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Oct. 17, 1970

Pepperland, San Rafael, California, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Tape cuts in.

Roger: ...people, this is called Astronomy Domine.

AD starts, power fails between "underground" and "Jupiter."

Nick continues playing for a bit; crowd groans, then applauds.

Roger: Thank you! For our next number...

Crowd laughs.

Roger: One...

Roger: Now, we'll just find out what that was, because the possibility exists that we may be able to split some power leads.

Man (heckler) in crowd: Careful with that axe, Eugene!

Roger: Give us a chance, John!

MiC: [incomprehensible, something about PF.]

Tuning up and stage noise.

MiC: [?] Hey Eugene, careful with that axe!

RGiC: See you at Fillmore next week!

On stage (quiet): No, move this one back. [?] (pause)

Roger: I think we'll start that one again.

Applause and cheering.

Restart AD from beginning, falls apart quickly in a cascade of odd bass noises, then guitar.

Roger: (sheepishly) Evidently that restart was a little premature, 'cause they are splitting some leads...spreading some of the power we'll start that again in a minute.

MiC: Okay!

Dave: Wasn't that exciting!

Roger: [...], enough of that for us...

Roger: This happened three times in our first set at Fillmore East a couple of weeks ago...

MiC: Big deal!

Roger: Got quite boring after a --(as if just hearing heckler, wryly) Ooh! You're a friendly little chap!

Crowd laughs, applauds.

MiC: Sorry!

Dave: You're forgiven!

MiC: Thank you!

"Pop" sound on stage, like finger in cheek.

Roger: One...

Guitar tuning.

AD starts up once again; crowd cheers -- "All right! Yow! Woooo!". In my tape the right channel cuts out just as AD kicks into first guitar riff, and cuts back in just as the power fails again, at "resounds."

Crowd groans, laughs; Dave plays a few notes.

RGiC: [Beat] the gong!

Crowd laughs.

RGiC (nearby): Solo on the drums!

RGiC (far): [shouts something about Pink Floyd.]

RGiC (nearby): Right!

Whistling near taper; Dave noodles.

RGiC: Yeah!

After a couple minutes, a bass is audible, starting a blues jam while Dave is tuning. Soon a guitar and bass blues jam starts up. (I'm not sure whether or not this is a tape playing; here's the evidence each way: Pro -- It's quieter and different in sound than the stage noises; the crowd doesn't react; Dave ignores it when it starts up; it ends suddenly, with Dave starting to tune again, almost like an edit, but there's no tape cut. Con -- It's a PF More Blues, but different than the one on More; no other guitar or bass is audible while the blues jam is in gear, nor are any other instruments audible.)

Crowd cheers when Dave starts tuning again.

RGiC (different ones): Wooo!...All right!...[Hey, nail it to the bridge!]...[???Road Runner???]...Get it on...get it ON!...[Hey, tonight!]

More tuning; on stage Roger is audible talking with the others, off-mike. He says something like "Okay, we're starting over [??at the A?? or, "once again"] [...] One, two, three,four.")

Roger: (through mike): One, two, three, four!

AD restarts at the chromatic passage after the first verse. A normal AD follows; Rick misses the first part of the last verse, coming in at "...the icy waters."


Roger: Thank you.

Dave tuning.

Roger: This is a new song, from the album we've just released, and it's called Fat Old Sun.

FOS follows.


Roger: Thank you.


Roger: This next song has something to do with dreaming, and it's called Cymbaline. (count off -- "1 2 3 4" -- audible, off-mike.)

Cymbaline follows, same as the TE version; midway through footsteps section, someone yells "I'm scared!" and the crowd laughs.

Applause, tuning.

Roger: There's a very long cut on our new album, called Atom Heart Mother, where we use some brass players and some choir. But before we put the brass players and choir on when we were recording it, we used to play it live --"

Tape cuts; within a couple seconds AHM kicks in, again same as the copy on TE.


Roger: (very quiet) Thank you.

Tuning; crowd shouts "Wooo! Wooo!"

Roger: This is called the Embryo. One...

On stage RW counts off "1, 2, 3, 4" but nothing happens. About 15 seconds later, he does it again, and Embryo kicks in, a version with the crying baby, and Pow R Toc H style vocals toward the end of the song. My tape cuts out right before the last verse.

Tape cut.

Roger: -- two things together now, the first of which is a song called Green is the Colour and the second is an instrumental off our album Ummagumma and it's called Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Cheers, applause, "Yeah!


Mellow GitC follows, then a CWTA,E that fades out before the scream on my tape.

Tape cut.

Roger: This is called Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.

Crowd applauds, clearly pleased.

When theme starts, crowd member off to right says "Oh, wow...."

After StCftHotS, applause, "Bravo!"

Roger: Thank you...thank you....

Tuning, during which someone near the taper says "Saucerful...Saucerful of Secrets...."

RGiC: Yeeeeaaahhhhh!!

Roger: This is the last tune we're gonna play, and it's off one of our albums...and it's called A Saucerful of Secrets.

Near taper: "Oh, yeah..."


Roger: ...And thanks very much for coming down here and listening to us [once again].

ASoS follows. During the first chorus of Gilmour's singing in Celestial Voices, the power fails, but PF keep playing, and the power kicks back in. They back up to before Gilmour's entrance, and do a full chorus without vocals; then they reach Gilmour's vocal section again, and the power kicks out again, then back in, and immediately afterward the tape cuts.