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April 28, 1972

Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Note: I believe there are two sources for this recording, so YMMV.

Speak to Me fades in, with applause.

RGiC: Freak me out, motherfuckers!

Random Woman in Crowd: All right!

Small tape cut.

RGiC: Yeah!

More applause; siren-keyboard starts up; more applause.

Breathe, On the Run follow; slight applause between On the Run and Time; Time and Great Gig, with the preacher tapes; then right before Money, you can hear Dave tuning up just as Roger starts the song.

During Money, after "It's a crime", suddenly there's a big volume drop that sounds as if the speakers nearest to the taper had suddenly cut out. They gradually return.

Applause between Money and Us and Them; the tape cuts in the intro to Us and Them, coming back at "...only ordinary men." There are tapes playing very quietly between the second and third verses. Also during U&T, my copy starts to slow down, eventually ending up 1/2 step flat during CWTAE later on.

ACYL, BD follow. During BD there's a burst of applause after "...rearrange me till I'm sane." Then in Eclipse it sounds like Roger sings "...all that you fill", rather than "feel".

After Eclipse: applause.

Roger: Thank you.

Starts to say something more, but tape cuts.

Roger: This is called Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Applause, nearby voices: "All right!"

CWTAE follows, with little screams by Roger throughout the song. Right before Roger says "Careful...", someone in the audience imitates Roger's noises by making monkey-like sounds.

Applause, tape cut.

Tuning; many little tape cuts between CWTAE and Echoes.

Two guys in crowd shout: Effervescing elephant!

More shouts -- "Echoes!", "Hey!" and some handclaps.

Roger: This is called Echoes.


Echoes starts up, amid some whistling and low chatter. Early in the song, someone off to the left shouts something -- sounds like "UFO!" or "Beautiful!" -- and someone else shushes him. Later in the song, right before the end of the "jam" section, the same speaker-drop happens as did during Money; as before, it slowly returns. During the "seagull section", some obnoxious chap shouts "Pink Floyd!" very loudly and clearly, a total of four times. On the fourth time, Dave almost seems to retaliate by making crazier seagull noises than usual. Then, during the transition back to the B-minor section, someone near the taper starts clapping, and someone nearby shushes them. Finally, there's a burst of applause at the start of the last verse..

Tape cut/fade at end of Echoes.

The rest of this tape is of dramatically lower quality, probably from a more complete but inferior second source.

One of These Days; cuts in with wind sounds, tuning, and applause. A burst of applause punctuates the first note, and clapping in rhythm with the bass line persists for a short while.

Tape fades as Roger says: Thank you...

StCftHotS fades in right at the beginning; very quiet vocals. Band has a little trouble getting back to the main groove. Rog's mike feeds back at the start of the last verse, not unlike on Live in Montreux 1971.

Applause, inaudible stage announcements, tape cuts.