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Dec. 28, 1968

Magriethal, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

Tape cuts into AD shortly before the main groove kicks in; applause.

Vocals pretty tough to hear; lots of audience noise during quiet parts; chatter near taper, but tough to make out -- probably in Dutch.

AD ends; applause, long pause.

Roger: [...] B-side of our latest [vinyl?] single [...] called Careful With that Axe, Eugene.

Quick CWTAE follows; lots of audience noise -- PF is practically being ignored!

From here, to the early sections of StCftHotS, there are a few -- five or six -- odd, high-pitched metallic "plinks" near the taper.

Roger screams immediately after he says "Careful with that axe, Eugene." CWTAE cuts, comes back right before end of song. Applause.

Roger: [...] (I have no idea what he says here! Maybe something about an instrumental?)

IO kicks in, similar to later versions with "tick-tock" sounds and proto-Labyrinth bassline; when the Labyrinth line kicks in, either Roger is consistently hitting a wrong note or one of his strings is pretty out of tune.

IO ends, applause.

Roger: [Why?] (very clear, but...?)


Roger: This is a song off the last LP we released, and it's called Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.

Applause, StC starts up; vocals basically inaudible until 3rd line; either Roger or Dave screws up, changing chords one line too early, on "Breaking the darkness...."

There's still lots of background chatter, almost to the point where it sounds as if it were taped from a lobby outside the hall! However, a lot of the audience noises seem close...whatever the deal is, it's an odd setup -- barely audible announcements and background noise are omnipresent.


Roger: [There's] just enough time [I'm told] to do one more thing which is the title track of the last LP we release. It's going [got?] to be rather quick and it's called a Saucerful of Secrets. Thank you very much for listening.

Loud bang.

ASoS starts up.

During the beginning of Celestial Voices someone is barely audible singing something out-of-tune off in the distance.

My copy cuts near the end of CV.