Updates and news 2003

05/22 Peter decided to open again, We are going to set the hostel up between 13th and 15th of Jun and open it on 15th of June in the morning. I am just giving rings to the old crew to ask them for doing it again. Gaz seems to be still in Asia, the rest is here.
05/23 All information about transport were updated. Icon for easy booking was added to the top right corner.
06/11 Filippo updated his Hostel Ujezd fansite and i added a link to get there from here
06/16 The hostel is open. The weather is damn hot.
06/20 Pictures from this year were added - they show some moments from the two days of setting up.
06/30 Milos has turned up to spend a week here. He is going to be back for second time in September.
07/**  Daniel and Francois and Rune appeared.
07/08 Hostel in Brno has been open since the start of July. Brno is the second biggest city here and it is supposed to be capital of Moravia. Do not hesitate to go there, Brno is a beautiful old city and it is not completely crowded by tourists like Prague.
07/19 Pictures from this year were
07/23 Alessandro has arrived to spend a week
07/30 Pictures from this year were
updated again. Rune is back from Vienna. Rolling Stones gave a concert here on the last Sunday. It was absolutely amazing. Keef, keep being happy anywhere you are.
Rune is back from Vienna again and Lee and both Stevens from Dublin and Belgium arrived recently. Alessandro is back from Italy. Katka has eventually started working. Tomorrow is gonna be the anniversary of the last year's floods. God i hope the floods are gone forever. Filippo and Francesca came again to spend some time with friends.
08/24 Steven has gone back home. Daniel is leaving on 26th ..... mmm .... we will see :))). Milos is coming back on 8th of September.
Hostel Josefska, Husova and our hostel in Brnohas been closed. The Island is closing on 13th of Sep, we are going to work until 15th.
08/26 Daniel has left back to Paris. A few new pictures were added to the this year's gallery.
09/04 Lee has left yesterday. There is many Irish in the hostel nowadays. Yep, a lot of drinking is happening hehehe, see the pictures later. Milos is coming on Monday.
09/08 Milos has come from Denmark for second time to spend a week pickled in alcohol.
09/11 A big party to celebrate 10 years of our existence has begun. It will be going on for following 3 days.
This site temporarily disappeared for more than a week due to the fatal problems with the server. Happily I have had a back up on my hdd. So here you are again.
09/15 The nasty wake up call, early breakfast and the last check out time at 9AM. The last morning has come.
and if you pass our messageboard, don't forget to leave a note ...

09/21 I am working on a big update of pictures from this year.
I finished updating this-year's pictures, adding more than 50 new photos and their brief describtions. There is still about 20 left.
Cya and enjoy them, Honza

09/26 I made one toilet wall ready for those who really need to leave some sort of report or anything important for the others to read, before i put up a few of lasting pictures. H
10/16 Hi, i eventually added the rest of pictures to the gallery, so it's got 124 pictures now, enjoy them! Filippo Mazzantiny will make a brand new site about Ujezd here at hoho.cz, cos he needed a lot of space to put all his own pictures (he's got loads of photos from hostel) up and i offered him some of the space here. I also stored some of old messages, but you can easily reach them - just use the link right under the messages-window.
10/25 My friend Kate went through this site and made some grammatical corrections, so thanks a lot Kate. A pdf version of our summary leaflet was added.
12/28 I have finally made the "sounds & video" section. No videos have been added yet but they are to come soon. H