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April 29, 1970

Winterland, San Francisco, California, USA

Transcribed by Eric Ogle, with additional notes by Michael Teige from "Live at Winterland"

Roger does some extended talking to the audience, after playing Cymbaline.

Roger: TERRIFIC! (NOTE: one visitor to this page offers the opinion that this is an audience member yelling.)

Then laughter from the audience.

Roger: When we are in England, we are making a new album at the moment and this next thing that we are going to play is going to be one whole side of it!

Laughter from audience then guitar tuning and then they go into AHM, but Rog breaks into the intro and says they "will be taking a break afterward so don't go anywhere."

After Embryo:

Roger: Next we will be doing two things which will be running together...the first is called Green is the Colour, which is a song about being on Ibiza then an instrumental from our last album, Ummagumma, which is called CWTA,E.

He talks more and the others seem to be really pumped this night...

The following ROIO Chatter Archive entry appears to be from the same show.
Transcribed by Ray O'Hara

The footstep sequence in Cymbaline is shorter than most, & very quiet. The Embryo features a Seagull section similar to Echoes. A Saucerful of Secrets gets cut short during the Syncopated Pandemonium section. Atom Heart Mother starts off with a sound affect something like the diesel engine of a canal boat sailing past.

Dave Gilmour (Waters?) was in a talkative mood before Atom Heart Mother.

Dave (or Roger?): When we're in England, we're making a new album at the moment, and this next thing we're going to play is gonna be one side of it. Also we're taking a break when we've finished this. It seems to have gone very quickly this evening, maybe we've been playing really fast. Anyway we are so don't go away when we leave the stage, we are coming back, it won't be very long.

Before Green is The Colour:

Roger: We're gonna do two things coming run together now. The first is the song called 'Green Is The Colour' which is about being on Ibiza and the second is an instrumental off our last album Ummagumma which is called 'Careful With That Axe Eugene'.

And before A Saucerful Of Secrets:

Roger: This is the last tune we're gonna play... if you can call it a tune, and it's the title track of the album before last.. before last, and it's called A Saucerful of Secrets. It's the last thing we're gonna play, and thanks very much for coming and listening.