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June 26, 1971


Transcribed by Phil Salathe from the 'Early Tours '70-71' LP

Announcer (fades in): ...[great joy], we bring you the Pink Floyd!

Cheering, CWTAE starts right up.

Some tape drag (?) in early parts of CWTAE. Little breath and 'nibbling' noises between "Careful WTA,E" and scream.

Song ends; cheering; tape cut to Cymbaline.

Rick hits a wrong chord before 'lines' verse.

Woman breathing instead of footsteps; guitar can be heard tuning at beginning.


Roger(?): Thank you.

A second of tuning, then straight into Embryo.

Roger makes small error on first descending line in midsection of song.

"Pictish ranting" during middle, after baby noises are over.


Roger(?): Thank you.


Cuts right into StCftHotS.

Rick's entrance is a little out of sync.

Tick-tock noises in middle, like those often found in Interstellar Overdrive.

Song ends; crossfade into:

Crowd: We want more! We want more!

Nearby: We want Pink!

Rhythmic clapping, turns into cheering.

Cut into intro of ASoS; Dave goes "high" on last note of CV.

Roger: Thank you! Goodbye.