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Nov. 21, 1970

Altes Casino, Montreux, Switzerland

Transcribed by Andrius Sytas from Smoking Blues

Random guitar chords. Distant audience noise.

Someone shouts: "Roger!"

Roger: Good morning.

More audience noise.

Roger: This is called Astronomy Domine. (doh-me-nay)

Applause starts, in a second music starts too; applause gets louder and in two seconds goes down.

Astronomy Domine.

Music ends, applause starts.

Roger: Thank you.

Applause ends.

Roger: [It's?] Dave's, and it's called Fat Old Sun.

Short applause.

.5 seconds silence, music starts.

Fat Old Sun.

During the second "When that fat old _sun_" Dave laughs

Music ends. Applause starts.

Roger: (Dave?): Thank you.

Applause goes down; random guitar notes; pause.

Roger: We've got a new album out at the moment and it's called Atom Heart Mother, and there's a track on it called Atom Heart Mother, which has got er... brass instruments and choir as [long] as us, but we do do a version that... without the brass and choir, and we're gonna do that now, an then we're gonna take a brake.

Short applause; pause.

Atom Heart Mother (with prerecorded "machine" beginning and horses.)

Rick mistakes playing the "dum, dum, doo-doo-doo-dum dah-dum" part (his first solo).

Song ends; applause starts and goes down.

Roger: (fades in) ...we recorded for a film called 'More' and the song is called Cymbaline.

Applause goes up and down; pause.


Dave really shouts "There's nowhere you can hide", "Intoooo range" (first time).

During second "And you feel the thunder... changing size" there's lots of "Bzzzzzz"; it completely dissapears during reprise, and then shows again for a second just as it finishes

Dave laughs during "_moving_ into range"


Roger: Thank you.

Audience noise.

Roger: this dong is called The Embryo.

Warm applause (with shoutings etc); a lot of audience noise.


Audience noise starts; strange nose repeats (guitar?) three times.

Roger: Thank you.

Audience go down, but still is audible; music fades in.

Just Another Twelve Bar

Crowd is clapping, cheering etc. all the way thoruogh the song.

Song ends; audience gets louder.

Announcer:(?) Thank you. Pink Floyd!

fades in; guitar tuning, no audience.

Roger: OK it's a bit late for mind expanding, so if you want some music to come, calm down a bit.

Some cheers; pause.

More blues