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June 26, 1994

BC Place, Vancouver B.C., Canada

Transcribed by Rick Karhu

After Learning To Fly:

Dave: Thank you. Thank you very much indeed. Good evening to you. Yeah... thank you. We're going to play some stuff from The Division Bell first off tonight and from Momentary Lapse of Reason... a bit of our newer stuff... all of your favorites later on. This is called What Do You Want From Me.

During What Do You Want From Me?:

Dave accidentally sings: As you settle in your seat tonight/Settle in your seat and dim the lights.

After Another Brick in the Wall Part 2:

Dave: Thank you very much. (very enthusiastic crowd!) That's very sweet. Settle down.... Alright, we've got time for one more song here. Shut up, I'm talking. (That was said very jokingly.) This is called Comfortably Numb. (Laughing) Thank you.