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Nov. 17, 1972

Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Note: this tape could be the 16th. Tapes of one are frequently mislabelled as the other, I'm told. On the 16th, according to the 'In the Flesh' book, Echoes was introduced as 'The March of the Dambusters', but on my tape the intro to Echoes is unfortunately missing...

Tape fades in on Speak to Me heartbeat; cheering, whistling. Lots of stuff audible in Speak to Me intro, including Money cash register tapes.

Sounds like there're tapes of clucking chickens during the first part of Great Gig. Midrange feedback at turnaround and start of coda of Great Gig.

Money: in last verse, instead of "So they say/Is the root of all evil today", it sounds like Dave starts to sing "It's a hit", but stops, then sings "I'm all right jack" line instead. A little mucking about with the mic at the start of BD. After Eclipse, applause, whistling. Taper claps with mic in hand, I think.

Roger: Thank you. We're gonna take a short break now, and then come back and [do some more].

Tape cuts to whistling, what sounds like rhythmic clapping & stamping.

Tuning, two tape cuts, tuning, shouting and mic muckaround. Lots of whistling. Wind intro to OoTD starts; crowd starts clapping rhythmically.

Tape cuts into much later in wind intro, feedback. OoTD kicks in.

Applause at end.

Roger: Thank you.

Stage noises.

In audience: Come on, Roger!

Whistling, tuning, chatter.

Tape cut into very tail end of applause -- maybe following announcement of CWTAE. Then tape cut to a couple seconds into CWTAE. Applause at start of song. Pictish ranting in CWTAE! Applause and possibly foot stamping/rumbling at end.

Roger: Thank you.

Tuning; tape cut, then another quick cut & side ends.

Tape cuts in on Echoes, a second or two after first ping, into applause and start of song. Mic fumbling during intro to Echoes. Scattered applause a bit into seagull noises. Huge, weird dropout at one point -- about 5-6 seconds long. Applause at end.

Dave: Thank you very much. See you [again].

Rick?: Thank you.

Roger?: Thank you.

Tape cuts, crowd cheering, subsides. Tape cuts into tuning, fumbling with mic. Low chatter near taper, in German. Tape cuts to very start of gong roll of StCftHotS. Applause at climax of StCftHotS. Unusual aggressive, thumpity bass by Roger during song's quiet midsection. Applause at end.

Dave: [Thank you very much.]

Roger: Thank you!

Dave: Thank you.

Tape fades.