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Sept. 24, 1972

Winterland, San Francisco, California, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

DSotM set. Tape cuts in on Speak to Me heartbeat.

Lots of audience noise and chatter; loud whistling. Cheering erupts at one point during Speak to Me, and again at the start of the ascending synth gliss. A little whistling between On the Run and Time. DG changes chords too early in the intro to Time, shortly before the vocals enter, but catches his error and fixes it. Whistling, scattered applause at the start of Great Gig; tapes very prominent in intro. Little edit in outro of Great Gig.

On verse 2 of Money, Dave sings "It's a hit" instead of "Get back", then sings "It's a hit" again in the right place. Whistling right after Money guitar solo. Cheering at the start of Us and Them. Conversation near taper during U&T intro almost but not really discernible -- I can only make out a man's voice nearby saying annoyedly "Hey! Hey!" and a woman's voice saying "Oh yeah...yeah." Laughter tape very prominent on Brain Damage. Cheering, applause after Eclipse; tape cuts after a few seconds.

Tape cuts in right before first OoTD bass hit. Whistling, cheering in intro. Weird, brief level drop of a few seconds early in song.

Afterward, enthusiastic cheering, whistling. Tape cuts into right before CWTAE starts. Cheering at start of song, then second burst of cheering/applause after entry of keyboards. Scattered cheering/applause at scream. At end, scattered cheering gradually builds.

Dave?: Thank you.

Roger?: [Thank you.]

Tape cut.

Roger: This is called Echoes.

Enthusiastic cheering in response immediately cuts into intro to Echoes, just after pings. Chatter, a little whistling, occasional yells during intro to Echoes. Bass drops out earlier than usual in Echoes jam section, during a guitar break. Loud bass feedback during first line of last verse. Cheering after Echoes, cuts immediately.