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Nov. 12, 1970

Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

This transcription is compiled from two different sources for this show, the first of which is of much better quality than the other.

Source 1. Tape cuts into applause, which quickly cuts into very quiet hall.

Roger: Chk.

Pause, then very quietly:

Roger: Good evening.

Organ for AD starts up, within a moment applause begins. Applause at end of AD.

Roger: Thank you.

While the band tunes, applause turns into rhythmic clapping, which Mason starts to play with, in time; then it subsides and the band keeps tuning.

Roger: This is a newer song, and it's called Fat Old Sun.

Scattered applause starts up, then subsides as song begins. Applause afterwards.

Dave?: Thank you.

Lengthy tuning, during which the audience is very quiet.

Roger: This next song is called Cymbaline.


Roger: One, two, three, four.

Cymbaline kicks in. Applause at end.

Dave?: Thank you.

Applause again becomes rhythmic clapping, over tuning. From this point on, to where AHM cuts over tape sides, my tape suffers from a rhythmic speed problem -- it speeds up momentarily every few seconds, as if the original reels had intermittently dragged whilst recording this show. Tuning continues.

Roger: We've got a new album out, one side of which is called Atom Heart Mother, and which has some, um, choir on it, some brass people -- brass instruments playing as well... and, uh, there's a version of it that we do without the brass and the choir and we're gonna end the first half of thiff-- (pauses, then continues as if annoyed with himself for misspeaking, spacing out the words) this concert with that.


AHM, with plane motor, starts right up. Cuts over tape sides early in falsetto voices section, a little bit of music is missing. Very small edit later in falsetto section. Applause at end.

Roger: Thank you. We'll be back in a few minutes.

Applause subsides to silence, tape cuts.

Tuning, a couple yelps in audience, low chatter. Tongue-clicking, whistling, "chk"ing in on-stage mic. Crowd responds by whistling.

GitC starts up. Whistling in crowd during intro.

CWTAE follows.

Applause at end, tuning. Applause becomes rhythmic clapping, soon subsides. Tuning continues.

Gong intro to StCftHotS. Enthusiastic burst of applause when the theme is recognized. One audience member keeps clapping in rhythm with the song for a bit before stopping. Applause at end, tuning, applause becomes rhythmic clapping again, subsides to silence.

Audience member briefly starts clapping during the silence. Low chatter, and a conversation on stage, too quiet to decipher except for a "What?" Then a VERY loud guitar chord makes it hard to hear what follows. Then I think Roger says something like "[Oh, I'm sorry. I apologize][...]".

Subsequently, RW says:

Roger: The powers that be tell me that our first set was too long, so we've got-- this is gonna have to be our last number, and it's called a Saucerful of Secrets. Thanks very much for coming.

Applause, groans. My theory on the above is that the audience member started clapping when some figure he or she recognized appeared on stage, to tell Roger about the edict of the 'powers that be'. Whether the applause was friendly or sarcastic, I don't know.

ASoS starts up. Source 1 cuts about a minute and a half into the song, so from here on we're on Source 2.

A woman near the taper: Oh no. (when Roger announces that aSoS is their last song.)

Mucking around with mic during intro to aSoS. Scattered applause at the end of Syncopated Pandemonium. Enthusiastic applause at end of song, quickly becomes rhythmic clapping. (Danish audiences sure are fond of that!)

Roger: Thank you, very much. Good night.

Tape cuts to silence, applause starts and builds.

Roger: This is called the Embryo, thanks again for coming. It's been fun.

Applause builds, stops when Embryo kicks in. Probably because of time pressure, they only do one verse, instead of the usual two, before going into the middle section. Enthusiastic applause at end.

Roger?: Thank you.

Tape cuts.