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28.08.06 13:17from Frans Cortenraad  (  eMail )
Ask me for a list.

HAVE: Vangelis materials FOR SALE

Ask me for a list

07.08.06 05:55from MrYeeshkul  ( WEBSITE, eMail )
ANNOUNCEMENT: Anyone who has Vangelis artwork that is not at the artwork section of my site, please send it to my email and i will put it up for the other fans.
06.08.06 19:08from MrYeeshkul  ( WEBSITE, ADMIN )
ANNOUNCEMENT: my trading list was updated and the artwork section as well ..
26.06.06 16:41from Aussie  (  eMail )
ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for more Vangelis have some new to trade??
HAVE: Paris 1979 2 cdr
Kloniniklijk Circus Belgium 1978 1 cdr and Another Page of Life Jon and Vangelis....

WANT: Looking for any live recording plus themes 2....
11.05.06 15:38from Jorge (From Portugal)  (  eMail )
HAVE: A lot of rare Vangelis stuff:(originals/Bootlegs/VideoClips/DVDs, etc)
WANT: Trade rarities ...
02.05.06 07:00from Theodor  (  eMail )
HAVE: Sex Power.Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit.London 79.Picasso(OWN).Silent Portraits,The Bounty(OWN).Frankenstein(Ballet).Cousteau.Los Angelis 2019.Cavafis(Storm Records).Opening Ceremoni of Athen 97(Olimpic Games).The Plague.1492(OWN).Blade Runner(LE).Ithaca.
WANT: Inner Data:Themes III,Themes2,Themes3(Van Pap),Themes3(Polymore),Sauvage et Beau,Francesco(Andromeda 2CD)
01.05.06 16:01from Dominic Cooper  (  eMail )
HAVE: Sydney Olympic Games excerpt(Closing Ceremony)DVD-r
Ignacio DVD-r
Cousteau "Indonesia/Sumatra" CDR
Cavafy CDR/DVDR (with English subtitles)
Francesco (Andromeda)
Francesco (Andromeda 2CD)
1492 (Complete score - 2CDR)
La Fete Sauvage (Complete score - CDR)
Blade Runner (Esper Analysis) 2CDR
Blade Runner (Gongo release)
The Bounty (Off World) 2CDR
Brussels Live CDR (1979)
Missing CDR (26 Tracks)
Mariangela (LP on CDR)
Inner Data: Themes 3
Themes 2

WANT: Themes 3 (Polymore and Van Pap releases)
Antarctica (Complete score) (Off World release?)
Chariots of Fire (Complete score)CDR (Off World release)
Picasso CDR
Bitter Moon CDR
Sauvage Et Beau CDR
Morandi CDR?
The Plague CDR
Crimes and Passion CDR
LA 2019
Nuremburg a Nuremburg CDR

27.02.06 04:41from Paul Campbell  (  eMail )
ANNOUNCEMENT: Recently (21/02/2006) purchased from eBay
HAVE: Original Blade Runner - Esper Edition - [MK3 4CDs] The definitive Collectors' Edition containing 35 track score, November 2019 and 27 track disc of BR bonus material. Total running time 274:22. Trading TDK CD-Rs at 4xspeed.
WANT: Anything I don't have (mainly rare Vangelis soundtracks).
17.02.06 09:10from Theodor  (  eMail )
HAVE: Sex Power,Hipothesis,Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit,Ainsi Soit-il,Picasso(OWN),The Bounty(OWN),Costeau,Blade Runner(LE),Los Angeles 2019,Bitter Moon,A Separate Affair,Alexander(LE).Films:Bitter Moon,The Bounty,Blade Runner.
WANT: Silent Portraits,Sauvage et Beau(OWN)
02.02.06 10:18from MrYeeshkul  ( WEBSITE, ADMIN )
ANNOUNCEMENT: I've just met a guy who created the Esper MkII. His intentions were not to sell it - just to improve and share it with the other people. He even refused to share it on lossless sites.
He says: "I created the MK2 edition of Blade Runner in December 2004. I basically got a copy of the original Esper Edition and made it better by replacing some tracks that had sound effects on them with rare original studio vesions that I have. I did not release it on the site because it is not completely lossless. The rare tracks are MP3 256 kb/sec. As for the remaining tracks they are 320 KB/sec MP3s."
The whole MKII thing is a big misunderstanding. While he made it just for fun, some greedy bastardos just started selling it on ebay.

31.01.06 08:33from MrYeeshkul  ( WEBSITE, ADMIN )
ANNOUNCEMENT: People be careful while buying the following titles since they are originally mp3 based:

1. so called Blade Runner Esper Mk II (and probably Mk III as well). These items are homemade fakes compiled from mp3s(!!) just for sake of making easy money on eBay (about 100 USD). They have nothing to do with genuine Esper group - the name is stolen and the whole thing is a sheer deception.
(visit yahoogroup bladerunner_soundtrack for more info ...)

2. there is also another new release of Blade Runner called Radio 1 Hannover, Germany (promo only). It has been also compiled from mp3s, although it was apparently released on silver CD.

3. Blade Runner: Los Angeles, November 2019 is being shared on eMule as Monkey Audio files (lossless) but it actually comes from an mp3 source.

There is many Vangelis CDs in circulation which are audio burned from mp3s - be careful while trading - insist on auCDtect or Tau Analyser check - these programs are well known as not completely reliable, but they can still say a lot ...
You can download the auCDtect & frontend from my other site

19.01.06 21:01from MrYeeshkul  ( ADMIN )
ANNOUNCEMENT: it looks like you have everything already :-)). Nice list man!
19.01.06 19:41from Mark  (  eMail )
HAVE: see my list on-line:
WANT: anything i don't have yet
13.01.06 16:54from Alexander  (  eMail )
HAVE: Fais que ton reve...; The Dragon; Hypothesis; Earth; Sex Power; 1492 The Complete Score (Andromeda Music); Crime and Passion; La Fete Sauvage Complete Score (Andromeda Music); Blade Runner Esper Edition; Blade Runner (Gongo Edition); Blade Runner (Special Edition); Cavafy (Storm Records)
WANT: Antarctica (OWM or Arkhan); Bitter Moon (Memoires 4 or OWM); Cousteau (OWM); Blade Runner - Los Angeles 2019; live recordings
13.01.06 10:00from MrYeeshkul  ( WEBSITE, ADMIN )
ANNOUNCEMENT: I added quite a few pieces of Vangelis rare cover art for download on the main page. Enjoy!
22.10.05 10:00from Teodor  (  eMail )
HAVE: Sex Power Bounty Costeau Los Angelis 2019 etc.
WANT: Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit and Silent Portraits .Onli on mp3 format.
06.10.05 17:43from Teodor  (  eMail )
HAVE: Sex Power The Bounty OWN Coustea etc.Only on mp3 format
WANT: Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit and Silent Portraits on mp3 format
22.09.05 16:31from Mozart  (  eMail )
HAVE: Absolutamente todos os CDs de Vangelis em MP3 192kbps, excelente qualidade!!! Vendo coleção somente para residentes no Brasil. Negocio preço.
WANT: Nothing ... I have it all!
08.08.05 21:05from Ralph  (  eMail )
HAVE: ask for my udated hugh ;ist
WANT: I want Vangelis Rarities 1 + 2
23.07.05 10:50from MrYeeshkul  ( WEBSITE, eMail )
ANNOUNCEMENT: my list has been updated
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