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Videos (avi):
... coming soon
Sounds (mp3):

Night jam with Antonio I
Night jam with Antonio II

"Where's me fuckin' camera" (Milos)
"Hor-he-hor-he-hor !!!" (Daniel)
"Hor-he-hor-he-hor !!!" (Jeremy)
"Hor-he-hor-he-hor !!!" (Milos)
"Hor-he-hor-he-hor !!!"(choir)
"it was just slightly silly"(Milos)
"onsa musik, musik" (Jeremy)
"show's yer f**n' budgie" (Gaz)
something in Spanish (Quique)
something in Irish (Fiona)

assorted laughters

"What'z diz?" (Francoiz)
something in French (Francois)
something in Italian
"Pardubice !!!" (Sada)
something in Finish
Czech-Finish interview
interview at a gun piont
Layla contributes
party I
party II

... and a bonus file
the original hor-he-hor sound riped
 right from the PC game as Milos found it

Snoring (mp3):

International Competition on Snoring (ICS):


Participants (so far):

Sasa (cz)

Polish guy (pl)
Peter (usa)

... and a bonus file
soundscape fiction: all 3 guys have fallen asleep at the same place

Note: new members to fill in for the competition are gladly welcomed. Just enclose a sound file of your(their) snoring (prferably mp3, up to 160kbps) with the e-mail

Just click on the links above to play the sound files straight away or save them first on your
 harddisc (right click on them + "save target as ...") to play them later with Winamp or any other mp3 player.