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July 16, 1971

BBC, London, England

Transcribed by Chris Slenker from Libest Spacement Monitor
1970 BBC London on the cd(s) Early Tour Years

Track 4 - If

Dave Gilmour: If any there be who don't know who Pink Floyd are Roger Waters bass and vocals, Nick Mason percussion, Dave Gilmour guitars and vocals, and Rick Wright keyboards and vocals. And this next thing which uh in fact Roger'll play 'coustic guitar on and Rick is gonna play organ and bass simultaneously so calm two well worth watching ..[ah a-ppearing/a I'm hearing].

Background voice: Testing.

Dave Gilmour: It's called If.

Track 5.


(24:31) Voice near mic: I think Syd isn't with em.

(24:33) Two voices together: Don't call for us.

Crowd voice: Alright...alright....

Another more distant: Alright....