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May 15, 1971

Garden Party, Crystal Palace, London, England

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Tape cuts in to tuning, audience chatter in English.

Announcer? or Roger: One.


Announcer: Hello, there's a guy named Phil LeHayne who is in Speculum Hospital. Would Jeanette please go to Speculum Hospital where Phil Lehayne is there. Thank you.

Tuning, chatter continues.

Roger: One! Two.

Tuning continues; rustling noises near taper's mic; tape cut.

Roger: One.

Near taper: Shhhhh!

Roger: One, two. (pause.) One.

Chatter near taper.

Taper: Oh, I don't know.

Taper's Friend: You reckon [yeah]?

Taper: I reckon it's all right.


Roger: Okay! Here we go.

AHM motor starts right up, AHM kicks in. When it kicks in, someone near taper shouts "Jesus Christ!" and someone else -- probably the taper -- shouts louder, then a moment later says "[Atom] Heart Mother...Atom Heart Mother."

Feedback at start of falsetto section, continues sporadically for a bit.

AHM ends, applause, chatter around taper.

Dave: Thank you.

Taper's Friend hereafter referred to as TF; he has a thick brogue or accent.

TF: Can you get [...] That's it!

Taper: Yeah, well, don't keep talking, it's all going down on the tape!

Tuning; patter of rain audible.

Taper: Now what's happening now, all the [...] the umbrellas [gonna] come out!


Taper: [Oh, get off!] (or, "Knock it off!")

Pause, possible tape cut.

TF: Oh, Christ, I think [...]

Roger: [...] This is called Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Taper: I don't wanna go.

TF: Where?

Taper: I'm staying here.

TF: [What do you] don't wanna go?

Taper: Yeah, well, I wanna tape this.

TF: Did you -- uh, yeah, but have you [fixed it up]?

Taper: No, I still got it.

TF: [...] (incomprehensible. pause.) Look, we're going to get wet, soaking wet, [Brian].

Start of Careful is barely audible here.

Taper: Where're we gonna go, [...]?

TF: What? (pause.) [...] [Where are they] selling those plastic bags?

Taper: Over there. Over there in that tee?

TF: [...] What about going there?

Taper: [...] (incomprehensible -- possibly "Ethan?")

TF: We can buy the plastic bags.

Taper: (sighs.)

TF: It's getting wet underneath --

Taper: We'll need more than one.

TF: [Yeah], that's all right.

Taper: [??Lucky??]

TF: [??Too late.??]


Taper: This'll...stop a lot from getting in, in it?

TF: What? What you're doing is very [...]


TF: Brian.

Taper: What?

TF: It's [...]

Taper: [...] for that teepee.

TF: Which one? That big one?

Taper: Yeah.

TF: The one with the [...]

Taper: [??The army.??]

TF: You're getting soaking wet, aren't you, Michael? [...]

Taper: Say, if I take my jacket off --

Another man next to taper?: Yeah?

Taper: I can sit out in the rain.

Another man next to taper: (inaudible.)

Taper: [...], wouldn't I?

Another man next to taper: [Stay like you are.]

TF: You know [...]?


TF: Oh, look. You stay, too -- stay somehow under that [out].

Taper: [...]

TF: Under that. I'll go and see if I can get a plastic bag.


Woman near taper: Hey, are you Dutch? You two. Are you Dutch?


Woman says more; men near taper laugh.

Taper: Yeah.

Man near taper: What'd she say?

Taper: Yeah, why?

Woman: [...] think you were Dutch?


Taper: She [said, am I] Dutch?

More talk, incomprehensible.

Near taper: Shhhh.

CWTAE continues, as does chatter.

Man passing by taper: [...] could spend a hundred years in prison, [baby]. [...]

Laughter near taper.

Man passing by taper: [We'd] fuckin' release the whole [world], baby. It's doesn't matter if we're gonna live again or not, baby.

Man trails off, probably walking away. More laughter around taper.

Shortly thereafter, Rog screams, an especially loud one at that. CWTAE comes to an end, applause, cheers.

Roger?: [...]

Tuning, chatter.

Roger: [It's] called Fat Old Sun.


Roger: One, two. One, two.

FOS starts; chatter continues. During midsection of FOS, mostly inaudible chatter between taper and friend about the rain, which has stopped. FOS cuts just a few seconds short of end of song.

Tape cuts back in on piano notes, tuning, chatter. Tape cut, tuning continues.

TF?: [...] [you should - you should do it] [...]

Taper: [It's] gonna start in a second, [and you] don't know when it's gonna start, [will you?]

TF: [...] [don't know.]

More tuning, chatter.

TF: You're [running] the tape, aren't you?

Taper: [Somewhat.] They're going to start in a minute.

TF: Yes, but -- [you -- this way, you're going --]

Tape cut to:.

Roger: -- new piece, and it's called the Return of the Son of Nothing.


TF: You heard that one?

Taper: No, I've never heard it.

RotSoN, aka Echoes, starts up.

Taper: [...] [like you and me.]

RotSoN has space lyrics that are particularly clear. When the jam section is coming to an end:.

Taper: Look what's happening below the stage.

TF: Hmmmm?

Taper: Look at the stage. Below it. [Them] things are [??stealing??].

Dave screws up lyrics in second half of last verse; instead of singing "And through the window", etc. he sings "And do I --", then sings a few nonsense syllables, then continues with "-- and lead you through the land", getting back on track with "And no one sings me lullabies". Echoes/RotSoN has its slow coda, featuring prominent falsetto singing from at least Dave and Rick, possibly Roger as well. The singing slowly changes into the ascending voices which normally end the song; either all four Floyds are then singing, or the live singing is mixed seamlessly with the tapes, which are different than the tapes later employed for this song.

At end, crowd is noticeably quiet, then applauds loudly. Tuning, mic movement, tape cut into more tuning.

TF: You [...] --

Several tape cuts, into gong intro to Set the Controls.

TF: [...], isn't it?

Taper: Yeah.

TF: [...]

Loud applause when crowd recognizes song.

Taper: Set the Controls.

TF: What?

Taper: Set the Controls.

TF: Is it?

Towards end of spacey section in middle:

Taper: He's the one that's making it go around the speakers.

At end of song, applause, tape cut into:

Taper: What a [shame] it was.

TF: What? Hey, look, they've put [the balloon] [...], see? Inflated [dragons]. Can't you see? [...] inflated.

Tape cut.

Roger: One.

Tape cut, right into Embryo. During crying baby section:

Taper: It's part of the song.

Embryo ends, applause, tape cuts.