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June 17, 1981

Earl's Court, London, England

Adapted from the Wall ID document with additional notes provided by Patchie ( from Wallive (CD), Livewall/TDM (CD), Live Wall/GS (CD)

Before Young Lust:

Roger: Well, at least Neil Diamond's not here tonight. That's something isn't it. This is called Young Lust. Sorry Neil, only joking.

Before Run Like Hell:

Roger: Thank you, welcome. Are you gonna have a good time? Does anyone here like pigs? This one is for all you weak people in the audience. Is there anyone here who's weak? This is for you. It's called Run Like Hell. Let's all have a clap.

Just before "Waiting For The Worms":

Roger (shouts): Are you with us?

Crowd : YEAH!


Man close to the taper (shouts): We're with The Woolwich! (laughs.)

Note: The Woolwich is a building society, and "We're with The Woolwich" used to be on their TV advertisements.)