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July 21, 1984

The Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

Transcribed by Bob Cooney--the first one to submit to the archives!

During WTTM, an M-80 can be heard going off. Then the tape following WTTM can be heard.

Right after Welcome To The Machine:

Roger (to someone backstage): Stop the tape, dammit!

Roger: Normally we'd go straight on at that point, but I just thought I'd stop to have a word with this cunt over here with the fireworks. Tell him that there are 15,000 of us in here who think he's a big prick! And to ask you, if you see anyone else with fireworks to point them out to the ushers so they can be thrown out! And on that happy note we'll do Have A Cigar.

They then go straight into HAC with Roger furiously pounding his bass.