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Nov. 4, 1987

Meadowlands, New York, New York

Transcribed by Mikkel Andersson

During the calls from the hall section, I discovered something pretty interesting snippets about the KAOS II album who never came into being - here goes:

Caller: I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about KAOS II?

Roger: KAOS II? Well, the Bleeding Hearts Band and I have just spent the last month in Nassau and we've cut nine tracks. And when we get to back to England, we'll go on working on it until it's finished, and then we'll put it out. And I want to say that one of the tracks we've cut doesn't have a lead vocal on it, 'cause Doreen wasn't there, but we've done Molly's Song which Doreen will be singing on the album, so that's something to look forward to.

Another caller a little later on:

Caller: ...and what's your favourite song?

Roger: It's ah... at the moment it's a new one. It's called Amused To Death. You haven't heard it yet, but you will! It's a good one!