers when they recognize it. Enthusiastic applause at end.

Dave(?): Thank you.

My tape now cuts into about a minute of applause after a post-Waters PF concert! Odd. Anyway, after that, it cuts back to 12jun71. 1-2 seconds of tuning, then Cymbaline. Applause at first line.

French Announcer (edited short): Et actuellement, grace a une machinerie electronique tres au point, il y a un effet stereophonique. Le son tourne dans ce Palais des Sports en passant par le fond et en revenant sur nous sur cette scene. Devant un public tres attentif, malgre quelque chahuteurs.

(Translation: And actually, thanks to the (very modern?) electronic machinery, there is a sterophonic effect. The sound turns in the Palais des Sports by the way by The sound turns in this Palais des Sports, passing to the bottom (of the venue) and returning to us in this scene. Before a very attentive audience, despite some hecklers.)

Dave's voice comes close to cracking on the next-to-last "High time."

After Cymbaline tape cuts a minute or two into a rather out-of-tune AHM with brass and choir. A burst of loud applause during Rick's cluster-chord solo ("Funky Dung" or "Mind Your Throats, Please", depending on who you believe). Tape fades a couple minutes into that.