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Rome (recording session)

Transcribed by David Cross from "Black Glass"
With additions by Mark Brown.

What follows is a transcription of the song "Here Comes Santa" from the Japanese Pink Floyd ROIO called Black Glass. Reportedly recorded during the Rome, December 1969 sessions that also provided the soundtrack to Zabriski Point, "Here Comes Santa" is, perhaps Pink Floyd's only attempt at a (semi) traditional Christmas carol. It is sung by Nick Mason, also unique in the Pink Floyd canon. The liner notes of Black Glass reference this as "Nick Mason Christmas Single 1974."

Here Comes Santa

Nick (singing): Here comes Santa, on his sleigh,
The silver bells they sound so gay.
His shiny sleigh is heaped with toys,
To give to all good girls and boys.
With dolls and golliwogs and clock work trains.
Grant's tin solders and little model planes.
Games to fill your stockings, so long as you've been good.
And I'm sure you have, because you know you should.

Nick (speaking): Middle eight.

Alan Stiles: And I've got to sing that?

Nick: Yes. No. You don't sing, you just say. Right?

Song resumes.

Nick (singing): His cheerful face is wreathed in smiles.
You can see him coming for miles and miles.
As he passes by he'll catch your ear. With...

Alan Stiles (spoken): Merry Christmas, darling, and a Happy New Year.

Roger (spoken over the intercom from control room): Shout it out as a cheery Christmas greeting, Alan.

Nick: Yeah, shout that one out. Right?

Song resumes.

Nick (singing): Turkey and sausages and Christmas pud.

Alan Stiles (spoken): "Have another helping John."
Oh, I don't think I could.
Christmas parcels, under the tree.
None for you and six for me!


"Golliwog" is an animated doll of some sort. Did you ever see one of those little monkeys attached to a pair of sticks? Manipulating the sticks makes the monkey jump up. I think that's an example of a golliwog. --MB