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June 27, 1984

Birmingham, UK (?)

Transcribed by Michael McInnis from "Pros and Cons of Live Hitchhiking"

Note: I don't have the whole show, but this is a start.

After Set the Controls:

Roger: Thank you.

After Money:

Roger: Thank you.

Before If, there is some shouting from the audience.

Roger (shouts gruffly, but jokingly): What!?

The audience shouts again.

Roger (in a mock-chiding tone): Speak up, boy.... This is called 'If'.

After HaC:

Roger: Mel Collins. Thank you.

There is an immediate drum crash/rimshot. I can't figure out why this is here.

There appears to be a tape cut after WYWH, as the audience goes from cheering loudly to being suddenly quiet. I don't know if this is on the master or if this is an artifact from my source.

Roger: Thank you. (Gives 5 short whistles, as if he is beckoning the pig.) Here boy. Piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy. Come on.

Then PotW-1 is played.

After PotW-1 there is a rapid fade out during the applause, which seems to be from the master tape or the CD.

The tape then fades up before ItF, as the organ is churning away.

Roger (in his best German accent): From now on... Zere vill be no vistling in the hall!

The audience cheers and whistles.

Roger shouts "Eine, zwei, drei, agger!(It may not be 'agger', but it certainly not 'Hammer'-- there is a hard "G" sound. )

ItF starts.

As Roger gets to the end of the vocal in ItF, he adds a few words, so that he sings:

Roger: If I had my way... I'd have all of you shot... with bullets... and guns.

In Gunner's Dream, my tape has a bleedthrough of "hold onnnnnnnnnn to the dream" very faintly before Roger sings it. I don't know if this is more artifact on my copy or if this was on the master tape and is on every copy.

Also, Roger sings this line differently than from the album and from most other 84 shows I've heard-- the "hold onnnnnn" seems to have been started a beat or two early, so that Roger had to hold the the "onnnn" longer than usual in order to keep the time.

After Gunner's Dream:

Roger: Eric Clapton. We're going to take a break now for about 20 minutes then come back and do S'MORE!! (He says 'some more' really theatrically and breathily.)