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Where will you arrive?

Main Railway Station
Railway Station "Holesovice"
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Read about the public transport in Prague

The description of  how to get to our hostel is a part of a summary leaflet, together with  few useful czech expressions and some important dates .
If you should decide to take a taxi do not forget to follow our advises regarding which companies are fair, and recomending how to deal with  taxi-drivers.

How to get to the hostel from the central bus station "Florenc"?

The central bus station "Flotrenc" is the largest and bussiest bus station in Prague.
 The entrance to the metro station of the same name is located just next to the exit
 of the bus station

To get to the hostel follow these instructions (see the map):

1. Take the metro  from "Florenc" to the station "Narodní trida" (use a Yellow line -
    line B, there is also a transfer point with a Red line(C) here, but it doesn't go
    your way).
3. Take tram no. 22, 23, 6, 9, 58 from the platform on the same side of
    the street, where you exit from the metro.
4. Get off at the second station called "Ujezd". The big yellow building on the hill,
    partly covered by trees, is our Hostel (see the picture).