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Sept. 27, 1970

Fillmore East, New York, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

My tape cuts right into very start of AD. Upper voice is very out of tune during first verse, lower voice can't really be heard. Midway through loud section after second verse, bass and keyboards seem to cut out. They return after 20-30 seconds, a bit before the quiet part that follows; guitar and drums keep going the whole time. REALLY loud feedback at the start of the "Lime and limpid green" coda. Applause, whistling at end.

Roger: Thank you.

Probable tape cut.

Roger: We...really have just got to find out why all the equipment on this side of the stage keeps's a bit boring.

Pause -- probably another tape cut -- then scattered applause, probably after an introduction to GitC/CWTAE. A bit of scuffling about with the mic at the start of GitC. In CWTAE, it sounds like the PA cuts out again, because at the end of Roger's first scream the bass, keyboards and vocals cut out, then they come back and he does a second short scream, then after a few seconds the guitar solo begins, then it sounds like the PA cuts out again, as DG's scat vocals disappear, leaving again only guitar and drums, until 20-30 seconds later keyboards, then bass return. Then a minute or two later it happens AGAIN! This time it sounds like Nick stops, actually, and it's just guitar playing for quite a while. Within a minute or so the other three instruments straggle back in and they finish the song. Applause at end.

Roger: Thank you.

Tape cuts into guitar solo in middle G minor section of AHM without horns. The 'In the Flesh' book has two shows for that day, but only has a setlist for the late show, listing AHM with horns as the encore. If ITF is correct, then perhaps this could be the early show. I'm pretty sure about the date and venue regardless, because it jives perfectly with Roger Waters's comments about power failures a couple weeks later at Pepperland 17oct70.

Applause at end of AHM, tape cuts.

Brief pause, then gong intro to StCftHotS starts. Small edit during the beginning, after gong -- it jumps to right before the first verse, during which the taper fumbles with the mic. Tape fades out and in, cutting out a few seconds, at the song's climax. Applause right after that. Odd 'shuck' noises in taper's mic after "making the shape" line. Applause at end.

Roger?: Thank you.

Tape cut.

Tuning, indecipherable whispering near taper, then another tape cut.

1-2 second pause, then FOS kicks in, a very early version. Weird dropout after first line " is falling". Gilmour sings "distant bells...smells so sweet" line too early, then sings it again in right place. Rog hits big wrong note at second chorus. There's no second jam section -- Dm, Dm, E7#9, A7#9 for musicians -- as in later performances, but rather the song goes back into the intro. On the last verse, DG sings something like "New mown grass smells [oh no, mistake], last sunlight disappears." It's probably not "Oh no, mistake", but it's something like that. At end, applause, immediate tape cut.