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June 18, 1975

Boston Gardens, Boston, Mass

Transcribed by Michael McInnis from "Boston Gardens 18 June 1975"

The band plays Raving and Drooling.

After R&D:

Roger: Okay, this is another new tune-- this one's called You Gotta Be Crazy. (The way he says crazy it sounds like 'cray see'.)

After YGBC:

Roger: (very quietly, so it sounds like 'Cue.') Thank you.

As SOYCD begins with Rick's organ noodling, there is some indistinguishable audience chatter in the left channel, then the synth strings come in. The crowd whistles restlessly.

Roger: This one... (realizes that he is talking after the song has already begun, so he makes some strange choking noises, then continues.) This is called Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

Song continues.

During HaC, Roger sings the lead vocal, with Dave singing a lower harmony.


Roger: Thank you... We're gonna take a break, then come back and do some more in a bit.

As Speak to Me begins:

Someone near the taper: Is this Breathe? What is it?

He continues throught DSotM; he's obviously familiar enough with DSotM to know which tracks to expect next.

More audience chatter in StM:

Audience member: (right) Sheesus! This is incredible.

Audience member: (left) Oh wow!


Audience member: (left) Oh, shit! This is going to be a big [hockey match].

Later, a firecracker explodes on the right, then another.

Then very faintly "I've always been mad..." comes over the PA. The crowd is going crazy here. Whatever was going on must have been really amazing.

In Time, Dave sings lead vocals, with a backup from Roger(?).

Rick sings "Lying supine in the sunshine...", and when he gets to the line "There is time to kill today" he leaves out 'There is'.

As GGitS is ending, and the first faint cash register is heard.

Man (right): Money?

After BD/E:

Roger: Thank you. Good night.

Then we hear "Thank you. Good night. Good night," from possibly 3 different people. I think the order is Dave, Rick, Nick, but I can't be sure. They are sort of all saying good night more or less together, but not in unison.

Roger: Okay, thank you for coming, this is called Echoes.

Echoes features the sax solo, a la most '75 shows.