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Nov. 9, 1987

(venue?), Ottawa, Canada

Transcribed by Gerhard den Hollander

The following is Roger's attribution before the The Final Cut medley, apparently it's a reaction to the phone-in, but the phone-in is not on the tape.

Guitar strumming throughout the entire following.

Roger: This one's for you Kevin... Kevin, my message is not that you have to love everyone you know. It is perfectly legitimate for some person to have enemies. The problem that I have is when I.... The leaders of our country don't act in a grown up way, while the problems that they should solve [...] among them [...] and all our lives are in danger because of that. It is not necesary for world peace that Dave Gilmour and I get along together. Anyway, this is for you Kevin, and for my father.

"Breshnev took Afghanistan..."