Pink Floyd: Green Is The Colour, 1969, audience 

This comes from the ROiO "Song Days '69 (FRP CDR-001)" and it is a very old audience recording.
I took this snapshot at 2:46min (whole band play and Dave sings)
1. original sound/lossless compression
Note that the upper part of the original spectrum has already been quite affected during the recording by the attributes of the  microphone used ( that is noticeable worse than the one used for Layla, 6 years later).

2. mp3 compression (320kbps, BladeEnc. 0.91)
Mp3 / 320kbps - the frequencies over 17kHz almost disappeared.

3. mp3 compression (160kbps, BladeEnc.0.91)
After pushing to 160kbps all frequencies over 16kHz completely disappear.