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18.02.16 15:36South America / Armenia / roihnhhr ybhrygbb yrghhhvnytyg ytjtughgjb : yuyb yruhgnnyv upuoljnfsaxs            
20.07.11 21:18Europe / Czech Republic / prague :   
20.07.11 21:17Europe / Czech Republic / prague : oiyoyu8pou
05.01.09 06:16Asia / Thailand / ko chang : kp hut ko chang look for a cheap bugalow near beach (250-350 bts)
16.09.08 06:05Asia / Cambodia / Phnom Penh : My girlfriend and I visited Phnom Penh in October and stayed at
- Frangipani Villa (, located at #20R, Street 252, Sangkat Chaktomuk, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh and we found Frangipani Villa is a calm and relaxing place to stay and we strongly recommend it to other travellers who wanna visit Phnom Penh. Eric  
16.09.08 05:55Asia / Cambodia / Phnom Penh : My friends and I had a wonderful time in Phnom Penh where we stayed at Frangipani Villa- Boutique Hotel ( visited some places such as Royal Place, Natinal Museum and Toul Sleng Museum. We found that staff at Frangipani Villa were very helpful and very friendly and morever, the villa has comfortable room and lovely bathroom. Phnom Penh is worthwhile visiting as people are very friendly. Gramham  
05.05.06 11:54Asia / Cambodia : UPDATE 2006
all prices went mostly up  

SIEM RIEP: Family GH (#019 Krom 1, Mondul II) - doubleroom(fan), shower inside ($4-5). A complete new concrete building, superclean, friendly and comfy
PHNOM PENH Spring GH (#34 St 111, Boeng Pralit, 7 Makara) - doubleroom(fan), shower inside, satelite TV ($5). Sperclean, friendly and comfy ... unbeliavable for the price   
SIHANOUKVILLE: Green gecko GH (Victory Hill) - doubleroom(fan), shower inside 4$
05.05.06 11:39Asia / Thailand : UPDATE 2006
all prices went mostly up  

BANGKOK: Mini House (5 Soi Rambuttee) - doubleroom(fan), shower outside 200-300B  , friendly treatment, coffee&tea for free ...   . Very      oriented and noisy - like Ujezd
AYUTTHAYA: Tony's Place - doubleroom(fan), shower outside 200B
CHIANG MAI: Lek House (22 Chaiyapoom) - doubleroom(fan), shower inside 250B (after reconstruction)
CHIANG RAI: Chat House (3/2 Sangkaew rd.) - doubleroom(fan), shower outside (150b) - still a very nice and friendly place !!
LAMPANG: Tip Inn GH - doubleroom(fan), shower inside 150b (no change)
PHITSANULOK: London Hotel - doubleroom(fan), shower outside 150b (basic but the cheapest place to stay)
SUKOTHAI: Banthai GH (38 Pravet Nakhorn Rd.) - doubleroom(fan), shower inside 150B   (nice and clean)
TRAT: Trat GH - - doubleroom(fan), shower outside 100B (!!)
KO CHANG: K.P.HUT - mini hut(big like a tent, no fan but cute), shower outside 150B (by far the cheapest accomodation here)
KO PHAN GHAN: Charung Resort (sunset beach) - hut(fan), shower inside 200B
HAT YAI: Cathai GH (93/1 Niphat-Uthid 2 rd.) - doubleroom(fan) (200b), doorm has been closed
PETCHABURI: Chom Klao Hotel (1 Tewet Rd.) - doubleroom(fan), shower inside 170B (basic but very nice and friendly)
13.01.06 19:14Europe / Ireland / Cork : When Marta et al were slightly stranded they landed on their feet and found the atmospheric Hostel Brú. Located really centrally on McCurtain St. It is close to all the good pubs, and in fact, is one of the best bars around as well. It is owned by a group of really friendly, but rather intimidatingly big New Zealand guys, and boasts some rather nice looking blonde Irish bar staff to boot (trust me, this is something of a rareity   ). They also have a wifi internet cafe, but if you are cheaky enough to bring your own notebook in to the bar (Pavla) you can surf and chat away to your hearts content   . A common room upstairs with TV and pool table and some of the plushiest leather couches around that backs on to a huge kitchen is also nice. Breakfast is included in price. (how many times have I said that one?). It is a bit pricey however, with a bed in a 6-bed room weighing in at €16.50 to €21 for a bed in the 4-bed rooms. Really clean, and all rooms are en-suite. Just dont get a room over the bar where it can be a bit loud on the busy evenings (unless you are hammered going to bed, sound familiar? ).  
11.01.06 02:24Asia / Thailand : South East Asia - created 2003 (Thailand and Laos updated 2005)

... me and Gaz were travelling all around South East Asia being on quite a low budget (my budget was around $9 a day).
It was in automn 2002 and spring 2003. Here are some cheap and mostly nice places to stay in case you decide to set off ...
I use various currencies to state the prices as i don't know current rates to dollar. All dates were taken right from my diary.

b - baht (Thailand)
k - kip (Laos)
r- reel (Cambodia)
d - dong (Vietnam)

  Thailand currency - baht

+ : very nice people,  sightseeing, food, ATM
- : too much turistic (apart from the north-west), corruption

BANGKOK: Mini House: (5 Soi Rambuttee) doubleroom 150b, friendly treatment
Not recommended: Sawajdee guest house and the rest of GH around owned by the same family (71 sri Ayudtaya rd., soi 16)our room was robbed
HAT YAI: Cathai guest house (93/1 Niphat-Uthid 2 rd.) - doubleroom (150b), doorm is available
LAMPANG: Tip guest house, Suandok Apartment (170-172 Bunyawat rd.) - both doubleroom (150b)
CHANG MAI: Lek House (22 Chaiyapoom) - doubleroom (120b) - superb!!!
CHANG RAI: Chat House (3/2 Sangkaew rd.) - doubleroom (75b) - very good !!
KO CHANG: K.P. resort miniature hut (200b)
KO PHANGAN: resorts on the west coast hut (100-150b)
AYUDTHAYA: Ayudthaya guest house doubleroom (160b)

11.01.06 02:23Asia / Lao People's Democratic Republic :

  Laos currency - kip

+ : a peculiar place, a bit wild and underdeveloped, nice people and food
- : ladyboys look exactly like women   ), no ATM

HUANG XAI: Friendship guest house - great double room for about 100b
LOUANG NAM THA: any of the two GH at the corner oposite the bus station - doubleroom  (25 000k)
MOUANG XAI: Phu Hat GH under the hill with the main pagoda - doubleroom (3$)
LOUANG PHRABANG: Jaliya guest house (070/2 Ban Viengxay) - doubleroom (30 000k), excellent!!
VIENTIAINE: Mimi guesthouse doubleroom (4$)
VAN VIENG:any GH - double(2-5$) - don't leave anything expensive at you room !!

11.01.06 02:23Asia / Cambodia :

  Cambodia currency - reel & dollar

+ : is a great country, a pretty safe one in contrast with its reputation, nice people
 - : unfortunately there is a lot of poverty and amputies (landmines), no ATM

STOENG TRENG: a hotel near the river - doubleroom ($3)
KAMPONG CHAM: Bopea guest house (near hotel Mekong) - doubleroom ($3)
SIEM RIEP: Family guest house (#019 Krom 1, Mondul II) - doubleroom ($3)
BATTAM BANG: Asia hotel - doubleroom ($2.5)
PHNOM PHENN: Flying Elephant hostel (#3A, Street 93, Boeng Kak, Sras Chok) - doubleroom ($1 !!!)

11.01.06 02:22Asia / Viet Nam :

  Vietnam currency - dong ("dong dong dong dong ...") & dollar ("dolaaaaaar ..")

+ : the best seaside, ATM in Hanoi and saigon
 - : a fucked-up country full of norrow-minded idiots who believe mainly in dollar and dong, although they're quite rich. Never more. Not recommended at all. The south is a bit better though. Vietnamese people are annoying sods in general. The extremely corrupted police. 80% of male  population are heroin-addicted. It sounds like too much spitting, but ...

SAIGON: Diem Thuy guest house (228 De Tham st., District 1) - doubleroom ($5)
NHA TRANG: Sea Moon guest house (24/9A Hung Vu'o'ng st.) - double ($5). The best of Vietnam!
HUE: Khach San Duc Loi hotel (01 Dinh Tien Hoang). Doubleroom ($5)
HANOI: The worst of Vietnam!
... good luck, Honza

11.01.06 01:03Asia / Cambodia / Phnom Penh : Grand View GH (near lake) pretty rooms with bath/WC/fan, small, but clear, double USD 4, great view from the restaurant on the top. 20 min. N by foot from Central Market, only one high building in this part, behind Phnom Penh Hotel ***** (but backpackers allowed to go by without shooting them:-))) Good places to eat around. IN NO CASE Green Lake GH (100 m from GH above) - small dark dirty blackbeetled rooms with no windows, USD 2-5, but those for USD 2-3 anytime occupied:-)) But who wants exotics...;-)
11.01.06 01:03Asia / Cambodia / Sihanoukville : Christmas GH (Weather Station Hill), very friendly owner, large very clear rooms, double w/f USD 4, Victory beach 3 minutes, many reasonable priced places to eat and drink just around (Rom Duol's is absolutely top!) Zbynek
11.01.06 01:02Europe / France / Bordeaux : Hostel in " cours Barbey ", 10 mn walk from Gare St Jean. Recently renewed, just 5 mn walk from main student area, but a bit dull.Best is to head to the sea in Arcachon or better, " Cap Ferret", with the ocean and its waves just opposite the hostel there.Less than 10 euros per night; camping amenities too.
11.01.06 01:02Europe / France / Paris : Best place to stay on the right bank is: Hostel, 242 rue Lafayette, 75010. Paris. Both quite central and convenient for any exploration of the beauties and mysteries of old and mediaeval Paris.
11.01.06 01:01Europe / France / Paris : Best place to stay on the left bank is: Hostel, 49 rue Mouffetard;75005 Paris; Metro: Censier-Daubenton; or: Place Monge.
11.01.06 01:00Europe / Slovenia / Bled : There are only two hostels in Bled. One is run by Hostelling International who are, going by there Italian hostels, generally shite. We'd advise staying in the other hostel. Its located 15 minutes by FREE shuttle bus from the bus station. The hostel is cheap, clean and generally a good buzz from both staff and guests. The scenary in Bled is simply amazing. The lake is the main attraction in the town. Boats can be rented to row out to the Island in the middle to ring the Good luck bell.Swimming is also permitted as there is 0 pollution. The hostel also do a free shuttle bus to the other major attraction; the Gorge. The gorge walk is fantastic with great views of the surrounding area when you get to the end. Slovenia is cheap, friendly and if in Slovenia Bled is a must! John
11.01.06 01:00Europe / France / Nice : Backpackers Hostel - A great place to stay, run by an absolutley crazy woman who is a French-Italian-Israeli Lesbian. She is extremely helpful and tries very hard to make everyone have fun in her hostel. She encourages loud music during the day, bringing back the ladies (Not for her pleasure), smoking some herbs and staying out late. The hostel is very well located; 5 mins from Nice train station, 5 mins from the centre of town and 5 mins from the extremely beautiful beaches. Prices are reasonable, keping in line with Western European Prices. Nice is a great place and I would highly recommend it. John.
11.01.06 00:59Europe / Germany / Berlin : Mitte's Backpacker Hostel - I've stayed there twice, in 2003 and 2002. Great hostel with near to the heart of berlin. It is located in the Mitte nearby Orianenburger Strasse where lots of good resturants and pubs are located. Direct Sub connection to AlexanderPlatz and Zooloischer Garten, a very awsome park you just got to pay a visit. Mittes Backpacker Hostel is filled with art, and all of their rooms and dorms are decorated in themes from passed days and in themes of old actors eg. Marilyn Monroe etc. Very helpful personel, bar etc. The best way to get there is definetly by Sub-Way, depending in what part of berlin you arrive in, usually take the U6 line (Direction "Alt-Tegel") to Zinnowitzer Strasse, the hostel is placed just over the street to you right when exiting the sub-station. Enjoy your stay in berlin, I know i will enjoy my stay in prague which will begin tomorrow =)
11.01.06 00:59Europe / Germany / Nürnberg : Hallo all!! IN Nürnberg a great place to sleep is the Lette 'm Sleep Hostel ( They have good beds, clean building, free internet access, a good kitchen, near to metro stop and the main train station (Hauptbahnhof)...i loved staying there!
11.01.06 00:58Europe / Spain / Barcelona : Hostel del Mar, LasRamblas - Don't know exactly why I'm putting this up or anything - I wouldn't really recommend it, I just stayed there. You are not allowed bring alcohol or even food into your rooms here - thought they don't really care if you do. It's also in not the nicest part of town at all, at all. You'll get offered hard drugs all the time and the police are always nearby (which is good and bad if you think about it!) The Ramblas area of Barca is very rough, so I guess if this thing was called "Places not to stay", I would recommend here! Eoin
11.01.06 00:56Europe / Romania / Vama Veche : Seaside party place for backpackers right next to the Bulgarian border. I stayed in some excellent cheap accomodation in a farmhouse. The luxury room was only 3 Euro per night. I got a luxury 'hole in the ground' toilet which smelled lovely and was able to treat my hangover with an invigorating outdoor shower full of dead insects.
11.01.06 00:56Europe / Germany / Berlin : Sunflower Hostel - I have stayed there two times - this and last year. Always great expirience - easy to find it, friendly staff(they never think twice to help you at any time and they speek english really well), its close to the city-centre and they have nice rooms for good prices. I have to recomand this hostel for other backpackers. How to get there: take S-Bahn to Warschauer Strasse, get off and go over the bridge there. Then take first turn on left - Helsingforser strasse - no.17 Good luck Honza
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