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Q & A for the ROIO Chatter Archive

What exactly is the ROIO Chatter Archive?

The ROIO Chatter Archive is an attempt by us lunatic Floydians to compile all recorded band chatter during live shows--that is, any spoken words that take place during a show.

What exactly is a ROIO?

ROIO (an acronym for Recording Of Illegitimate Origin) is a more socially acceptible term for a bootleg or unauthorized live recording.

Isn't this illegal?

Absolutely not! It is illegal to record, distribute, or sell ROIOs. It is not illegal to own or purchase them, nor is it illegal to record certain details about them, which is what this archive is about.

Why bother?

Why would we do this? Well, why not?

Actually, it's surprising how much live chatter reveals about a band. You can read, for instance, a brutally frank transcript of Roger lashing out at a fan in Montreal, or perhaps you can read about Roger lashing out at a fan in Rutherford, New Jersey... or even Roger lashing out at a fan elsewhere. Anywhere there are Pink Floyd fans, there is Roger lashing out at them ;-)

Roger's love-hate relationship with Pink Floyd's legion of fans is the most colorful aspect naturally, but there's more to it that just that. My ultimate goal is to turn the ROIO Chatter Archive into a useful resource for those trying to identify a particularly hard to identify show.

The show I wanted to read isn't here!

Naturally, this project is far from complete, but we're off to a promising start.

How do I submit a ROIO transcript?

If you have a ROIO you don't see chronicled here, why not take a few minutes to transcribe it and submit it? Make sure you include the date, location, and the name of the ROIO you transcribed it from. You'll receive full credit for your work of course, as well as the undying admiration of Floydians everywhere (okay, that's probably a stretch, but you will feel all warm inside.)

How is the archive organized?

Due to unconventional touring schedules early in their career, it was difficult to decide how to categorize any given Pink Floyd show. I've used the release dates of certain albums as milestones or page dividers, so to speak, and split the entries up based on that criteria as opposed to presenting it on a tour-by-tour basis. I've also cross-referenced the ROIO Chatter pages by year so you can jump immediately to a particular year if you prefer. That means that most of the early years are inevitably split up onto separate pages. In an effort to make each era flow together more smoothly, at the bottom of each page I've provided navigation buttons that will take you to the previous page or the next page.

Where are all the solo shows?

To avoid confusion, I've given solo tours their own pages. Click on the About Face cover for Dave's tour; The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking cover will take you to that tour; and Radio KAOS will do likewise.

Why does Nick stop playing during The Wall rehearsals?

I have no idea. He thought everyone else had stopped.

Where exactly during the Montreal show does the infamous spitting incident occur?

It's open for debate.

You claim to have a transcript of the Feb 11. Wall show which was cancelled!

Not according to my sources, it wasn't.... :^)