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05/06/02 There is a channel #ROIO on where there are people sharing gigabites of roios, mainly Pink Floyd and progressive bands like King Crimson, Yes and so on. Most of shared files is in SHN format. It means loseless compression. It means this format just keeps quality of original record. The dark side of it is a huge size of the files. Use mIRC program and join us there. And share with us.
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14/08/02 Dear floydians, please don't send me mails like "Can you send me anything from your trading lists, i have just started collecting Pink Floyd roios and need something to trade with", or "I am a big fan of Pink Floyd please help me make my own collection". Sorry but NO this way. Principal of collecting is not to have it whole at once as soon as possible. Enjoy the slow process of creation. One of the reasons why i made and maintain this site is to help you start somehow. It was made especially for people sitting behind their firewalls, all others can visit #ROIO channel and be happy with those tons of Pink Floyd roios being shared there. It costs me time, money and troubles, don't want me doing more. Be patient and keep on shining and your collections will grow ! Cya MrYeeshkul. 

02/10/03 Hi guys, some of you sent me postcard from your country, because they were happy they could download shows i used to share here. I would like to say thank you, it was pleasure getting those pictures from all around the world.

24/11/03 Please realize, that these rare live recordings called Roios are - contrary to the official, commonly available stuff - also collectors' items. But these items are valuable only if they are as close to the original tape as possible. That's why the mp3 compressed files don't have any value at all - the part of sound-making frequencies were lost (once and for all) during the mp3 compression. It means the sound is not the same as the one before the compression. Mp3s are just for your personal pleasure of listening of Pink Floyd live. Once you wanna burn an audio CD from these files, be careful - always mark it as a mp3-sourced stuff and NEVER TRADE THIS AUDIO FORMAT - it is not only unfair, it's much worse because once you allow this crap getting into the circulation, it will be there forever pretending it's noncompressed origin. People just cannot find the difference without having anything to compare with. If you wanna trade mp3s, it's ok, but trade them just in mp3 format, like data CDs. If you wanna trade proper, valuable audio sources, you just have to spend some money first for some originals or download shn files (lossless compression) from particular places on web like #ROiO channel.

Many thanks to the people who sent me a postcard from either their homes or holidays:

01. John Johnstone, Northern England ( the first postcard i have received, thanks John, nice one)
02. Mad, Russia ( hehe, yes they look like they just got a new roio they had been searching for a long time)
03. P. Fahey, Boston, USA 
04. Gogsi, Szekesfehervar, Hungary
05. Stefano, Sardinia, Italy
06. Alistair Deering, UK
07. Manuel Sauzledes, Caceres, Spain
08. Jerry&Donna Riggs, North Carolina, USA
09. Csaba Menyhart, Dorog, Hungary
10. Uwe Deckert, Erfurt, Germany
11. Plasto, Jales, Brazil ( yes i hope i'll get to south america some day :)) )
12. Gerard, Le Havre, France
13. Peter Noad, Blackpool, England
14. Wizlon, Tennessee, USA
15. Seliga, Paris, France
16. Didier Leman, Paris, France
17. Marcio Silva Navarrete, Lima, Peru
18. Jeffrey Cummings, Toronto, Canada ( Jeffrey thanks, who is Richard Urba?)
19. Pol, on holydais in USA at the time
20. Rod Carpenter, New Brunswick, Canada