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July 16, 1984

Stockholm, Sweden

Transcribed by Michael McInnis from "Thanks for the Ride" part 2

Note: I don't have the whole show, but this is a start.

After Gunner's Dream:

Roger: Eric Clapton. Thank you. We're going to take break now... for 20 minutes then we'll come back and do some more. See you in a bit.

Then, as P/CoHH is beginning, there are some wierd noises.

Roger: No I didn't... no I didn't.

Music comes on, then there is the prerecorded Wake up; you're dreaming.

After P/CoHH:

Roger: Thank you. (pause) Thank you very much. Good night. (pause) Thank you.

Then (as the band comes back on?) the audience's cheering swells again, and there is some rhythmic cheering/chanting. BD/E starts.

After BD/E:

Roger: Thank you!

Then the tape fades out.