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Nov. 29, 1970

Circus Krone, Munich

Transcribed by Phil Salathe

The tracks on this may be a bit out of order, since Pink Floyd usually had a different setlist order than shown here -- and usually didn't play two songs for their first set. ;-) Also I'm not so sure AD, AHM and FOS are from the same source and show as everything else -- the sound on those 3 tracks is clearer and closer.

Tape cuts in.

Roger: Okay, here we go. This is called Astronomy Domine.

Applause, AD starts up. Crowd applauds during intro, but it sounds like someone shushes them, maybe Roger. Loud applause at end. Tape cuts into:

Roger: [ intend] to do is a song off our most recent album, it's [one? sounds like "number on a"] side, and it's an instrumental and it's called Atom Heart Mother. And when we've done t--

Pleased applause interrupts him.

Roger: (sounds pleasantly surprised) [Thank you!...] I propose to sing all the brass parts myself...but you may not hear them, as I shall sing them rather quietly. When we've finished that, we're gonna take a break...and then we're gonna come back and do some more.

AHM with truck motor follows. Applause.

Dave: Thank you.

Roger: Thank you. [...]

Announcement in German starts; tape cuts...

Roger: [...] new song and it's called Fat Old Sun.

Applause, FOS follows. Applause at end.

Low chatter in German after FOS, beyond my limited skills -- anyone else want to translate it? Side ends. Tape cuts to tuning, then....

Roger: Okay, uh, this is a song we wrote sometime ago, but...

A weird, high-pitched voice says, through the mike, "Ya pa" or something like that ["Y'a pas", maybe?)

Roger: ...for a film called More, this song is called Cymbaline.

Cymbaline follows. Nick plays, quietly, during first 30 sec. or so of footsteps. Crowd laughs, applauds during footsteps. When crowd applauds a second time sounds like someone, maybe Roger, shushes them. Crowd applauds at end of footsteps. Applause at end.

Roger: Thank you.

Tape cut, right into a very good Embryo. Applause at end.

Roger: Thank you.

DG: Thank you!

Roger: This is a song called Green is the Colour. Following it fairly closely will be an instrumental called Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

Applause, mic movement and taps by taper, GitC starts right up. Applause at end of CWTAE. Tuning starts, tape cuts.

Cuts back in to the intro of an excellent Set the Controls. At the end, after the gong and other instruments have died out, a few people start to applaud, but they're shushed. The crowd is silent for a few seconds. Then a larger number start to applaud, but again they're shushed. Finally, after a few seconds more, the whole crowd bursts into enthusiastic applause, amidst shouts of "Bravo!"

Roger: Thank you.


A little chatter near taper, in German. Mic movement, then a little tape cut.

Cuts back in to whistling in audience. Whistlers start imitating birds, to which there's a little bit of shushing in the audience. Then a great moment: as if in reply, Dave starts imitating their birdcalls, using his guitar with heavy delay and other effects, as well as making other sounds! I think Roger gets in on it as well, because there are a few Eugene-style sounds in there too, and when he tries to announce the last tune:

Roger: This is-- (Stops because of heavy delay on his mike.) He clears his throat, and that repeats through the delay as well. A few audience members chuckle.

Roger: (now without delay) This is our last piece, this's an instrumental, and it's called a Saucerful of Secrets.

Enthusiastic applause, ASoS starts up. It cuts at the end of Syncopated Pandemonium.