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Luang Phor Daeng / หลวงพ่อแดง
Apr, 2421/1878 - Jan 16, 2517/1974
Luang Phor (= reverend father, venerable monk) Daeng also known as Phra Kru Yan Wila (later, official title)  was born in B.E.2421 (under the sign of The Cock) in Petchaburi province as one of 12 children of the huge peasant family. He spent his childhood around the farm, helping his parents. Fighting their poverty his parents coudn't afford to let him study at school. When he was 20, his family send him to a local Buddhist school (those days Buddhist schools in Thailand rural areas also teached all kinds of educational studies). A year later he was ordained as a monk at Wat Kao Bandai It. During the next 38 years he was living a quiet life in he monastery while working on his self-cultivation . He was then a close disciple of the abbot of the temple LP Plian (after LP Plian passed away in B.E.2461(1918) the 40 years old LP Daeng became the new abbot of Wat Kao Bandai It). He was also learning Dhamma and magical knowledge with LP Chui of Wat Kongkaram, the greatest Guru of Petchaburi province.

In between B.E.2477 and 2480(1937) when a cattle in the province was gravely hit by epidemic of mouth disease and many domestic animals contracted other epidemic diseases. Animals could neither work nor to be used as food and some them just died. The villagers started panicking in despair. When LP Daeng found out about the news he came to help, using the acquired skills and managed to overcome the catastrophe (he made out many talismans for the farmers, telling them to place the charms into cages with the ill animals). His reputation and popularity began to rise. News spread and farmers from neighborhoods also came to ask for the merciful and special talismans. From then on, Wat Kao BanDai-It styed flourished. Worshippers and devotees came pouring in with offerings. Such were his deeds and benefits to the ordinary people that earned him the reputation which traveled far and wide.

Later, during the World War II, LP Daeng created and presented his phra yants (clothes with magic patterns and symbols) and takruts (a piece of soft metal with magic spells carved in - it usually comes rolled up to preserve its content) to soldiers and common people. When the Japanese troops landed on the beach in Pratchup Kiri Khan Province (which borders with Petchburi) during their invasion, a small group of soldiers and patriotic people decided to fight them. They fought with brave and it was said that they remained unharmed due to  amulets LP Daeng had created for them.

In B.E.2502(1959), Luang Phor Daeng was received the title of Buddhist teacher by the present King of Thailand (it represents the rank and grade of contributions canferred to Thailand Buddhist teachings) He was also conferred the Buddhist title of Phra Kru Yan Wila (where Phra Kru means a Buddhist teacher who has sufficient degree of knowledge in Buddhism, capable of preaching to others the Buddhist scripts). The fresh official title and funds it came with brought a big chance to crerate a big mold of protective amulets. In 2503(1960) - at the age of 82 - LP Daeng finally came up with his most famous 1st batch medal. The province was infested by crime and severe gunfights would happen too often. These medals were ment to protect people and police from bullets - since the yant was protecting flash and bones from being penetrated by metal. Many soldiers (among the others also US soldiers who got acquainted with ladies from around Petchaburi during their rest from Vietnam War and received this LP's special medal to come back again - alive) declared their great efficacy. The fame of this batch soon reached Kong Kong where many movie stars (among the others Bruce Lee) started wearing this famous coin.

Then 82 years old LP Daeng kept on releasing further batches of medals as well as powder based amulets like his famous set of Somdets and Pidthas (B.E.2513/1970) until his death in B.E.2517. He passed away at the age of 96 after 76 years of his monkhood. The coffin with his remains is still at Wat Kao Bandai It and many people keep coming over here to pray and honour the venerable monk.

Throughtout his whole life from a commoner, to becoming a monk, a Buddhist master and to eternity, the people called him as Daeng which means red. He was never using other name to commemorate the name given by his parents.

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