2006-05-09: Some changes were made in the LP Kasem section. You can see large pictures of amulets when you click on them. 13 brand new LP Kasem pictures were added. The watermelon story was attached to the BE 2517 LP Kasem medal. There is much more to come later ... and not only to the LP Kasem section - i am gonna add LP Doo, LP Doeng as well as Wat Chang Hai, Wat Pra Koh and more ...
2006-05-10: 7 new pictures was added to LP Kasem section as well as 3 new amulets.
2006-05-11: 6 new pictures was added to LP Kasem section.
2006-05-12: web-links were updated
2007-05-06: LP Daeng section was added. I am back from Thailand.
2007-05-11: LP Song section was added.
2007-05-13: LP Daeng's medals were updated again and a few new LP Kasem's amulets were added. Also the web-links were updated.
DISCLAIMER: This is a non-commercial site. I do not sell anything as well as i don't have and don't want any profit from maintaining this site. The site contains some religious and mysterious stuff  you can either agree with or not - that's all you can do anyway :)) -  i'm not a die-hard devotee of religious beliefs myself. If you wanna use any pictures from my site please ask me first.

DEDICATION: The site is dedicated to all the nice people i met in Thailand within 2002-2007 - particularly the guy from Bangkok who rented to me Somdej Bang Khun Phrom for 10B (it was stolen from my room the following year) and asked me to wear it not to bargain (which was very inspiring); also to the old happy guy who sells amulets in his little stall by the Nong Buak Hat park in Chiamg Mai because he makes me happy every time i see him and also to Mr. Surapong Raksathangdee from Lampang who knows a lot about LP Kasem. If you desperately want an original LP Kasem amulet just visit his little shop at the market nearby the clock tower in Lampang - it isn't that expensive ... :)) Last but not least i'm mention the generous guy who approached me at Wat Sakae and gave me an Atjan Tim 2505  medal of LP Thuat as well as the hearty guy who makes his excellent coffee every morning at the 'all guesthouses' road in Ayauthaya ... live long and prosper! In 2007 i was given Somdet LP Doo by a generous Thai lady in Wat Sakae. It was completely an unexpected gift and i would like to utter my deepest appreciation and thanks to her. Also big thanks to the other people who tell me the Kattha of LP Doo and explained many other things. It was May 1, LP Doo's birthday.
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