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Mar. 13, 1970

Audimax, Berlin, Germany

Transcribed by Gerhard den Hollander

Tape starts with Ricks Turkish Delight organ noodling, which leads into Astronomy Domine.

Roger: This is from our last LP, Ummagumma, and it's called CWTAE.

(Nice version of Axe--no Green is the Color--with some extended and repeated screaming near the end. Then comes Cymbaline.

Polite applause follows.

Roger: Thank you.


Flip tape.

Roger: This is a new song, it's about an Embryo.

Then Roger is silent, as if he's waiting for the audience to applaud or cheer... the audience doesn't. After The Embryo....

Roger: This is an instrumental one. It's the first of a few we made, and it's called Interstellar Overdrive.

There's either a tape cut here, or the audience is very quiet while the band waits to start.

Roger: Thank you, this is another song. It's called Set The Control For The Heart of the Sun.

Polite applause follows, and off we go , an evil version of STCFTHOTS follows, where Roger whispers the "the heart of the sun'' repeated phrase with a venomous voice .. Ahhhhhhhhhhh .. song ends and we get to the highlight of the tape.

Roger: Are you ready Rick? Richard? ... Richard? ... (urgent whisper) Richard? Are you ready???

Rick hits a few notes on his organ, but doesn't answer.

Roger: Are you ready? Rick? ... Rick? Richard!?

Rick hits a couple of notes on the piano.

Roger: Richard .. are you ready?

Rick hits the organ.

Roars of laughter from the audience, followed by loud applause drum roll from Nick Mason some more laughter.

Roger: (in Basil Fawlty voice) OK.

And the band launches into a rawking version of TUP (a.k.a. AHM.)

Flip tape.

Roger: (in Basil Fawlty voice) OK .

And the band launches into a rawking version of TUP--The Untitled Piece-- aka as TAP and AHM.

Roger: Thank you... good night.

After that the Blues encore is played, but unfortunately the tape cuts before the song is finished.