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August 13, 1971

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia

Transcribed by Phil Salathe


Tape fade/cut, more tuning.

Tape cut -- fades into applause.

Roger: Good evening!


Roger: One...this is called Atom Heart Mother.

Applause, AHM starts up.

Song ends, applause.

Roger(?): Thank you.

Quiet, stage noise.

Roger: [I guess now we're gonna tune] and we're going to do two things together...the first of which is, um, a song on the soundtrack of the film More, [??which out here is??] [?? sounds like "barrenly raid"], and it's called Green is the Colour, and the second is an instrumental called Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Applause, cheering.


Tape cut.

More tuning.

GitC starts up; right in start, fairly near taper...

Male voice: Something like that.

Pretty slow version, then into CWTAE.

Song ends, applause.

Roger and Dave: Thank you...thank you...thank you.


Roger: This next thing is a new piece...and it's called Echoes, and it's gonna take us a minute to get it together because one of our [??lenses?? sounds like "blintzes"] is burnt I'm really going to have to [share one] drowned out by guitar. -- [share one].

Tuning, stage noises, "patch cord unplugged" amp noise.

Tape cut.

More tuning.

Another tape cut.

Organ noodling, faint "tick-tock" noises.

Tape cut into applause, "ping", Echoes starts up.

A couple whistles.

Loud shout in crowd.

Roger?: (very curt) Shhhh!

A pair of loud yawns in crowd.

Echoes has old lyrics.

Rick misses a chord before the jam section.

Song ends, no slow coda; applause.

Roger: Thank you.

Organ noodling.

Tape cut, straight into StCftHotS.

Low, indecipherable male chatter during quiet part.

Song ends, applause.

Roger: [...], thank you!

Tuning, stage noise.

Bit of footsteps sound.

More tuning.

Tape cut.

Still more tuning.

Roger: This is called Cymbaline.


Loud yelp.

Cymbaline follows; during footsteps sequence...

Guy in crowd shouts: Take your pants off!

Crowd otherwise reasonably quiet; applause at end of footsteps.

Song ends, applause.

Roger and Dave: Thank you. Thank you.


Another yelp.

Tape cut, more soundchecking.

Roger: Okay, this is gonna be our last tune, thank you all for coming, and it's called a Saucerful of Secrets, [...]

Drowned out by applause.

ASoS starts.

Very loud whistling, then a shout I can't make out -- might be telling the whistler to shut up, because he immediately stops.

Tape cuts in Syncopated Pandemonium.